Monday, April 5, 2010

I'm Still Blogging ..But Life Being Life...

I know I haven't been doing any *REAL* blogging for awhile. My heart is filled with things to write ..but have you ever felt things so strongly ... your thoughts are there ..and yet they are blocked?

I even have several posts almost finished that have been sitting in my drafts.
So ..I'll be back to writing.

But ..I have some sad things that I've tried to write and couldn't. But ... feel like if only I could get the sad stuff out of the way ..but I can't ..and so I'm in a holding pattern of sorts with my blogging. I have felt like I was on an emotional roller coaster lately. Can I blame it on peri-menopause? ;)

And ..I may be back today ..or I may be taking a break from this blog for a bit ..or I may not. (Woman's prerogative to change her mind ...especially at 02:32 in the morning :) But if I do take a break ..please know that I will be back in to blog when I can. I've also got things coming up that I need to focus on and a couple of things and I am excited too. Just life being life right now ..if that makes any sense. And I may delete this post with the expediency of one in profound bloggers remorse when she wakes up. ;)

Can you detect my betwixt and between mood? *Sigh*

These guys are GREAT! I highly recommend watching this video. For you morning folk ..great way to start your day and for you night folk ..great way to end the day. You WILL smile.

I would've loved to see the employee's reactions. The window guy was on the ball. :)

I love this video! :)

Check the post below this one. I picked 5 of my favorite posts and put all in one post for easy reading. I realize anyone can click on my sidebar of favorites, but thought it might be nice to put 5 in one. They always say "Leave em laughing!" :)

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