Saturday, June 19, 2010

ItchaRashaPhobe! :) Happy Father's Day!

Every time and I do mean E-V-E-R-Y time a patient came into the ED stating that they had poison ivy ..aside from receiving an automatic cue to begin feeling itchy .. I also A-L-W-A-Y-S heard the "Poison Ivy" song in my head ..and sometimes I told them while doing their paper work ...and depending on patient rapport ...I'd smile and even sing ..."P-o-i-s-o-n I-i- v-v-y-y y", but that's it because I can't sing and so couldn't carry much more of a tune. They'd laugh and sometimes continue where I left off. And then there would be people I'd never joke with, but I still heard the song in my head. :)

That would be me. UGH! The ItchaRashaPhobe!

I was about to vacuum the pool ..but unfortunately ..somehow managed to get the piece that goes in the skimmer and attaches to the hose ... simultaneously stuck with that pool water inlet flap thingy. (Can you tell I don't know what you call these things?) Well the super STRONG sucking power of the obviously SUPER POWERED filter ...combined with my suntan oiled hands was an effort in futility to disengage said pool thingies. (I can't believe "thingies" is a word)

Try as I may..

Try as I might...

Those DARN thingies ..

Were jammed together TIGHT!


I broke a nail too.

I was getting concerned with how the filter had been sounding and getting louder with the pressure building.

So .. then in abject FRUSTRATION (I am one of those competitive types who doesn't like to give in to defeat with not being able to fix/do it.. and ..I was being lazy), I gave up and went to get out of the pool.

Then as I got to the top of the steps ..I looked down and there was this little plant growing up between the deck and the pool. "Huh? That's odd", I thought as I bent over to pick it out of there ...and then put in opposite hand... and managed to touch my cheeks while brushing my hair out of my face with the SAME hand holding this little plant ...and so it graced my right cheek ...and then after I got down the stairs I touched my left cheek.

But THEN ..I looked down and OMGOSH! LEAVES of THREE! SHINY LEAVES of THREE. Oh NO..POISON IVY! I walked around to look under the deck and there was this single vine growing up to the deck! What are the ODDS?!

Btw ..I am itching during this entire post ..but even in places that weren't exposed. I quickly swished my fingers in pool water. Turned filter off ..sans super powered suction ..loosened everything ..turned back on. The filter made weird sounds and then began sputtering and finally water was flowing normally back out the exchange or is it the inlet or outlet? I don't know ..I just vacuum, swim, float and frolic. :) So then I put my fingers under the pressure of the filtered water coming out.

Then I remembered my FACE! So ..I used harsh dial antibacterial soap and water as hot as I could stand it on my face and scrubbed with a washcloth. It is so drying'd think I had a botox treatment. I'm expressionless now. I only wash with cleansing creams. I'm not used to drying soaps. ;)

Seriously though ..I really do NOT want poison ivy! In the summer? When it's HOT?

I know it's not the end of the world ..but ..I really do NOT want a poison Ivy rash on my hands and face! I do NOT. Because ..I don't just get a little rash ..oh no. I do it up big time with it creeping all over and closed eyes.

ED Dr WhiteCoat has an EXCELLENT link up for anyone wanting to know what to do if you come in contact with poison ivy, oak or sumac.

My fingers and face do itch..but I also itch in different places. I think it's psychosomatic when a pt with scabies or lice comes into the ED. You do begin to feel itchy even though you know you didn't have close contact. Like I said ..I'm being an ItchaRashaPhobe.

If only the Dead Sea were near by. All that salt would heal it. When I was 18 .. I went down the shore for a day and spent almost all day in the water and the poison Ivy rash I had, dried up. Just imagine what the dead sea could do! I'm just sayin.

Anyway ..the upside is that Mr SeaSpray didn't come home to a pool filter that had exploded into a pressurized projectile object in through the neighbor's window. And Mr SeaSpray will heroically risk the hit ...and REMOVE and DISPOSE of said ..lone ..poison ivy vine for me ..for the family ..and mankind.

Happy Fathers Day to my husband, our older son and all the Dads out there! :)
Update - Sunday morning: I am alright and no rash. Maybe because I scrubbed so much! So ..all my itching during the post was through the power of suggestion. :)


Chrysalis Angel said...

I can not fathom putting heat on a rash. Silly, Spray.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Angel-it's because it feels like a million fingernails gently scratching,providing immense relief. Don't want to burn self tho.

StorytellERdoc said...

I've had some awful seasonal allergied this year (I never got them until I turned 38), but when I think about itching, obviously, it becomes much much worse! Ugh! I do have to say, though, that taking Aveeno oatmeal baths cures it all. AAAHHHHH. LOL

Hope this finds you well, friend.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Jim - Ahh a kindred spirit in the itch realm. ;) I forgot about Aveeno. Haven't used that since a teenager. Oh yeah ..thoughts of itching magnify it for sure.

NOE I DO have a rash on both arms. Not poison ivy ..but hive like ..YET different. I am trying to ignore so the cycle will be broken.

John McElveen said...

I am sooo itching with you---I can wade through it and NEVER a rash---but there will come a day when I'm finally sensitized to it and it will be Medrol Dospak and Cortisone shot. That OIL is so sticky--we even have to be careful when the Dog comes in not to Pet the Pet.


John McElveen said...

OMGosh--last word ver- was: Bathel.......Bathe L help ya--I Vee no ar ar more poison ivy and don't forget to CLEAN the Whole tub as the ring (you can't see) can still contain Oil reside!

SeaSpray said...

LOL John! :) I didn't know that about the residue ..even after a bath or shower?