Sunday, June 13, 2010

Check Out This Out!

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"Take Your President to Work Week" That is the title for a new post up in Throckmorton's blog and I highly recommend you go over to check it out. Reading this post gave me an even deeper empathy for physicians/surgeons. And from the patient/patient advocate perspective .. it causes concern for what the future may hold for both physicians and patients regarding the availability and quality of care for all of us.

Personally ..I feel this current administration well as most (not all - some are enlightened) of the lawmakers on both sides of the political spectrum do NOT understand even the basics of health care reform.

And I wish ..this post would come to the attention of the talking heads and other media sources so that people could understand what is really going on with our health care and the negative impact it will have on us in the future. But instead ..this keeps chugging along down the track and with all my heart I wish it would get derailed before it picks up steam and nothing can hinder it's down the mountain decline.

I think I need to get back over to "The Positive Medical Blog". I know ..I AM shamelessly plugging it. ;)

*I can't believe I still giggle to myself over the Throckmorton salad bar concept and anything Throckmorton. Hat tip to Trenchy ..where ever you are! :)


Anonymous said...

SeaSpray Gone Political! Just kidding. I read that post and agree that it's a great idea. Hands on really would be the ideal way for many to learn about the healthcare system.

SeaSpray said...

I KNOW and I could feel the STRESS and why I wanted to run to my new retreat! Hands on true.