Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bajingolandologist? ;)

Birthday hat

I dedicate this post to Lockup Doc, since he is the one who 1st coined the word "Bajingolandologist" in response to one of my posts this past winter (remember when I actually used to write posts ..way back when?) ... but I don't recall which post and so I had to figure it out for myself. ;)


What is a Bajingolandologist?

Well ...I do know what a Bajingolandologist is not.

A Bajingolandologist is not an apologist, anthropologist, archeologist, astrobiologist, and not a bacteriologist, cardiologist, cosmetologist, demonologist, dermatologist, escapologist, futurologist, gastroenterologist, hydrometeorologist, immunologist, kremlinologist or a lepidopterologist. Nor is a Bajinolandologist a mixologist, numerologist, oceanologist, psychologist, radiologist, sexologist, toxicologist, and certainly not an urbanologist or vexillologist and especially not a zoologist.

I do know you can recognize them because they all wear white pith helmets just prior to the expedition ..I mean exam down under. Well ..that's what I've been told. I've yet to meet a Bajingolandologist and so I am only going on hearsay.

But ...first you need to know some history.

The show SCRUBS coined the phrase "bajingo" as a euphemism for Dr Elliot Reed who was unable to use the correct anatomical names for an area south of the border. Apparently I can't either at the moment. :)

But then as a urology patient having had multiple exams and procedures in the bajingo area .. that place south of the border ...SeaSpray realized that there are other points of interest in the female area south of the border and so she wrote about it in the "Bajingoland Brochure". For clarity and perhaps a laugh or two ..I suggest you check out the "brochure"... unless you are easily offended delicate subjects. Admittedly ..the impish side of SeaSpray took over for that one and she has often come close to deleting it and donning a nun's habit or something for penitence... but black and white aren't her best colors ...although they are indicative of her somewhat paradoxical personality. Well maybe more grey and white ..but I digress. :)

I'm just saying ..I know's a bit on the edge ..and so does she. She had to vent a bit. It's what happens to a girl when she's had just one too many Bajingoland exams/procedures .... this girl anyway... or it that girl? Gee ..I'm confusing myself! or is it us...Both SeaSpray and me? Morphing in and out of 3rd person gets confusing. Usually it's straight 3rd person ..but I'm collaborating with SeaSpray here and there throughout the post.

Note ..when SeaSpray goes into the 3rd person ..she's distancing ...again ..she's just sayin. Well ..I guess for this post ..we're just sayin. I'll own up to part of it, but she owns the edgier parts. Thus ..I am cleared of any blogger's remorse because this post is SeaSpray's inspiration. :) She guesses it's one of those things where you'd have to walk in her shoes ... no'd have to have your feet in her stirrups ..sans clothing south of the border ...and be a frequent flier in the Bajingoland position. ..and you'd have to have a Bajingoland to understand the experience.. says SeaSpray... and so some of you will just never know. :)

I have been pondering this "Bajingolandologist" concept and I have concluded that a Bajingolandologist is possibly what you get when you combine urology with gynecology and ta da! You have a urogynecologist! They all work in the same areas.

Ologist? Hmm ..hmmm... o-l-o-g-i-s-t....

-ologist is used to replace `-ology' at the end of nouns in order to form other nouns that refer to people who are concerned with a particular science or subject. For example, a `biologist' is concerned with biology.

So ..there it is front of me all along .. a Bajingolandologist is a person or group of people (in white pith helmets), interested in the science of Bajingolandology. How did that get past me .. Uro Girl and all? ! ;)

So ..I think every urogynecologist needs to change all their advertising ..including business cards and instead of urogynecologist .. so common ..y-a-w-n ...they should advertise that they are Bajingolandologists...specializing in Bajingoandology!

*Note - these are the medical specialists (in white pith helmets) who take medical business trips to the otherwise known Mecca of Bajingoland as mentioned in said brochure. SeaSpray's just sayin. :)

So there you have it .. Bajingolandologist is the new cutting edge name for urogynecologists.

And did I say they wear white pith helmets? ;)


Chrysalis Angel said...

I warned Lockup not to tempt fate! He has no idea what he may have unleashed.

You had me chuckling, Seaspray. I pray I never see those hats.

Lockup Doc said...

SeaSpray--That was too funny! I didn't think you were actually going to write that post!--I thought you were just kidding. I think you should give yourself credit for the term--I hadn't heard of "bajingoland" until you wrote it. I just did the obvious and added -ologist to the end.

From now on I'm going to burst into laughter anytime I see someone wearing one of those white hats!

SeaSpray said...

Hi Angel - I thought it was about time i write like some of my original stuff ..lighthearted ..yet cathartic. At the end of June I will be in the Bajingoland position again... foley/lasix renal scan. It's been awhile though. I'm not frequent flier status anymore. :)

When I get this crazy ..I am venting with humor. laughter is a healthy release of stress.

As you know has been way too serious ..everywhere it seems.

My urogroup took on a new partner and I think he is a urogynecologist. I saw his pic and now I can't get image out of my brain of him in a white pith helmet.

I may giggle if I happen to see him walking around the office sometime. And if I pick up his card I will see Bajingolandologist across it. :)

SeaSpray said...

Hi Lockup Doc - Of course your scientific mind added ologist too it.:)Glad you got a laugh out of it. Me too. I will get the giggles for sure.

Technically SCRUBS for coining phrase bajingo gets the credit. :)

You guys should see the unedited version. :)

SeaSpray said...
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John McElveen said...

Doesn't that Pith you off?

Oh, I CRACK myself up! OK OK I'll stop---

"Usually it's straight 3rd person"-

ummmm what if third person is gay? OK OK I'll really stop now---PunOlogy aside!

As always- I LOVE YOUR POSTS!!!!

and btw, the word verification is: plater,, who was Plato's Southern Bubba's Brother: or,

If I wear a Pith Helmet, can I plate her, as if....she's a real Dish. Is that L ogical? or L Ology? I need Deliverence--I can't play the Bajingo!

OK OK I'll stop----Sheesh!

Love ya mean it! I know you are laughing your butt off!


John McElveen said...

BTW--It is GREAT to have ytyou back writing like Sea!!!!! Please don't take a hia, kiii, keai, BREAK agin!


SeaSpray said...

Oh John - you do know me well! i WAS laughing ALL the way through. Just sorry you stopped cause you were really on a roll there. Thanks for the laughs.

I was getting confused morphing in and out of 3rd person. Usually ..I just disappear and blame SeaSpray.

Oh know ..I'm doing again ..but I was just thinking about what I didn't post. Acting out via keyboard again. :)