Wednesday, June 2, 2010


For anyone living in this area needing this kind of service ...I highly recommend :

Henderson Well &Pump Co

973-823-0107 or
We haven't had any water since midnight last night.

It is so disturbing to turn on your water and have nothing come out.

We are so blessed with clean, running water in this country. It's hard to fathom that many people in third world countries don't have this luxury ..that is easily taken for granted here. I have seen organizations go into these countries and drill wells for the communities and think that is a wonderful gift to give people ..easily accessible water. You can see how joyful the people are to have a well serving their villages.

On Saturday ..the water began spitting out of the faucet ..flowing but little bursts of air too. My first thought was that the well lines had sprung a leak again ..but I don't think that is it because we aren't sucking in dirt. Also ..don't think well is dry ..again because ..not sucking in dirt. Oh and the neighbors we share the well with still have water.

I called my neighbor (we share a well) Bushy tailed ..but not bright eyed yet (Can you be bushy tailed and NOT bright eyed yet?) soon as I rolled out of bed. Didn't even stop to make whizzie winkles. Out of bed phone ..dial neighbor... "Hi do you have water ..well water? Cause we don't.

"Yes ..we have water."

"Oh good ..then we have water ..well we don't have water ...but since you do ..then we do. I'm glad you have water ..then that means we'll have water ..but I am still glad you have water. Thanks Bye." She was chuckling on the other end as I stumbled through that. I just needed coffee and to wake up. :)

The pump man came and fixed it and THANKFULLY it was no big deal or expense.

He really took care of us with his prompt service and what he did for us. We had him fix some well lines last year. He has an answering service and calls back promptly. They don't charge emergency fees. Always courteous ..actually quite personable.

It was such a good feeling to have the water running out of our faucets again! And it's funny how many times we'd forget and go to turn on the water and the silence and lack of water is disturbing.

But ..When the faucet started sputtering with air on Saturday ..i did prepare by putting water in fridge and filling tea pot, etc. I didn't think to keep tub filled with water in between showers for toilet though. We don't have sewer and so no electricity or no well pump ..then no toilet. I actually didn't think the water flow would stop I was more concerned with contaminants getting into it because I thought I saw some sediment ..but not much. Whenever we have a storm ..I always fill the tub in case the power goes off.

You'd think we live out in the Yukon somewhere the way I store water when these things happen. All we have to do is go a couple miles to a store or store some water bottles here. I think we are all supposed to do that anyway for emergencies... you know ..batteries ..extra food, first aid, etc.

Anyway ..It's really, really nice to have running water again.

And I really appreciate the work Henderson Well & Pump Co did for us. I hope well pump continues to work well pun intended ..but if there is a problem ..we will certainly call this company again and tell anyone we meet to give them a call and they will be glad they did.

I have to say really feels good when you as a customer ..find a business that takes good care of you and you feel you can trust. I am the kind of person that if I trust you are in my address book forever and I will continually refer you with a good ..POSITIVE WOM - Word of Mouth.

PS .. I do feel a little bad about one thing though. I told the service we didn't have any water. She asked me if it was an emergency. I admit that I impatiently barked back .."We DON'T have ANY water!" Then I apologized and said I had just gotten out of bed and was worried about the pump and we didn't have any water. It felt like an emergency to me. But worse things certainly happen in life. But in the well and pump company world .. I do think NO WATER qualifies as an emergency. All I had to do was say "Yes." I wasn't awful ..but I could've been nicer about it... and like I said ..I did apologize.

PPS maybe hormones made me do it! ;)

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