Saturday, August 28, 2010

Need Prayer - PAIN!

Hi to all.

I am requesting prayer and positive thoughts from anyone so inclined because I have been in a steady 7 pain since 11:30ish Friday night and it is 01:52 now and not letting up. I am writhing sitting here, but want to get this out because I know there IS power in prayer.

And another symptom too affecting bladder.

Some of you know I have had a urology history..but I was cleared in June and told I did not need to go back for a year and my renal function was good. (Good news!) So ..i can't possibly be blocked. ??

R flank pain/spasms awful... not let up.

Been drinking water and now sipping steamed mint leaves from garden cause good for digestion.

I am wondering if this could be something else because living on tomatoes. Like eat them all day in all kinds of ways every day.

Then I haven't been in pool cause weather cool and pool water frigid and I just wanted to get in there today and so late this afternoon I made myself go in and it was in 50s ..the water was. But I walked more than 2000 steps, vacuumed pool, then walked, swam and kicked and out. In More than hour and a half.

Then picked vegetables in late afternoon sun and showered shower.

My flank and thighs, etc still cold after hot shower and so maybe I just gave myself an infection or chill?

So ..for those of you inclined to pray ..please know I welcome all prayers and thank you very much.

I really do not want to call anyone ..but I know how this plays out.

I am praying I do not have a kidney stone cause my ureter narrow and would have to be the teeniest tiniest to pass.

And maybe it's tomatoes and I will be embarrassed I posted this in morning.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy News!! :)

Our older son and d-i-l have already blessed us with 2 beautiful grangirls (9 years old and 15 months :)

And now ..they will be blessing our family with a baby boy in December.

We were ecstatic when we heard about a third baby on the way and even more excited at hearing it will be a boy. I do believe God gives you exactly who you are meant to have and of course would love any baby and being healthy is what matters most of all. And all babies are a gift from above and a blessing to love and enjoy.

We have an uncle out in MN who had a farm and had always wanted a boy. They got 4 beautiful girls. Then later in life ..they did get their boy. :)

I was watching the girls while they were out getting the ultra sound. I tried to read their faces as I watched them walk in. D-i-l looked serene and son had his head down texting to someone.

So when they came in, son was grinning from ear to ear and I said "It's a boy!"

He said "No."

"Then it's a girl?"


Then observing his ear to ear grin "Wait a minute ..I know my son's a boy ..I see that grin."

And then they were all smiles and said "Yes." :)

They also have a female chocolate lab.

Now son won't be surrounded only by estrogen ..still out numbered ..but not surrounded. ;)

But they will BOTH always be outnumbered by the kids.

A friend who had 3 kids told me that once.

She said "When you have 3 kids parent is ALWAYS out numbered."

And Christmas time too. It's going to be an extra special holiday. :)

And I think this is kind of neat. the doctor delivering their son ..delivered my younger son. It was his first couple of months on board with my main OB/GYN when I met him in the latter months of my pregnancy and he assisted with the C-section.

And my older son ..then 7... met this doctor when he was in the room with me to hear the baby's heartbeat.

Small world.

And all these years ..that doc has had a poster size picture I took of him holding younger son ..framed and hanging on his main office door. This year was the first time I saw it moved to the hallway ..but it is starting to warp a bit under the frame. I have to say was an EXCELLENT picture of him and I am sure is why he liked it. You know ..the kind of picture that stands out from all the rest? Really good.

I had also taken a picture of my main doc (Just as good) and he had recently lost a lot of weight and so wanted the negative to it. I gave him that and a 5x7. He looked great! But ..he already had one of him in scrubs in the delivery room holding a new baby ..hanging poster size on his door.

And of course our precious son was adorable in the pictures and I was thrilled they liked the pics so much.

Now ... it's our son and d-i-l's turn.

I do miss those days though and would do it again in a heartbeat.

