Monday, June 28, 2010

Post :"My Physician Used the "P" Word" MIA?

Twenty six days ago I enthusiastically wrote a post called "My Physician Used the "P" Word." Anyone remember that post from so long ago? I am still Ecstatic about the use of the "P" word. I just got side tracked with other things and I wanted to be thoughtful about the rest of the post. Also seems that once I announce there will be another part to a post or discuss a post idea'll never see it again. It's a surefire way of preventing myself from NOT writing said posts.

But this one really was important to me and I want to share the rest of the story. I want to explain why his "P" word meant so much to me. True to SeaSpray form is a tad lengthy and so I broke it up into 3 parts..but it is together in one post now for continuity over in the new blog. ("The Positive Medical Blog")

Here is the rest of the post :"My Physician Used the "P" Word"


Chrysalis Angel said...

I never thought Lockup and I would ever see it...

(You know I had to bust on you.) It's just too much fun. ;)

SeaSpray said...

Funny Angel ..ya made me laugh. :)