Thursday, June 24, 2010


It's 8:34 pm and I can hardly keep my eyes open!

And I'm yawning and yawning and basically useless for doing anything.

I feel like Dorothy going down in the poppy fields kind of tired.


I have been MIA in blogdom lately. I've been trying to come in to other blogs and read/comment ..but too tired. I read a few words and right back out again. And I am behind with my own posts (Remember I still have to do Part II to the "P" post?) And write in the new blog ..the Positive Medical Blog. (See link on top side bar. I'm too tired to link) Thanks for being patient with me Angel and Lockup Doc. :)

I've also been super busy and also swimming a lot in the pool. Although ..tonight ..I felt like I'd fall asleep while swimming... and still I pushed through ..swimming and other water exercises and frolicking .. but not with the usual energy that water evokes from me. And up before the birds this morning.

I love water. I'd do everything in it if I could. I'd love to sleep outside (mmmm s-l-e-e-p) over nite on the raft if I could ..but I tried that and it doesn't work. Bugs, too damp and bladder call... of and bears ..big black bears lumbering through the yard.

So's 8:47pm and I am saying good night. It's still light out too..but I am going to sleep now.

I look forward to being bright eyed and bushy tailed early in the morning! Catching up on blogging too! :)

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