Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dog/Pet Talk
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Just a bit more about adopting a dog.

I am disappointed that we won't be getting the dog in previous post. It was like spotting the love of your life at first site. Of course if that were true and it was meant to be ...we'd be getting her. I have been looking on line and she was it.

I know you have to pay shelters a fee ...but I think 150.00 - 300.00 is way too much. I know they have to transport the animals from the south and then there is the food, shots, and neutering and spaying- if the puppy is old enough.

We would do all that.

And last night I looked again. I was looking for local shelters. It seems many of the animals are shipped up from the Carolina's. I'm not sure why that is. Especially since NJ is the most densely populated state. You'd think ..more pets ..more people.

And ..when I was trying to place one of my mother's cats back in November 2008 ...the shelters were all full and they all said the poor economy was having an impact and people were turning in there pets. Now the economy is worse. They were the lucky ones because people also just abandon them on the road. THAT is so very CRUEL! And dangerous for the pet or oncoming cars.

Oh and a while back there was an article about a local farm that ends up with a lot of abandoned pets. I guess people figure they have room for one more on the farm.

And what about the poor animals being ripped away from their families ..their people?

I know there are desperate situations ...but don't leave them without a way to be fed and safe.

There was this beautiful 8 yr old shepherd in one of the sites and her owner had to surrender her. Well behaved, walks well on a leash. I can imagine that was hard on both the dog and her people.

I love German Shepherds and we had to have ours ..Bob put down last January. I haven't blogged about it yet and may do a series on our dogs ..from the beginning to present. We have cats too.

And we had Iguanas (Godzilla & Rex), a Russian hamster, a white mouse (I did not like because it bit me), salamanders, chameleons (Hated feeding them those ugly beige crickets),beta fish and gold fish, and from outside, snakes, turtles, bird, and frogs. Oh and the ant farm. (What was I thinking with that one?)

I don't know why ..but I liked putting the iguanas on my head and then walking around or on the sliding door screen. I'm lucky they didn't christen me with some body function substance!

Anyway ...where are the people with puppies in a box outside a local store?

I was thinking of calling a local pound where I know the animals are euthanized. I know someone there. I was thinking I could let her know I am looking for a puppy or dog now.

Mr SeaSpray knows I really liked these two puppy sisters, but I don't think he realizes how intent I feel about this now. He misses Bob ..but also likes the freedom of not having a dog.

So's another one of those things that I will give to God because he knows what's out there and a good match for our family and has perfect timing.

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