Saturday, July 17, 2010

Update, Thoughts and Other Ramblings

Devan, Wrenna and Uncle Chris' finger :) Check out that water clarity. :)

I've been remiss in posting. But I am planning a post soon. I think it is going to be about the 3rd most embarrassing thing that happened to me in my entire life and it happened at work in the hospital. It happened in hot, sticky weather like this and it happened on a Saturday in July. So ..this weather very much reminds me of that day. It seems fitting that I should tell this story. :) Hopefully will be my next post in here.

It's so miserably hot here in the northeast that I can hardly stand to blog. (If only I could blog in the pool. I LOVE that thought. :) Well that is because I have been trying to conserve electricity and NOT use the a/c. But it is going on today. Plus ..I felt bad when Mr SeaSpray came home into a hot house after working all day. I did make him an especially tasty potato salad though ..but then it's not like he could dive into the bowl the middle of the potato salad to cool off. He could go in the pool, but just not usually his thing.

Last month we had an 87.00 dollar electric bill and I was thrilled because we usually go to 200.00 and up and even hit 300.00 during 2 mos in winter. Even in warm weather ..when not using electric heat in the family room, bills are around 150.00 a month, before air conditioning season. We don't have a hot water heater. I do use spotlights outside at night when in pool and other times. We always have 2 box fans running in winter when we sleep and an electric stove and dryer. And while the family room is electric heat ..the rest of the house is heated with oil. I use some energy saver bulbs, but hate them. I don't like the way the light looks that they put out. Really unflattering when doing makeup. But ..I don't like it in other rooms either.
If they are really going to do away with the incandescent bulbs ..I will hoard them. I'll be like in the Seinfeld episode when Elaine ran out and bought all the birth control sponges when she heard they were being discontinued and the guys had to be "sponge worthy" for her to use them.

I will buy as many light bulbs as I can and then people and moments will have to be
light bulb worthy. Well ..I'll have to do it if I want them to last the rest of my life. I'm just sayin. :)
I asked the electric co about changing the meter since it is probably the original with the house and woman at electric company said they would, but our bills might be higher because they are more efficient. But is that true? What if it's wrong because it is old? I decided not to get the new one though.

I've been hanging things out on the line to dry. I love the fresh air smell on sheets. :)

But it will go up this month because we have the a/c on in the bedroom every night, the pool filter running and I probably run it more than necessary. The water had been so crystal clear that I have not had to shock it even once yet. But I keep it chlorinated and am on top of the algeacide and other stuff when needed. And changing the sand really made a difference.

The pool store said it's better not to change sand for 4 or 5 years and will work more efficiently in filtering. No ..we have found that clean sand makes all the difference. This is the second summer using it ... but we will change it next year. I haven't even brought the water in for testing yet this season. Why would I? "It's perfect!", she says ever so proudly. :)
I've also been catching up with friends. I kind of dropped off the radar screen for a few years and am ready to go back out to play and so have been reconnecting. I feel like I owe apologies to some and have some explaining to do. I think the medical issues resolved/healed .. coupled with the loss of friends and loved ones just caused me to want to be off on my own for a bit.

Despite some setbacks these last few yrs ..I actually feel stronger and even more mature in some ways ..wiser. I suppose that's what the challenging times in our lives do for us. Cause us to grow ..even if we do it kicking and screaming as I did in spirit.

Anyway feels really good catching up with my friends.

I feel like I am coming out of an unusual and difficult season in my life. Maybe that sounds strange and I know I am not articulating it well. It's just that so many profound things happened and my life seemed to have been totally turned upside down and shaken around for good measure. I know it's just what happens in life sometimes. But I can't help feeling that it all has to mean something .. a definite change of direction in my life. But I don't know what it is yet. And since I know things usually get better .. I think it will be a new direction for a purpose that I don't yet understand ... but good ..good things.

Does anyone else out there ever think like this? I can't help but to look for the deeper meaning to things.

If we are the accumulation of all past experiences ..and our today ..prepares us for our future ..I can't help but wonder what it all means.

And even though this was a time of shaking my world as I've known it the midst of it ..we were already blessed with Devan 9 years old and now our newest addition to the family ..Wrenna. And we will have another precious little addition in December. :) And other good things have happened during this time as well.

So ...I don't mean to come across negatively. I actually don't feel that way at all. Just pondering some things.
Younger son has been busy spackling his room and will be paining it tonight/tomorrow. He is into photography and will be putting up b&w framed photos. I can't wait to see it when it's done. he's doing a good job. :)
I've been listening to all 80s music on tv. I really like 80s music ..not all but most of it.
Oh I am losing weight ..steadily down now. Yay! And I have to say a post from Ramona's blog "Suture for a Living" has inspired me to walk as much as I can. She shoots for at least 10,000 steps a day. Okay ..I am not there yet, but I walked 2048 steps in the pool the other night and over 2000 yesterday. I also swim and do other things in the pool.

I like it in the pool because it is low impact on my knees. I do have a difficult time with knee pain ..but it's healing. I am finding that I am feeling even better with increased exercise and am sleeping much better and no longer even need to take melatonin or anything to sleep at night.

I don't want to let go of the good feelings I am experiencing.

Thanks for the inspiration Ramona! :)


rlbates said...

Happy to have been an inspiration! The grandbabies are adorable!

Chrysalis Angel said...

Good job working out in the pool, Seaspray!!! I miss ours. It is hot!

SeaSpray said...

Thanks Ramona. I walked even more last night although paying for it this morning. They are ..thank you. :)

SeaSpray said...

Thanks Angel. It is ridiculously hot.

Rositta said...

Oh I wish I had a pool. It has been hot here for over a month now. The central air has hardly stopped running. We were switched to time of day usage this year with the most expensive time of day, you guessed it...between 11 am and 9 pm coming in at 12 cents a kilowatt hour so I expect our bill to be out of this world. Incandescent bulbs will be banned as of 2012 in this Province. I too will have to start hoarding since I am unable to read or knit otherwise plus the fluorescent bulbs give me headaches. Life's tough isn't it...ciao

Lockup Doc said...

SS-I'm glad to hear you say that you think you're coming out of an unusual and difficult season in your life-you're talking like you're moving forward. I think you're inspiring others by talking about what you've been through and how you're open to what new purpose or meaning may be presenting itself to you. Good for you!

Anonymous said...

After calibrating dozens of electric meters I can surely say that an old meter is usually going to save you money. They get dirty and slow down. Clocks with gears work the same way. The oil drys out and dust gets inside on the gears and bearings and they run slow. (I doubt they can ever run fast unless someone puts a magnet near them.)

You can calibrate yours by turning everything off in the house except for an incandescent lamp. Nest, time how long it takes the black mark on the meter disk to go around one time in seconds. Now, divide the "kh" number on the meter nameplate by that number of seconds. Your answer should be the same as the wattage of the lamp. IF it is more, get another meter. You are being over billed. IF it is less, you are getting free power. (The power company may think you are stealing, but it is their responsibility to meter correctly.)

SeaSpray said...

Hi Rositta - Ugh this hot weather has been relentless. I wonder if they have a date set in the us?

I hope you are feeling better.

SeaSpray said...

Thank you Lockup Doc - I am. It just feels like it's time. Not that there aren't concerns (my dear friend)and the usual life things ..but it just feels different a good way different.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Anonymous - Thank you very much for that tip. I hate to unplug everything and reset, but worth it if could prove overcharge ..or learn leave it be.

Thank you very much for the tip. :)