Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bajingolandologist? ;)

Birthday hat

I dedicate this post to Lockup Doc, since he is the one who 1st coined the word "Bajingolandologist" in response to one of my posts this past winter (remember when I actually used to write posts ..way back when?) ... but I don't recall which post and so I had to figure it out for myself. ;)


What is a Bajingolandologist?

Well ...I do know what a Bajingolandologist is not.

A Bajingolandologist is not an apologist, anthropologist, archeologist, astrobiologist, and not a bacteriologist, cardiologist, cosmetologist, demonologist, dermatologist, escapologist, futurologist, gastroenterologist, hydrometeorologist, immunologist, kremlinologist or a lepidopterologist. Nor is a Bajinolandologist a mixologist, numerologist, oceanologist, psychologist, radiologist, sexologist, toxicologist, and certainly not an urbanologist or vexillologist and especially not a zoologist.

I do know you can recognize them because they all wear white pith helmets just prior to the expedition ..I mean exam down under. Well ..that's what I've been told. I've yet to meet a Bajingolandologist and so I am only going on hearsay.

But ...first you need to know some history.

The show SCRUBS coined the phrase "bajingo" as a euphemism for Dr Elliot Reed who was unable to use the correct anatomical names for an area south of the border. Apparently I can't either at the moment. :)

But then as a urology patient having had multiple exams and procedures in the bajingo area .. that place south of the border ...SeaSpray realized that there are other points of interest in the female area south of the border and so she wrote about it in the "Bajingoland Brochure". For clarity and perhaps a laugh or two ..I suggest you check out the "brochure"... unless you are easily offended delicate subjects. Admittedly ..the impish side of SeaSpray took over for that one and she has often come close to deleting it and donning a nun's habit or something for penitence... but black and white aren't her best colors ...although they are indicative of her somewhat paradoxical personality. Well maybe more grey and white ..but I digress. :)

I'm just saying ..I know's a bit on the edge ..and so does she. She had to vent a bit. It's what happens to a girl when she's had just one too many Bajingoland exams/procedures .... this girl anyway... or it that girl? Gee ..I'm confusing myself! or is it us...Both SeaSpray and me? Morphing in and out of 3rd person gets confusing. Usually it's straight 3rd person ..but I'm collaborating with SeaSpray here and there throughout the post.

Note ..when SeaSpray goes into the 3rd person ..she's distancing ...again ..she's just sayin. Well ..I guess for this post ..we're just sayin. I'll own up to part of it, but she owns the edgier parts. Thus ..I am cleared of any blogger's remorse because this post is SeaSpray's inspiration. :) She guesses it's one of those things where you'd have to walk in her shoes ... no'd have to have your feet in her stirrups ..sans clothing south of the border ...and be a frequent flier in the Bajingoland position. ..and you'd have to have a Bajingoland to understand the experience.. says SeaSpray... and so some of you will just never know. :)

I have been pondering this "Bajingolandologist" concept and I have concluded that a Bajingolandologist is possibly what you get when you combine urology with gynecology and ta da! You have a urogynecologist! They all work in the same areas.

Ologist? Hmm ..hmmm... o-l-o-g-i-s-t....

-ologist is used to replace `-ology' at the end of nouns in order to form other nouns that refer to people who are concerned with a particular science or subject. For example, a `biologist' is concerned with biology.

So ..there it is front of me all along .. a Bajingolandologist is a person or group of people (in white pith helmets), interested in the science of Bajingolandology. How did that get past me .. Uro Girl and all? ! ;)

So ..I think every urogynecologist needs to change all their advertising ..including business cards and instead of urogynecologist .. so common ..y-a-w-n ...they should advertise that they are Bajingolandologists...specializing in Bajingoandology!

*Note - these are the medical specialists (in white pith helmets) who take medical business trips to the otherwise known Mecca of Bajingoland as mentioned in said brochure. SeaSpray's just sayin. :)

So there you have it .. Bajingolandologist is the new cutting edge name for urogynecologists.

And did I say they wear white pith helmets? ;)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Thank You John :)

Thank you John ...for sharing your award. It's easy to be a loyal follower of your blog. I love to laugh and you sure do that for me ..get me to laugh. :) You've been a good blogging friend and I appreciate your support and all the laughs!

