Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Grocery Store Musical :)

This is a WELCOME Relief From Everything!

I LOVE it!

I highly recommend you watch this if you would appreciate something upbeat, funny, fun and entertaining. I smiled through the whole thing. I needed that and it felt good. :)

Wouldn't it be neat to walk into the fruit aisle and have people suddenly break out into song about fruit? Their spontaneity was obviously a pleasant surprise and a bit bewildering for some... but they enjoyed it ... as evidenced by their smiling faces. Some recorded it on their phones. I would too. :)

LOL! I'd also be tempted to grab a piece of fruit and do something ..although I don't know what. I sure wouldn't sing ..cause I can't carry a tune. Maybe just wave my fruit du jour to the rhythm of the music... or not.

I enjoyed the customer responses as much as the performers. I can imagine even more smiles being generated as the customers relay their fruit aisle experiences to other people.

The male customer after the musical was funny.

What a FABULOUS thing to do! :)

I'd like to have one of those candy apples right now!

But .. I'll be a good SeaSpray and will drink my herbal aloe juice and go to bed.


StorytellERdoc said...

Hey SS! I just watched the musical you posted, and it was awesome! I'm gonig to show the kids it when they get home from school. Cracks me up how some people stopped what they were doing to watch, and others kept shopping like nothing was going on!

Brought a smile to my face this am! Thank you! HOpe all is well.

Jabulani said...

I'd love to see what would happen in UK if someone did this in Tesco or Sainsburys. They'd probably get arrested for Disturbing the Peace! So funny.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Jim - maybe the people that kept shopping didn't like musicals. ;)I'm fine. I'm glad you enjoyed it and hope the kids did too. :)

SeaSpray said...

Hi Jabulani - It was a great idea and I wish that would happen around here. Thanks for stopping by. :)