Friday, July 23, 2010

Coming Soon!


I will put up my 3rd most embarrassing moment in life post soon. I know it's usually kiss-of-death to any post I announce ahead of time ..but it's hot's going to be hotter tomorrow (I heard 100 hotter than Hades degrees degrees kind of hot) and it will be a Saturday in July ..just like that day... the embarrassing moment day in 1987. So tomorrow the latest.

In the meantime ..just a reminder that I also write in the Positive Medical Blog, along with Chrysalis Angel and Lockup Doc. Although last post is definitely not my best.

I responded in frustration to what I read..but just didn't get it pulled together and feels disjointed in how it comes across. Plus I was critical of NYU weight loss clinic because from a patient/support person perspective .. these kinds of things that get reported where med professionals intentionally violate regulations ... potentially compromising patient safety and quality of care undermines the trust patients should have in the providers they choose.

And since writing that ..I realize most people will never know about those things. But for those who do ... I think it seriously undermines a medical reputation. Especially since there's been more ongoing investigation.

I wish I could tell you about the 2nd and 1st most embarrassing moments of my life. :)

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