But, I do love being a young grandmother (I was 45 when our first granddaughter was born)and I hope we have many, many years with them all. I say young, because my maternal grandmother was 72 when I was born and my paternal grandmothers were even older and so I did not have much time with my maternal grandmother. And unfortunately paternal ones were out of my life because of the divorce and we left MA and moved to NJ. My Paternal great-grandmother lived to almost 103. (I do hope I have those genes :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Conversation in the Chair...
Photo Credit

One of the purposes of this blog is that I get to vent about my medical experiences and it definitely helps. :)

It never fails.

As soon as I open the inside door ...that odor ... the one unique to any dental office I've ever been in ...assaults my mind at the first inhale. It sets the tone for what is to come.

Dental anxiety officially activated.

I am usually a social creature in any medical office waiting room. But, today I realized that I don't do any chatting with any patients ..ever, when in the dentist's office. Instead I go as far away as I can and actually round the corner of the waiting room and sit in the chair farthest away and right near the window. Today, I had the thought that the window could be my great escape route.

And I was only in for a checkup and cleaning.


After waiting a bit, I went up to the desk to let them know I was using the rest room. The hygienist was there and said "Take your time." I said "Thank you and no rush to get me in ..I have a good book with me."

WHAT was I thinking?

Stalling only prolongs the inevitable and I DON'T like being in the dentist office ..even with the pretty decor and wide screen HD TV.

This SeaSpray apparently has a very strong trait of denial capability coursing through her veins.

(When my labor stalled with my first child, they put me on the Pitocin to get my contractions going. After a bit the nurse came in and asked me if the contractions were getting stronger. I was comfortably propped up, flipping magazine pages ...while sucking on my little lemon lollipop when I assuredly said "Oh yes ...they are." Bold faced lie on my part. But one born out of abject fear that came over me in that instant. And the nurse came back in not long after and increased it. But I digress.)

Then I was called in.

Frankly ...I think the right of passage into any ..and I do mean any dental office exam room matter what is being done ...should be that you are given a whiff of the nitrous oxide before entering right at the doorway. Okay ..I know that probably isn't the best way to go. The patient should be sitting in the dental chair first. Then give the laughing gas. I think all patients should be able to laugh their way through a dental appointment. Being an amnesiac or knocking you out would be good too.

(I had it once when I was 14. I don't remember laughing though. I inhaled in a mask and then I woke up when it was over. I don't know why he gave it to me because I never had anything bigger than a root canal done.)

Anyway ...this laughing gas I speak of should be mandatory upon sitting in the chair, I say.

Waking up when the work is done would be great. Then no one would ever have to have anxiety over the dental office experience.

18 sets of x-rays today. I don't remember ever getting that many in one sitting. She said they do it every 5 yrs. They never did it with me. Just the usual amount. I was wondering if I had the world's tiniest mouth having to accommodate the world's largest card board thingies. Sorry ..don't know what they call them. X-ray cards?

The reason I am afraid of even the checkup is because you never know when the hygienist will probe a SENSITIVE spot with that God awful instrument she uses. Like Russian roulette. The suspense is awful and I brace for the moment ..fingers ready to gouge into the chair.

(I have found that it helps if I breathe through some urology procedures. Okay it's always good to breathe. I mean using a breathing technique like when in labor. Actually, it was my urologist who first suggested it when I was having a difficult time relaxing. Hey ...I can certainly relax with the best of em ...but not when it involves my urethra ..I'm just saying. So breathing like that enabled me to focus on breathing and not discomfort and I relaxed... as much as one can in that situation. It worked like a charm. )

Somehow though ...I think that would be counterproductive during a dental procedure. But what can you do for distraction in the dental chair?

The following is the initial conversation between the hygienist and me today:

Me - "Hi."

Hygienist - "Hi ..are you ready?"

"What IS that odor that I smell every time I walk in to this office?" (Great conversation starter SeaSpray. Insult the staff about the office when they have dental tools at their disposal.)

"Odor? I never smell anything."

"I smell it in every dental office. (Good ..diffuse the insult) You're probably used to it."

"Maybe it's the cloths. They have a strong smell" (I think she said cloths ..but I let it go. So I still don't know what it is.)

Hygienist - "So! Are you still nursing?"

Me - "Nursing? Oh ..I haven't nursed in years!"