So these are the conditions:

1. Say why you made your blog and if you expected it to be popular at all.

I was looking up urology information and landed in the Urostream blog (Keagirl has been MIA this past year and hope she comes back) Then from there went to other medical blogs. I only opened a blog because I thought I had to in order to comment in other blogs. But ..then ..I was permanently hooked ..because I have always loved to write about things ..since I was a kid.

No ..I had no idea it would be popular. I was so thrilled when Fat Doctor was my first blogroll that I shrieked with glee and couldn't believe she or anyone would read something I wrote. I am still amazed... and I am still grateful for your readership. :)

2. State the exact date you started your blog

November 13, 2006. I sometimes like to go back to the first post bloggers wrote to see how they started out and how far the've come.

3. Nominate 5 loyal followers!

I won't nominate anyone specifically ...because it seems some people I know don't always participate in these awards..but my loyal readers know who you are. Please know that I say thank you and the award is for you too and you can pick up and post about your loyalty award if you like. :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah - REVISED

I love this song and this version! However Jim (StorytellERdoc) and Leopard13 have also given me their favorites.(See comments) I like them all, but I have to say even tho I still prefer Jeff Buckley's version .. the women are hard to choose between, but Katherine Jenkins gave me GOOSEBUMPS! The addition of the choirs reinforces the emotion of the song for me.

Thank you for sharing guys. You can see that I added your favorite versions of Hellelujah below my original post.

Now my new favorite song to obsess over until tired of it... which means ...I can't get enough of it ...which means I will play repeatedly every chance I get... which means ... I will dream about it ...which means I will wake up hearing it in my brain at any point during the night if I sleep lightly or turn over ..which means I will hear it in the morning upon waking... which means because I have played this new favorite song so much will hear it in their heads too ...which means they may have to wear ear plugs or close doors to save themselves .. I'm just sayin. :)

Oh and when I have time ..I will add these versions and others to my players that I can go from one to the other and so on. Does anyone else do that if you are crazy about a song? Play it repeatedly? It's like I can't get enough of it and become one with the song ..hence why I dream about it. :)

Music is a powerful force .. at times ...moving beyond words ...soul speak.

Alexandra Burke - Hallelujah - Live at O2 with Elton John

Katherine Jenkins - Hallelujah

Friday, May 14, 2010

Determination! Never Give Up!

"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will." ~Mahatma Gandhi ~

"Strength is a matter of the made-up mind."
~John Beecher ~

"Tough times never last, but tough people do."

~Dr. Robert Schuller ~

"Toughness is in the soul and spirit, not in muscles." ~Alex Karras ~

"The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person's determination."~Tommy Lasorda~

"The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire." ~Ferdinand Foch ~

"I learned about the strength you can get from a close family life. I learned to keep going, even in bad times. I learned not to despair, even when my world was falling apart. I learned that there are no free lunches. And I learned the value of hard work." ~Lee Iacocca~

"All things are possible until they are proved impossible and even the impossible may only be so, as of now." ~Pearl S. Buck ~

"Never, never, never give up." ~ Winston Churchill ~

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Update to "The Anesthesia Made me Do It"

I was in that same bagel place yesterday ..for the first time since January.

I didn't see any bagel dogs in the warmer. I didn't want one (that really was some odd effect of the drugs) ..but I wanted to know if they really sold foot long hot dogs ..because in my mind's eye that bagel contained a foot long hot dog and I just wanted to know how accurate my perception was.

So, I asked the owner.

She said they haven't sold foot long hot dogs in a long time but that people are very happy with what they sell now. Ha ha! I guess she felt she needed to plug the lesser size one, but I told her I didn't want one and that I thought I remembered them.

To me tho ..I could swear it was a foot long and so now ..I will add that apparently perception with measurements is most definitely distorted and I am going to add and so is time..because even though I know I ate the thing quickly it also seemed to take very long and we did get on yet another road before finished ..but it all seemed longer.

No wonder they don't want you driving or operating machinery don't realize it ..but your thinking really is off a bit with perception in all areas.

Maybe everyone knows this from the get go and I have been slow on the uptake with this. But to me up ..once discharged ..I think everything is normal and not at all aware of the potential for harm that could happen if left unattended.

I get it now.

And I owe it to the last nurse I had at the surgery canter who was getting me ready for discharge.. who took the time to impress upon both of us that I should not be doing certain things and why.

