Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Anesthesia Made Me Do It ! (Part I)

I have often worried about my behavior while under the influence of anesthesia and have written often about said concerns. My greatest concern being just a little too breezy in the OR or possibly in recovery. Well ..I also have physical concerns in recovery ..but that is for another post.

I would be mortified to know I breezily divulged secrets ..or said someone was ...well you know don't want to publicly announce your opinions of anyone front of anyone ...if you would not want to do it without benefit of the pre-op and OR drugs.

I have a feeling I may have been breezy ..because I do distinctly remember one trip to the OR in which I already had Morphine in me. I remember everything about that night. I remember the happenings in my room before being wheeled down and I remember waiting in the pre-op area ..watching the staff getting ready ...and I even remember just up to the point I was put out.

Well ..between being transported from my room and down to the OR .. I found out the transporter and I had a mutual person in common. I lit up and said I LOVED that person!! :)

Well ..wasn't that special?! Except I did not and do not LOVE that person. I like them ...sort of ..but I certainly do not LOVE them!

So ... it was the MORPHINE!

NOT even under the influence of the anesthesia YET!

What the heck have I said when under THAT influence???! Or DONE???!

It is something I will never know ..because they won't tell you and that bugs me ..because I cannot stand to know someone knows something about *me* that I don't know ...and I cannot stand to know that I am not in control of my own thoughts ..or body ...and even worse that I can't remember a thing.

Fortunately, I don't usually think of these things ..but I have OR thoughts on my mind and so my little breezy concerns come flooding in. I have a thing about surrendering my mind to a substance and other people. I admit it ..I like to be in control. I'm just saying.

I have always been afraid that the anesthetics would act as a truth serum and with no holds barred ...I'd say whatever thought came into my brain.

Just think of all the things you REALLY think in any given situation ...around certain people ... and then BREEZILY BLURT said thoughts out for everyone's entertainment or possibly horror. Yeah ..I KNOW ..ALARMING! But ... apparently ..these drugs can even cause you to say and do things that are NOT true.

That night on the way to the OR is PROOF that drugs do alter your truth perceptions... and thus are not necessarily *truth* serum.

I'm just saying.

Part II will be about a more recent post anesthesia experience.

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StorytellERdoc said...

You are too funny! I really LOVED this funny post (I really do, no morphine in me!). You crack me up with the various "breezy" uses, too. I give you my boy scout's promises, SS, that if you are ever breezy in my ER or our hospital OR, I will tell you all! LOL

I'm glad you are writing!

Chrysalis Angel said...

I laughed at that clip.

Yes, I know what you mean, Sea. Maybe we could all ask them, "When you tape my eyes, can you tape my mouth shut too, until the drugs wear off?" hahaha.

I feel the same way you do.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Jim - Then again Jim ..DO I REALLY want to know??? If my doc knew... Oh WAIT! That's the point..HE probably DOES!! :)I just don't like letting go of control. Yeah ..I'll be looking for you at your makeshift desk by the nurses station with the tissue carnation and you could have some fun with me and just hint at the bad things I said ..even if not true. Exquisite torture. :)

SeaSpray said...

Hi Angel-yes,with DUCT TAPE! Good reason for intubation too! :) I love the medical parodies on youtube. :)

Lockup Doc said...

Thanks for a good laugh!

Maybe you should put the duct tape on before you get to the hospital. You wouldn't say anything you'd regret, and you (and Mr. SeaSpray) would get some interesting looks along the way.

Chrysalis Angel said...

Lol. You can dip the side showing into turquoise sparkles. ;)

SeaSpray said...

Hi Lock up Doc - I'm glad you got a laugh out of it. :)

Now duct tape would stop the breezy in me. But um ..I wouldn't want Mr SeaSpray to get too used to that.

Someone once asked me what my husband was like and I said he's quiet. LOL ..another person interjected .."He'd HAVE to be to be married to her!" :)

SeaSpray said...

OOOOOH Angel ...T-U-R-Q-U-O-I-S-E- glitter... on duct tape //pretty. :)

John McElveen said...

Good Good stuff! LOVED the Song!

I have only been under twice, Once in the 6 th grade for tonsils, and once for that Emergency By-pass- so I really don't care what I said during the first one--and the second one, I could cry- DURESS- I was Under Duress!--whatever the heck that Means!


Chrysalis Angel said...

Seaspray, quit your dawdling and put something up here. You're too quiet, and I know that's never a good sign. (remember my inference to a toddler that all of a sudden becomes quiet in the next room.) Time to run to check on them! ha,ha.

I miss my Seapray reads. Oh, let me guess. You tried Lockup's suggestion (about the duct tape) and you liked the turquoise sprinkles so much, you've decided to leave it on. ;)

StorytellERdoc said...

SS--I second CA's most recent quote! Where are you???

Hope u are well and still not smarting over brilliant Parvati's move on Survivor! LOL

SeaSpray said...

Hi John,Angel and Jim - DURESS would work John. :) I hope you are doing well now. I have been remiss in my usual blogging and visiting but will get back to it. I am passionate for the hobby. Just a bit derailed at the moment.

Yes ..I duct taped my fingers together and then became mesmerized by the turquoise sparkles. I will say you know me well. :)

Jim that was one heck of a play!! wow! looking forward to tonight.

I'm fine and will be back in soon. Thanks for asking guys and gal.

Okay ..I have been concerned for a friend and just don't have any funny in me at the moment (and the 2nd part is funny says me) but still have to feel it to write it.

Anyone watch 24? Holy Fish!(I don't remember how to spell mackeral:)

Chrysalis Angel said...

Good to hear from you. I'm sorry your friend is having a rough time.