Friday, June 11, 2010

Update on Posting

I am still going to be posting "My Physician said the "P" Word", but have been preoccupied with the new blog, "The Positive Medical Blog". I just put a post up in called:
"True Confession - The Real Story behind My Bio" .

But..I certainly have not forgotten the "P" post .."P" for "PHENOMINAL" as per my Dr PCP. :)

I will be putting Part II of that post up in the new blog because it actually will tie in with some positive things and I think it will be a good way for other readers that don't come here to have continuity with the post.

When I do post it over there I have to change the title slightly so as not to confuse google. And I will putting the post up in it's entirety over there so new readers that don't come in here can read it from the beginning ..but you all can just scroll down to Part II.

Anyway ..not only can you access that blog by clicking on the link in the previous post ..but I have also added a permanent link on my upper side bar in this blog. See it light pink to your right... well unless I put another post up in here .. then just look under the welcome side at the top. :)

I think it will be a fun blog and hope you come over for a visit with us :)

Well ..I'm excited that I am going to get to see my beautiful girls tonight. I have a couple of surprises for Devan. Big bubble blowing wands - one pink and one turquoise. And a raft that looks like a bunch of sharpened colored pencils all together. She's always been arty and I think she'll get a kick out a colored pencil raft. :) And I can't wait to hold the baby - Wren and hug them both!

Have a great weekend everyone! :)


Chrysalis Angel said...

You had me cracking up over there at the other site. Yes, mmmmm, we are going to have to watch that Lockup doc. ;)

Have a great night, Seaspray. Enjoy those kids.

John McElveen said...

"Big bubble blowing wands"

Do you have any Idea what I could do with just this one Line? Do ya????


Tons o Love,


SeaSpray said...

Thanks Angel.Yeah ..he's a hoot!:)

SeaSpray said...

Actually John I don't. Naive on this one. :) But I love it when people crack themselves up. Oh no! Was that a butt joke? Or an egg joke? or even a joke?

Hugs back at ya {{{John}}} :)