And the hot dog. No one may understand my reasoning there ..but it amuses me because that is so very much a last food I'd ever choose to eat after fasting for almost 12 hours and I know it really was the anesthesia that made me do it.

I have made light of some of this ..particularly in the previous post ..but it is actually a serious concern and I know I can't be the only person to say .."Oh ..I'm fine" and think I can go off and do something.

I guess you could say the same thing about being impaired with alcohol or other drugs ..but there is something about the anesthesia in your system that may be more misleading after leaving the medical facility.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Anesthesia Made Me Do It! - Pt II

This past January, I went into a fabulous surgical center to have a ureteral stent removed. (More on the center in another post) So usual ..I got a bit squirrelly thinking of the anesthesia and "am I going to be too breezy with my words?". Unfortunately ..or maybe fortunately ..I don't remember a darn thing. DARN Versed! Or maybe GREAT Versed!? One of those double edged sword situations I guess ..darned if you do and darned if you don't. (I have some vague ..dreamy memories in post-op this last time (January at the surge ctr) and have to say ..I really liked those nurses ..but I digress.) But mostly ..because I don't like NOT knowing what * I did* when others do ..I'd rather know and then do damage control John and cry "DURESS! I was under DURESS!" :)

But this post is about post-op anesthesia ..the anesthesia effects they warn you about when you leave the same day surgery in a hospital or surgery center. I had actually intended to write this from a humorous perspective and there are some amusing things (to me), but in writing this ..I am even more aware of the potential dangers and complications of anesthesia... because the patient really thinks they are "normal", but may not make appropriate decisions or take appropriate actions... exactly because the drugs are still in their systems. I have something else I can't write about that ties very much into it and again is only something I realized way after the fact. But these other little stories demonstrate this point well enough.

I would say this as a caution to patients and medical staff alike. I think most of us zone out with all the wordage on the med rec forms/releases and just sign. I know I really don't want to read what bad thing the hospital is not responsible for should things go south in surgery ..when I have no choice but to surrender myself and let them do what they have to do. I just sign. And when it comes to the form warning about post-op anesthesia decisions ..even though I am lucid ..blah, blah, blah ..yeah ..okay ...where do I sign? I know ...that is wrong. Maybe med staff should emphasize these points to the patient (who still won't care later..because of the drugs) and especially to the responsible party that drove them. As I wrote further down ..this last time nurse did take the time to comprehensively explain some possible post-op anesthesia effects.

In previous posts ..I've mentioned I have experience with being an OR patient. As I just typed that sentence I LQ2M (laughed quietly to myself), because it is kind of amusing... in a bothersome way. I mean what are you gonna do? Some people never darken the doors of an OR their entire life and then there are the frequent fliers like myself. Thankfully reasons were for cesareans - bringing our sons into the world and minor surgeries for my knee and my now healed ureter. Oh and routine colonoscopy and an EGD (all normal). I know there are inherent risks to all surgeries ..but thankfully ..I never had to have the really serious ones .. the high risk ones ..nor for any serious reasons...aside for the constricted ureter a couple of times. I am so VERY GRATEFUL for that!

All that being said ... because of my frequent flier status ..I have had many occasions to observe the differences in staff performance, i.e., their tasks ..treatment of this patient (and how they behave over all while performing their duties ..what they say to each other as they go about said tasks ..I noticed a lot) pre-op and post-op. Heck they have theatre critics ..or restaurant critics ... I could be a same day surgery critic (SDS) ! Or some title that would cover it all from soup to nuts, since I've experienced the OR through being both and inpatient and an out patient.

As a matter of fact ..even though I haven't yet put up the post on my surgical center experiences I had this past October and January( I was a newbie to the off hospital site - surgical center experience) ..I will jump ahead and tell you that this surgical center gets a SeaSpray 5 Starfish rating. :)

Wow! All that and I haven't even gotten to the real point of this post! Please bear with me as I am out of practice. I haven't posted here in 2 weeks and that is a record. I have never gone that long in over 3 years of writing.
Anytime you are about to go in to have surgery of any kind ... you always have to sign forms. And anytime you are having same day surgery, the nurse will always go over the part of the form that always instructs the patient not to operate machinery, drive or sign any legal and binding document. Nor should the patient make any important decisions. They also ALWAYS have to be accompanied by a responsible adult who will not be under the influence of any substances ..who will be competent to drive and competent enough to prevent you from doing anything legally binding (could claim signed under duress ..but what a pain it would be), life altering decisions, dangerous ..or stupid. I will add weird - speaking for myself... because it was weird... and I'll get to it and it was what caused me to realize ..oh my gosh! It WAS the anesthesia! Which then caused me to reflect back on the following post-op experiences while under the influence of anesthesia/conscious sedation drugs in my system... except ..I didn't realize it. You just think you are happy and thinking as you normally would.

