Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cosmic Payback?


Ugh! First of all ..are gnats normally around in July?!

I just made a fresh pot of coffee, came over to the computer check up on our "Welcome Back" surprise joke for lockup Doc and so had a couple of sips. I brewed it with added cinnamon. Mmm good. :)

The next time I picked up the mug ..I noticed a little black gnat floating in it.


So ..I just continued with blogging.

But then I was giggling about some comments and the post and forgot about the little bug in my coffee ..and so I took a gulp ..and then ..of course instantly remembered about said little bug and IMMEDIATELY SPEWED it back out ..the coffee ..with gusto ...I spewed the coffee and the little bug back into the mug ..which then splashed back into my eye ... specifically my left eye. I blotted my left eye with the back side of my index finger. Now left eye still feels weird. So ..I have to go rinse it.

The thing is ..I don't see the little gnat floating in the coffee. No matter how much I shake the cup to move the coffee the little bug isn't floating in there. But WHERE is this little Gnat - bug? EWWW ..I hate swallowing bugs. Maybe little bug splashed back into my eye ..which I am going to rinse ..right now.

I hate ingesting bugs.

Ever have one fly down your throat? Talk about choking! Much better to drink it down.

Wait a minute... was this some kind of cosmic payback for changing the blog on Lockup? It was just too MUCH of a temptation! ;)

Also: A reminder - there are new posts up in The Positive Medical Blog. My post "The Little Things" was inspired by Dr Rob from "Musings of a Distractible Mind" blog. :)

Oh and since it is obviously not above me to shamelessly promote our new blog
"The Positive Medical Blog", the link ..aside from the THREE ..make that FOUR links in this post to the blog (like "Where's Waldo?" - can YOU find the links?), is always at the top of my sidebar... for the "The Positive Medical Blog". Hmmm ..I suppose I should add it to my blogroll list too.

Hey can't blame a SeaSpray for promoting a good thing .. she's just sayin! :)

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