Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy News!! :)

Our older son and d-i-l have already blessed us with 2 beautiful grangirls (9 years old and 15 months :)

And now ..they will be blessing our family with a baby boy in December.

We were ecstatic when we heard about a third baby on the way and even more excited at hearing it will be a boy. I do believe God gives you exactly who you are meant to have and of course would love any baby and being healthy is what matters most of all. And all babies are a gift from above and a blessing to love and enjoy.

We have an uncle out in MN who had a farm and had always wanted a boy. They got 4 beautiful girls. Then later in life ..they did get their boy. :)

I was watching the girls while they were out getting the ultra sound. I tried to read their faces as I watched them walk in. D-i-l looked serene and son had his head down texting to someone.

So when they came in, son was grinning from ear to ear and I said "It's a boy!"

He said "No."

"Then it's a girl?"


Then observing his ear to ear grin "Wait a minute ..I know my son's a boy ..I see that grin."

And then they were all smiles and said "Yes." :)

They also have a female chocolate lab.

Now son won't be surrounded only by estrogen ..still out numbered ..but not surrounded. ;)

But they will BOTH always be outnumbered by the kids.

A friend who had 3 kids told me that once.

She said "When you have 3 kids parent is ALWAYS out numbered."

And Christmas time too. It's going to be an extra special holiday. :)

And I think this is kind of neat. the doctor delivering their son ..delivered my younger son. It was his first couple of months on board with my main OB/GYN when I met him in the latter months of my pregnancy and he assisted with the C-section.

And my older son ..then 7... met this doctor when he was in the room with me to hear the baby's heartbeat.

Small world.

And all these years ..that doc has had a poster size picture I took of him holding younger son ..framed and hanging on his main office door. This year was the first time I saw it moved to the hallway ..but it is starting to warp a bit under the frame. I have to say was an EXCELLENT picture of him and I am sure is why he liked it. You know ..the kind of picture that stands out from all the rest? Really good.

I had also taken a picture of my main doc (Just as good) and he had recently lost a lot of weight and so wanted the negative to it. I gave him that and a 5x7. He looked great! But ..he already had one of him in scrubs in the delivery room holding a new baby ..hanging poster size on his door.

And of course our precious son was adorable in the pictures and I was thrilled they liked the pics so much.

Now ... it's our son and d-i-l's turn.

I do miss those days though and would do it again in a heartbeat.

But, I do love being a young grandmother (I was 45 when our first granddaughter was born)and I hope we have many, many years with them all. I say young, because my maternal grandmother was 72 when I was born and my paternal grandmothers were even older and so I did not have much time with my maternal grandmother. And unfortunately paternal ones were out of my life because of the divorce and we left MA and moved to NJ. My Paternal great-grandmother lived to almost 103. (I do hope I have those genes :)


Dominic A. Carone, PhD, ABPP-CN said...

Hey Seaspray. Long time no chat! I just wanted to let you know that the MedFriendly Blog is back at, with some exciting new news about fast food nutrition. Hopefully, you'll come back to visit regularly and let others know about this new development. We also have a MedFriendly facebook fan page now too, with a link on the main home page. Congrats on your happy news by the way! Enjoy the weekend.

SeaSpray said...

Hey ..DOMININC! I'm glad to hear you are back! Thanks for the congrats. :)

Yes ..I will be over to check your site out. I was wondering where you were? :)

Hope you have a great weekend too! :)

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