Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Blue Palms

Last night ...just before bed I was about to wash up for the night and much to my dismay I noticed that the palms of my hands were a bluish cast. I did a double take. SeaSpray Alarm-o-meter beginning to rev up ...I flipped both hands over to look at my nails. They seemed to be a normal hue.

I have 4 fairly bright lights over the bathroom mirror and so I do have good lighting in there. I looked at my palms again ...and they were frighteningly looking like I was losing circulation.

Alarm-o-meter needle rising now.

"Oh no! Maybe THIS time I really did it! Are they cyanotic?! (Remember people - I don't have a medical license) I should've gotten up to walk around. I sat at the computer too long. These jeans are too tight to sit in one position too long. I really should've gotten up to walk around!"

I have an awful habit of sitting ..with out moving much or getting up ..for long periods of time. I don't do it intentionally. I just get lost in thought ..either with writing or reading. Time flies by. And I had been writing a post for PMB and lost my writing mojo in the middle of it My brain went blank and so I do what I always do when that happens ..I perused the web. Hence at the computer too long verses getting up to do something else and moving around. I eventually pulled it together and posted.

Back to my palms.

They were seriously not a good color for the human body to have. Maybe for a smurf ...but not for a human and as much as I love blue doesn't look good as a skin tone on me. This would've scared anyone. You had to see them I tell you.

"Maybe I should go take 4 baby aspirin? No pain and breathing normal."

Then I looked at my lips.

"Okay ..good color there. "

Back at my hands ...still not feeling good about the color, but decided to wash them. And what do you think happened?

The blue all washed off!

They pinked right up!

"What the heck?" she asked ...perplexed yet greatly relieved.

Blue jeans! It was from my jeans.

SeaSpray Alarm-o-meter back down to zero. :)

Evidently, as I was mulling over what to write ...I must've been rubbing my knees and thighs and the blue transferred onto my hands. I have that habit when I am siting for a long time. I think my body gets bored or restless and so I have these little behaviors where I am moving something on my upper body.

But these jeans have been washed and so I must've just been really deep in thought, oblivious to my actions.

Thankfully it was the dye and not die ...God forbid!

Can I use tired as my defense?