Sunday, July 11, 2010

Exhilaration!! :)


This picture of Wrenna was taken on Father's day. We were celebrating both my birthday and father's day over at my m-i-l's house. We were out in the back yard and she was sitting on the frass with my d-i-l.

All of a sudden this strong wind picked up. A rain storm was imminent as evidenced by the darkening clouds. Dorothy! Toto! I was actually getting nervous because the wind was so strong.

My m-i-l lives up on a hill and she almost always have breezes and stronger winds there. This was so warm and balmy and felt wonderful against our bodies as it pushed the hot muggy air away from us. It was akin to having flood waters race through a canyon ..but instead it was strong winds. My d-i-l even joked to hold on to the baby so she doesn't blow away and I actually felt like it could happen.

Well ..little Wrenna just loved it. She didn't quite know what to make of it as she watched others scurry around. D-I-L and I were laughing because it was such a steady stream of wind blowing through. And the baby was laughing and seemed to love the feeling of it against her little body and the way it was lifting her hair up.

You can see the look of exhilaration on her face. :)


Chrysalis Angel said...

Oh my gosh, she's going to be JUST like YOU!

What an adorable little girl. She put a huge smile on my face. Even made me chuckle. I'm thinking buckle up mom....she's going to be like Seaspray. :) (It's a good thing)

rlbates said...


SeaSpray said...

Hi Angel - She is so precious! I LOVE that pic. She looks a lot like my older son/her dad and he looks like me - mostly eyes and nose areas and coloring. her hair is reddish here but actually is a dark blond or very light brown with blond highlights. But son and I do have red highlites.

I wish I captured this moment on film because she was experiencing wonderment at this new experience and exhilaration. :)

Thanks for your sweet words/ :)

SeaSpray said...

She is Ramona. Thank you! :)

I can brag on her right little grandbaby? Children bring so much to this world. They are amazing. :)