Now ..I think the medical staff isn't concerned about "stupid", but speaking from experience ..I think amidst the legal jargon should be in plain English ..clear as day, "and don't do anything STUPID!!!", because that's why this post comes into existence... "Stupid". And one dangerous and one weird.

The medical forms do not specify much about the responsible parties that bring you there but there should be an additional form that requires them to sign to not let said "happy" patient STILL under the influence of anesthesia...even though they don't have a clue in the world they are because ...why, they are just always leaving the surgical departments so very happy and everything is just so right with the world and happiness abounds everywhere!" They should have said surgical patient's responsible party sign forms stating that said responsible party will NOT be an ACCOMPLICE for happy patient after leaving the surgical department.

I have only realized this since January 2010 after the hot dog. But that is the end of this post. Nothing big about the hot dog ..just a clarification catalyst for me.

I honestly never thought about these things as clearly as since the hot dog incident. That was my epiphany moment into post-op effects from anesthesia that can affect your thinking processes.

In October 1999 I went to the ED with renal colic doubt that mother of all stones knocking around in my right kidney. They gave me a Demoral/Vistoral combo ..fell asleep, had an ultra sound and was discharged. I had to wait around a long time because Mr SeaSpray had to take my mother to the Dr so she would not miss her appointment. I remember that I was so happy and appreciated all my co-workers and strangers alike ... so MUCH! (WHY couldn't it work like that when that mother stone decided to descend and get stuck in my ureter? NO amount of drugs in the world that would still allow me to be conscious would help that pain!) I am an upbeat person and I do appreciate people, but this was a smooth..velvety appreciation. It was the drugs still in my system. Mr SeaSpray could've been 6 hrs late and it would be alright with me. And then I slept when I got home.

But then Pstamper brought me to a colonoscopy appointment in September 06. After said procedure ..I happily got it in my head ..since I liked the hospital so much and since I wasn't working ... to go find the human resources department to see what jobs they had available and perhaps make a connection with one of the HR staff. It didn't occur to me that perhaps right after a procedure with drugs still in my system ..that it may not be the time to seek employment! That could backfire 2 ways. 1. ..they will think you're on drugs and not want you .. 2. may agree to a job that there is no way in God's creation you would ever want to do.

With my loyal and supportive friend at my side ..we found HR and I inquired about positions and also reviewed them. But then ..I began talking with the HR person... and talking ..and talking and questions ..and questions.. and all quite upbeat and happily.

When my monologue was finished ..Pstamper whispered to me .. "You were asking her questions ..but you didn't let her answer. Give her a chance to answer." OOPS! I don't remember what happened after that or when she gave me her card. Then not long after that I gave her a call and she offered me a position ..that I turned down ..and honestly ..if I could do it tomorrow ..I'd be there bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to go! But it was fall 2006 and I had other things going on. I did tell her I had just come from a colonoscopy and so she must've cut me some slack. And here's the thing .. I was dressed casually for SDS and minimal makeup. I would hardly approach a potential interviewer like that unless they already knew me ..but certainly not a stranger. It was the drugs!

But it didn't end there that day, because we then went to Applebee's for lunch and I don't drink unless out with the girls for lunch or dinner which is not often. I totally forgot about the post-op anesthesia warnings ..and I had TWO gin & Tonics with a lime twist. It was a great lunch and I had a lot of fun with my friend.

And then after she brought me home in the early afternoon ...I slept until sometime at night It was very dark) .. not even getting up to tinkle. I was OUT! THAT was so dangerous because you should NEVER-EVER mix drugs and alcohol. You could end up in a coma and or die! I didn't even realize what I was doing wrong when I ordered those gin & tonics and THAT is something I was familiar with. Years earlier, I was a volunteer with the Karen Anne Quinlan Center of Hope Hospice. It was established by her parents in her memory. As a young woman night she mixed alcohol and drugs, which caused her to go into a 10 year coma before passing away.

I never made that mistake again.