"Wait a minute aren't talking about breastfeeding are you?"


"Are you thinking I'm a nurse?"


"Oh n-o-o-o ...I pushed the papers for the ER."

Now laughing ..."I was WONDERING ...because my older son just turned 30 and my younger one will be 22 soon. I was gonna say! But I would do it all again in a heartbeat if I could."

Simultaneous laughing she came at me with the scaling instrument and so the Dental Roulette began.

But actually ..the hearty laughter DID relax me considerably first... then I braced.

There is something to be said for the positive effects of laughter.

And per my dentist "Everything looks good."

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ideas Anyone?

Ha ha! So ..I am not the only one without ideas. So apropos for my dry spell in blogging.

I LOVE that Peterman guy! :)

Must really hurt to be shot with rubber band like that. OUCH! So funny though. :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

If You Appreciate Exquisite Medical Humor - and also Writer's Block Opposite World
Photo credit

I highly recommend the "A Cartoon Guide to Becoming a Doctor" blog and comments. :)

I just left the following comment in "A Cartoon Guide to Becoming a Doctor" blog.

"I have been blogging for 3 3/4 yrs now and for the 1st time have really hit a *Forest Gump stops running* period in my desire to blog. I have written things that I am not posting and just don't feel it. Ideas have almost always flowed and now the well feels so dry."

The thing that drew me into the medical blogosphere was the exquisite medical humor.

Thanks for sharing these. Your work put me back in touch with why I love the med blogs ..the humor. And other things ..but humor my favorite. :)"

It's true.

I feel like I have just stopped.

I am forcing myself to stay seated at the computer even now. It feels stifling. I don't have the patience to read or write.

I LOVE to read the blogs! I LOVE to write! I have written my entire life notebooks, random pieces of paper or even napkins if a thought was important enough to record. I feel things when I write. I just don't feel it now.

I have been handwriting in a journal ..but that is for another project.

But it's like a blogging switch was turned off. Night and day difference.

That being said ...I recently created another blog ..which is set to private for now and already thinking of ditching that too. Ugh! Restless I tell you .. RESTLESS!

And I've been busy (good busy - fun busy- it is the end of summer ..almost) and distracted. I feel like I have the attention span of a gnat. And I have it on personal authority that gnats don't like to blog. ;)

I just remembered that I heard someone say once that when we get that restless feeling ..when things just don't feel right ..God is setting you up for a change in your life. Indeed ..there are some things I am considering.

Anyway .. I thoroughly enjoyed the cartoons in "A Cartoon Guide to Becoming a Doctor" blog. The humor does remind me of what drew me into the med blogosphere in the first place. This blog is at the top of my blogroll. (Always a good idea to beginning your blog with an "A" because it will be toward the top of the list if alphabetical.)

And Fizzy's blog was an inspiration to get me to post this and I look forward to reading the entire blog. :)

And maybe coming out and stating that I can't write ..will activate opposite world in me. The one where when I state ..I will post on a certain topic or specific post rarely gets published. Maybe now that I said I can't write ..I will go in opposite world and write.

I hope so.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

By the Sea

photo credit unknown

I'm still on blogging break, but came across this picture and just had to share it. Too funny!

But ..ohhhh I'd LOVE to blog by the ocean ..right on the beach an Adirondack chair ...with a favorite beverage du jour ... close to the crashing waves ...becoming one with the rhythm of the sea ..inspired.



Sea shells.

Salt air.

Sea gulls.

Sea breeze.

Sea mist.

Sea spray.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Blogging Break!

Dear adoring SeaSpray fans, (Ahem a girl can dream ;) I will be breaking from the blogosphere for awhile. I had hoped to get another post up in here before I left, but it didn't work out that way.

I've got other things needing my attention, ..goals to focus on and fit some summer things in too.

I have pre-written some posts for the Positive Medical Blog that will still go up. The link for that blog is on my upper sidebar. And there are many things to read through in the links below or previous posts. And if anyone leaves a comment ..I will answer them when I return.

Thank you for stopping by to read and I hope you all enjoy the rest of the summer. :)