Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Theoretically Speaking ;)


Life is quite busy these days ..which means less blogging time. But if you don't see a current post in this blog ..it may be that I have one up in the Positive Medical Blog ..like right now ..I do have one up right now .. a post ..up ..in the Positive medical Blog. ;) The link is also at the top of the side bar in this blog.

Anyway ..if you've ever lost a pair of panties ..you may just want to check
over there. Um ..we don't have said lost panties ..not yours or anyone else's. Of course ..I can't 100% vouch for Lockup Doc since he's away at the moment. But I'm 99.9% sure he doesn't have em either. Actually ..I am 99.99% sure he did not abscond with the panties.

But ...there is an explanation for where they may be. Well ..okay ..not yours or someone else's exact location ..but theoretically speaking. I'm just sayin. ;)

*Some of you may have read about my theory in here, but I there is more to the post over there.

photo credit - one of my favorite places to vacation in NJ. :)

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