Then after an EGD ..another friend and I went out to lunch and a furniture store afterward. The store owner couldn't believe I was shopping and said she was not at all up to doing anything after hers. I almost bought a chair that was so big and oh so pretty and comfy was a chair and a half. The fabric was beautiful! I didn't though and the next day, I instantly realized there was absolutely no place it would fit in the house. I would have known it in the store if it weren't for the procedure meds in my system.

Then this past January the surgical center ... I had this wonderful nurse who was getting me ready for discharge. Oh and it's not the drugs that cause me to remember it this way ..she really was wonderful and most attentive. :)

Well .. during my discharge instructions ..she explained the potential dangers of anesthesia ..even once I was home a way that no other medical staff person ever has. She used humor to make her points and I had no idea these things could happen.

For example ..she told me not to hold a baby, because with the anesthesia in my system.. I could just drop it for no reason ..unexpectedly drop it. And she told Mr SeaSpray, if he decides to cook eggs when we get home keep me away from the stove ..because the anesthesia in my system could cause my legs to unexpectedly give out and the next thing he'll know is that my face will be in the eggs in the frying pan! LOL! I will always remember that now... for myself or if I accompany anyone as the responsible party.

I had no idea ones extremities could weaken and give out unexpectedly .. AFTER leaving the surgical department.

Well we were walking out of the surgery center, I remembered that there is a wonderful bagel place just a hop, skip and a jump away ..down the road. So ..I asked Mr SeaSpray if we could please go there to get some bagels.

As he pulled up into the parking lot in front of the bagel place .. I remembered they sold these foot long hot dogs wrapped in a bagel. I suddenly had the most overwhelming urge ..overwhelming craving for one of these foot long hot dogs wrapped in a bagel. I HAD to have it!!! And I wanted bagels and vegetable cream cheese.

He came out with the bagels and I could not eat that foot long hot dog wrapped in a bagel fast enough. Piranhas would've been afraid of me. I didn't even use the mustard packet they wrapped with it. And ..I ate the WHOLE thing! I didn't even stop to take a drink. I LOVED it!

I only like kosher hot dogs but I certainly don't Love any hot dogs. I'd never eat one without mustard. I'd never eat one in a bagel. I'd never eat one a foot long. And I'd never crave a hot dog. Maybe's that I've never gotten past that scene in "The Mechanic" where the guy is pushed into the hot dog mix and you see all the hot dogs come out the other way ..I don't know ..but hot dogs are not a crave worthy food in my mind. That being said was the BEST hot dog I ever had in my entire life!

Days later as I reflected back on the hot dog incident .. I realized ..oh my gosh! It was the anesthesia ..the ANESTHESIA made me do it!

I don't know exactly what the anesthesia suppressed or activated in my brain ..but that random thought .."I HAVE to have a foot long hot dog in a bagel ..NOW!", was not a normal choice at all for me. They always looked so repulsive to me ..ugh! So WEIRD! It was like being pregnant and getting a craving.. but worse. I know me (good thing huh?) and trust me it is completely amusing to me that I attacked that foot long (too much hot dog at one time) hot dog with such gusto!

Then when I got in the house ..I blogged briefly and then slept the best sleep of my life for 4 hours, got up for whizzie winkle call and back to sleep for another 4 hours of the best dreamiest sleep I ever had in my life! If they could bottle what ever did that ..they could be very rich people. Or was it the foot long hot dog that caused me to sleep that way? You never really know what's in those things. I'm just sayin. ;)

In the future ..I am going to tell anyone accompanying me to not let me do certain things... like get foot long hot dogs Mr SeaSpray. ;) I have already told my friends to make sure I don't order alcohol. Perhaps it is best to just go straight home. My friends have helped make it bearable because we turn it into a fun day by going out to eat later. :) I will be doing that for a friend next week.

I will also be alert for anyone that I accompany to an out patient procedure. It's weird because you are not sloppy drunk gorked out on drugs. You seem normal ... but um .. the thought processes are definitely compromised. I have another perfect example ..but dang ..I can't share it.

P.S. I am just thinking ..I wonder if was really a foot long hot dog? That's an awful lot of hot dog and bagel... maybe that is distorted in my mind ..but I still think it was ..even tho I devoured it with enthusiasm still took until somewhere on another road before it was finished and so it had to be at least a foot long ..maybe MORE! Like the fish ..that got away! ;)