Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Alarming That This Can Happen!

I had no idea this could happen! Alarming! Something needs to be done about it too.

Copiers have hard drives that can be removed. Every image ..every piece of information copied is stored in the hard drive of the copiers. After companies get rid of their copiers, they can be sold to other buyers, including buyers in other countries.

Think of all the information a copier could be storing from medical offices, hospitals, lawyers, the government, etc.

Having one's privacy violated and being compromised both in reputation and financially by identity theft is a major concern. I am still upset about my former physician's office losing my medical records and it deeply bothers me whenever I think about it. And I feel angry ..just remembering how the office manager thought I was being "silly" because I was so upset that they couldn't find them. A little over a year and a half later ...and I DO wonder *WHERE* they are. I will stop discussing my lost medical records now because I feel myself getting upset all over again. But ..I will just say is an incredibly vulnerable and powerless feeling to know your privacy is potentially violated and that you could be at risk for identity theft on many fronts. God forbid!

But now ..seeing this report? Oh my gosh! How many of us are at risk for privacy/identity violations?

Kudos to Sharp for implementing a device that automatically erases the information from the hard drive. Other companies state they offer security or encryption devices on their products. Many companies don't want to pay the additional expense (approximately $500.00) for such protection. Shame on those companies. If I knew you weren't willing to protect my information ..I would not do any business with you. Nor would I recommend you with a positive word of mouth. Actually, I would warn people to stay away, unless they wanted to risk their personal information being violated.

People make mistakes. We're all human. It can happen. We don't want it to ..but, unfortunately mistakes do happen. But to intentionally ignore warnings ..consequently putting thousands of your customers at risk? To save a ballpark 500.00? (I know - multiply the expense times many copiers in a corporation - but also a business expense/tax deduction) You do not deserve the privilege of having customers... not if you know this can happen, deal with sensitive information and choose the dollar over protecting your customers.


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