Friday, July 2, 2010

Renal Scans, Ultrasounds and Code Yellow! ;) Revised

"Mambo #5" is playing in the background and that always evokes a smile because it reminds me of "Renal Scan # ?", which I just had the other day. It was a routine follow-up test ..just to be certain that everything is copacetic and I am sure it is.

I KNOW it is. :)

I 100% believe urodoc will give me good news and I have been feeling great. That being said usual ..I welcome any prayers offered or good wishes ...because I believe in the power of prayer and positive thoughts. :)

The staff at the hospital was pleasant as usual ..although the nurse came in with this little foley bag and was resistant to my telling her it needed to be the large one. She said they didn't have it. I had to keep explaining that I've done this before, they've always used a large foley bag and that if they don't use a large one ..they will be emptying the small one more often. I didn't say that I was also afraid that if they didn't change it fast enough, I would end up in pain with no outlet for the Lasix induced flood of urine that would hit my system like water rushing through a broken dam. Okay ..well it feels that way. Thus it would back up ..causing unnecessary additional pressure ..something I would not want after the lasix hits my system. YIKES about pressure!

You really need to advocate for your self as a patient sometimes or have someone advocating for you. And I know they don't want patients ..seemingly telling them what to do ..but if a patient is of reasonably sound mind ..(I am ..reasonably that is ;), and a frequent flier with a particular routine ..they may want to listen to them because if they do will save everyone involved some grief.

I know protocols/procedures can change and patients do not know all that goes on. Oh thing that changed was that I was not allowed to bring my bottle of water in the room with me. I've always been able to have my water in the room with me ..but now regulations by the NRC (Nuclear Radiation Committee) state that the patient can't have any beverage in the same room as the test. I couldn't help but wonder why? I asked the tech and he wasn't sure. So ..he had to bring it out to my friend.

Anyway ... in my case ..needing the large foley bag was pretty basic. I don't think she was understanding the volume I would put out. I hold water, I drank more than 32 oz in fluids up to that point of day and was getting IV fluids and then lasix. I know my body and what happens.

But ..she did get the bag and it all flowed nicely from that point on. Pun intended. :)

I have had this running joke with myself about going for the gold in urine volume. Last year I hit 2100 ccs.

Another year it was 2000 ccs.

Prior to that I didn't keep track. But it was still large foley bag worthy.

But this year ..was only 1800 ccs.

So I went from the silver, to the gold and then down to the Bronze medal of urine output. :)

I don't know how other patients do it without a foley bag ..a large one ..but especially without any bag. ???

Ha! Maybe those patients are the ones who deserve the medals!

I've been there with pelvic ultrasounds when pregnant. You have to drink all this water so that bladder is very full which enables the tech to get a clearer picture. But with the pressure of the baby ...AND ...the pressure of the ultrasound tech pushing on said full ..ready to explode bladder to say it is distressing an understatement.

And it would be cosmic justice if the bladder exploded and urine shot all over the place. I'm just sayin.

Okay ... ... ... ..I ...really ...don't mean that. They are trying to help you.

Holding urine ..unreasonable amounts of urine for extended amounts of time is painfully .....exquisitely uncomfortable.

And then ..the patient had better not have stress incontinence. YIKES! They would surely flood the room before they ever hit the bathroom. Torrents of urine rushing everywhere I tell you! Talk about splash back! Then again ..maybe nuclear medicine and ultrasound are prepared for one such patient. Maybe the first few seconds a large volume of urine hits the floors rafts drop down out from the ceiling ..every tech for themselves. "Man the life rafts!" ;)

A nuclear patient has small (very small amounts according to the techs), of radioactive material injected into them via IV and so the urine is contaminated and has to be contained in a bio hazard bag.

Ha ha! Can't you just see it though? Steel doors bang shut closing off radiology ..keeping the flood contained. Code Yellow (for uro patient disaster) is called and the hospital Hazmat code team is sent to Nuclear medicine for safe clean up. ;)


Chrysalis Angel said...

I can hear the alarms now. Shrieking as the doors bang closed. You are too funny... I hope you get a good report, Seaspray. It's time for some good news.

SeaSpray said...

Amen! :)