Friday, June 25, 2010

Just Stop Using Soap

YIKES! Shower Head Gone Wild!

Actually I screamed ..with shock and dismay. (Giggle)

I was almost done in the shower and had been using Ocean Breezes shower gel and the attachment shower head for shaving my legs and had opened the shower curtains. Soapy hands and slippery hoses and handles don't mix! The separate attachment for the shower head completely slipped and twisted outward when I reached up to turn the shower off ...dousing ..everything - including ceiling on the left side of the bathroom!!!

I really hate when I get forced into cleaning something unintended at that point in time... especially since I am going out shortly. Of course it was worse when the soapy refrigerator glass bottom slipped out of my hand a few weeks ago and I was standing in millions of shards of glass while barefoot and for some reason unbeknownst to me (the little shards of glass) was popping up around me... but that's for a different post. :)

I guess I should just stop using soap! ;)

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