Monday, March 15, 2010

Subconscious Atonement?

I wonder other people get these weird ..out of the blue crazy cravings that they just HAVE to have? I'm thinking yes. But it's just weird.

Saturday evening ..while dinner was already cooking ..I got this unbelievably strong ..relentless craving ..that I could not ignore a matter of fact .. I was powerless to ignore this craving and it was not included in my dinner menu... but I had to have it ..absolutely had to have it ...more than anything else on this planet ..and so I caved.

It was just the two of us, as younger son was out for the evening and so I kept it simple and decided to make hamburgers and steamed fresh cauliflower. I know hamburgers are easy to make ..but mine are really good and if you had them'd come back for more. :)

Then while blogging and even though dinner was cooking ...out of no where ...this unbelievable craving came over me. I saw it in my minds eye ..I fantasized about what I could do with it ..I mulled over my options and decided .. I was going for it ..but one way wasn't enough .. I had to have it both ways and so I went to the fridge ..pulled out the biggest one we had and placed it on the cutting board. Chopping, rinsing and draining. I was thrilled because there was so much! (Okay if I was thrilled by this ..I really do need to get a life ;) But, it really was a lot...and at that moment my world ..that is the only thing I wanted. True ..a cheap thrill ... but it was about to be mine. :) I began tossing it around in the frying pan with olive oil, a little smart butter and a little salt with a lot of pepper. MMMMM ..I could not wait to have it... but then I made the other recipe and I have to say ..this turned out really well because I changed my method with the honey.

I placed the remainder of this shredded delight in a large bowl and drizzled honey all over it with a little salt, pepper and tossed. Not at the wall or Mr SeaSpray ..but rather I tossed this mixture in the bowl. ;) Then I added the Hellman's mayo... not too much ..j-u-s-t- so. Perfect! I then added shredded carrots and tossed... again ..not at the wall or Mr SeaSpray ..but rather I tossed it in the bowl. :) Now maybe it's because I was really hungry or maybe because I had this incredibly strong craving ..but I think it is the best I ever made. I also think that drizzling the honey all over it and tossing before adding the mayo was the perfect way to distribute the honey throughout.


Does life get any better?

Oh yeah!

Then I got to enjoy what I fried up in the pan. Between the cold and then the hot version of this intensely CRAVED object of desire.... I was completely satisfied .. and at peace and went back to blogging. This was all before dinner was ready.

It's funny how the brain works. I was not thinking about this at all. Dinner was on and I was looking forward to it. There was a Noah's Ark proportion nor'easter rainstorm outside, whiel I was happily blogging in our warm and cozy home. Then BAM! Seemingly ..out of nowhere this intense craving hit and hit me hard! And I was compelled to act on it... and so I did.

The evidence was everywhere. Mr SeaSpray walked into the kitchen ..instantly amused. He knows that no matter what I do ..when ever I work with that food it's like a bomb went off ..a CABBAGE bomb ..pieces strewn everywhere and no ..I didn't toss them. It's a wild vegetable if you ask me ..not easily tamed ..jumps out everywhere in the shredding process. I guess I would too if I were being shredded.

So ..there you have it ..I had a cabbage craving. Who does that? For cabbage?

It was s-o-o-o-o GOOD too!

I am thinking that being overcome by the cabbage craving was a deeper level in my brain ..some kind of subconscious atonement for having that one night stand with the Chocolate Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies the other night.

Well ..that .. and I lOVE cabbage. :)

Also ..I'm not sure ..but if I am understanding the diagram correctly and if it represented my brain Saturday night ..I think we'd see a head of cabbage sitting in the core area. :)

* I much prefer honey in coleslaw then regular sugar. It's better for you and metabolizes better in your system and gives a nice taste to the salad. It did distribute better, tossing the coleslaw with the honey first and then add the mayo. Imo, the mayo should be Hellman's.

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