Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dalmations,Balloons, Licking a Present, Groucho and Lasagna

Since I wrote about balloons in my previous post reminds me of another birthday story. Younger son's 5th birthday.

The Disney Dalmatians were popular at the time and younger son liked them. he wanted a real Dalmatian, but we already had a dog. I much preferred that as opposed to the He Man monster action figures when older son was 5. :)

I missed a charity concert at the county auditorium, that my neighbor had put together to raise money for their babysitter who had cancer. He did two of them and so I did go to the first one. He brought in old bands like the Drifters and other 50s/60s bands and his group got back together to perform. I've always loved the oldies ..even though I was a kid when they were hits. Fun music. I was disappointed I was missing this one because he sang Cara Mia (Jay and the Americans) for me because I LOVE how the singer carries the extended tune/lyrics at the end. That's some kind of lung power. :) We had been talking about the song and I said I loved the way Jay song and particularly that part. It gives me goosebumps ..still. (playing it now) Well ..he didn't tell me he was singing it and I thought I was going. When he came to the party the next day, he told me he sang it and we were both disappointed. he wanted me to hear him sing and I would've loved hearing him sing it.

But, I couldn't because it turned out I had so much to do. Not only were the kids coming but so were the parents and I was making Lasagna and other food, decorating, setting up games and blowing up balloons with a hand pump. Over a hundred. I'm surprised I didn't count them! Red, white and black latex balloons. Disney Dalmatian colors. It's a good thing I'm not allergic to latex! Anyway should've seen the living room and family room filled up with balloons the night before. :)

All these balloons were then placed over our heads, in nets that were strung out across the carport we had at the time. At the end of the party we released them and the kids could all play with them or sit on them and pop them. :) And of course the ice cream cake had the Dalmatian theme/colors with a Dalmatian in the center. One game I had for them was they had to find their prize at the end of the yarn. Each child had their own colored yarn to follow from the starting point to the end where the prize was. Older son and the girl next door had fun setting that up ..winding it everywhere around the yard. :)

It was a beautiful, sunny October Sunday.

My m-i-l gave younger son something he really wanted. I don't recall the name, but it was a white micro machine van or truck (not sure) on wheels..that also opened with all 4 sides coming down and then there were roads and buildings inside. It was neat! Well soon as he tore the paper and saw the picture on the box ..he immediately LICKED the box! I never saw it before or since ..but I guess he gave that present his ultimate seal of approval! LOL! Everyone laughed and I have it on video. We gave him his first bike with training wheels. he didn't lick it though. :)

We also put a pinata up to be opened at the end of the party. I put a LOT of glitter inside that would fall out all over with the candy and I wanted to capture that on film too. Well I was filming the kids trying to break the pinata, but one of the fathers was standing next to me and he was raving about my lasagna and telling me that he kept going back for more. Needless to say he got my attention and wouldn't you know of the kids broke the pinata and I missed getting it on film. Oh well.

Then after that ..I handed out those plastic noses with mustache and glasses for the kids to put on ..the Groucho Marx type noses. They all happily put them on. Even my friend Pstamper's little 1 1/2 yr old baby girl wore them. they all wore them except for our younger son ..the birthday boy. Our older son wore it. All the kids wore it. We lined them all up for a picture. And there was younger son ..the only one NOT wearing the plastic nose and glasses. I don't know why he refused.

The picture turned out great ..very funny. And the kids all looked so different. It was hilarious.

I may've missed Cara Mia ..but that party is one of my favorite birthday memories with the boys. :) I also liked older son's 3'rd birthday Disney party and Older Son's 13th birthday overnight waffle party. That one is a post of it's own.

I'll put some of these birthday pics up when I come across them sometime.
I think I am going to set my music players up with oldies (Springsteen stays here though - sorry Jim :), for awhile because they are so fun and upbeat. Well not always, but I still like them. I am trying to lift my spirits by disengaging from politics... or at the very least provide balance. I felt consumed by them last week and that is not good for anyone. Ha! Although I admit that while blogging, playing Cara Mia repeatedly ... I am also listening to political news on talk radio.

*I still need to find out how to silence the player in this blog without having to remove it. I do apologize for the annoyance. I did see it when I first set it up, but am missing it now. HELP!


John McElveen said...

Red, white and black latex

Sorry Sea! I just slept about 21 straight hours and I'm still a little giddy! Don't know why my eyes FROZE on those words!

Sweet Sweet post, but I KNEW you would laugh your butt off if I posted what I saw. Sorry, butt I had to go there,



StorytellERdoc said...

Great post SS! Thoroughly enjoyed it. About the music, oldies rank second only to the misery Springsteen music gives me! LOL Hope you are well.

SeaSpray said...
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SeaSpray said...
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SeaSpray said...

Thanks Jim. Ha ha! You're funny .. so you hate Springsteen THAT much ..oldies *second* to his music. Someday'll have to say who you DO like. :)

SeaSpray said...

All I can say John is I'm thankful for that hand pump! NO I did NOT just say THAT! ;)

21 hours straight through? If your answer is yes ..then I am jealous! :) Did you wake up with lots of energy?

Thanks about the post ..definitely happy family/friend memories. :)

John McElveen said...

LOL--Gal---Hand Pump--and Yes you did say it you minx.... Loving it!

I had some energy Sea, but I had been so sick with I don't know what- I think my body literally shuy down. All that time and I didn't get up to even pee. I'm not trying to be funny, butt even after I woke up I still had to drink some fluids to go. I rarely run any elevated temp-(Thank you thyroid) but it scares me because I never know if I''m sick or just depressed-LOL!

But the good news is- every day since then I have felt better and better and stronger and stronger!

So all is WELL!


John Boy!

Where did I put that hand sanitizer? What--I have to wash the egg off my face!


SeaSpray said...
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SeaSpray said...

OOPS! Oh my ..I did ..didn't I. ;)

I'm sorry to hear you were under the weather John, but glad to hear you are doing better.

Hugs back at you John Boy. :)