Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ican'thearyouitis -It's Contagious!


I was standing at the sink getting dishes for the dishwasher when Mr SeaSpray walked in from work. I also had the TV on in the family room and music playing loudly from the living room... opposite ends of the house.

After a quick kiss on the lips and a sort of hug - me just leaning into him because of my wet hands and his grocery filled hands ...he put some things in the refrigerator and then walked into the family room to watch the evening news.

Since my hands were all wet and because I didn't want to have to stop and dry them (well you know ..that's extra work ;), I hollered over the music and TV while simultaneously firmly pointing into the family room ...like I discovered land or something: "Can you get my mug for me?"

"What? A HUG?", asked a perplexed looking Mr SeaSpray.

"No ..my MUG! Can you get my mug I left in there?"

"O-h-h-h ..I was WONDERING why you had to have a hug over there. ??"

We Laughed. :)

So it must've been the Ican'thearyouitis striking again.

Because it was my turn next.

By the end of the afternoon ...my bladder was feeling aching and irritated from the stent and so after kitchen was cleaned up and dinner on ...I decided it would be nice to blog a bit ..off my feet and coffee at my side. And so I did.

But then Mr SeaSpray was wondering about dinner and so I stopped and told him not much longer. But ..then a few minutes after that... he was wondering about the vegetables on the stove. Mr SeaSpray was hungry and he was holding off on a snack because dinner was coming out in 18 minutes. I thought he could see the timer. THEN ..while that set ..I would put the vegetables in the microwave.

Admittedly, I was frustrated because I couldn't hear what else he was saying and I had just wanted to sit down and relax until the timer went off. So ..I got up ...went into the kitchen and I was a little annoyed ...stating that the stent was bothering me today and (Did I say?) that I just wanted to rest a bit.

So as I walked past him and feeling frustrated, I said: "This stent is really BOTHERING my bladder today."

"Take it out."

Then my raised ... in rapid machine gun fire voice spewed out: "NO! I DON'T want this stent OUT! I DON'T want my ureter to CLOSE UP and I DON'T want the surgery NOW!"

"N-o-o-o ..I didn't say take your STENT out! I said when are you taking the DINNER o-u-t?"

I commented ..with a slight chuckle that I had just done the same thing he did earlier with misunderstanding what was said. I think it's funnier now, but was admittedly testy feeling by that point and so I didn't quite appreciate the humor in the moment.

Can I blame peri-menopausal hormones? Or the stent? My bladder? All of it? None of it?

I will apologize in the morning. Mr SeaSpray didn't deserve to have me snap at him like that. It really isn't my norm.


StorytellERdoc said...

Hey stranger! Thoroughly enjoyed you sharing this little tidbit of an evening between you and Mr. SS. You really nailed it at the hug, though, when he got home and your hands were wet. Pictured it immediately and it made me smile.

P.S. Go get the stent out! LOL

Hope you are well, friend.

Chrysalis Angel said...

Well, you have a lot on your mind. It's pretty hard to focus when you are uncomfortable.

Reminds me of Abbott and Costello. Did I spell their names right???:)

SeaSpray said...

Hey Jim! Thank you. A compliment coming from you "the writer" is always appreciated. :)

Regarding the stent ..wish I could ..but also want to stay open. need to stay open til winter no matter what.

I hope all is well with you too.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Angel - Actually it is ..some times more than others. yes you are correct with spelling. i love that one ..who, what where. One of the funniest ..most clever ever. :)

WarmSocks said...

I can so relate to the wet-hands half-hug! Good description.

I think that dinosaur (Ican'thearyouitis - or should it be -asaurus?) lives in my house, too.

Medical problems are no fun at all! Hope yours doesn't cause any more trouble. Hang in there.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Warm Socks - You don't realize how valuable perfect health is until you deal with a serious issue and/or chronic. I took it all for granted. When nothing hurts or bothers you ..you don't think about it. Then one day you realize "Wow .. this isn't going away. I wish I felt like I used to." And I know ..I will never take my good health for granted again. Now I am trying to reverse some of the bad habits that got me there. Food, lack of consistent exercise and poor sleep habits, i,e, burn the candle at both ends.

The ureter thing ..well that is our of my control. ;(

But ..I tell everyone DRINK PLENTY OF WATER to avoid kidney stones!

If I never got that stone ...NONE of the uro stuff would've happened.

Dinosaur or dinoasauras? I don't know but funny. :)

Thanks for stopping by.

WarmSocks said...

Drink plenty of water! You're a bit late with that warning. I think I have a kidney stone or ten now. Increased risk due to one of my meds. Hurts, but nothing I can do about it other than drink more. sigh I think my eyeballs are going to float!

Have a great weekend :)

SeaSpray said...

Warm Socks - What do you do for/with the kidney stones?!! Do you pass them? TEN?!! YIKES! Do you know the size?

It was my first, one and only kidney stone that got stuck in my ureter and caused all this damage and is why I am in the predicament I am in now.

Good that you are a water drinker.

I'm sorry about the stones.

So do they just sit there? Do they watch them?

Have a good weekend too. :)

WarmSocks said...

I don't know for sure that I have them. I think it do. The aching in my back is about the right spot. Out of the blue I'll feel like I've been stabbed, then the pain rips downward almost exactly like pix of kidneys/ureter location, and the next time I use the bathroom after that, there's blood in my urine. Then it goes away. That's happened a few times. It hurts, but I can live with it (since I don't have any choice). I saw my doctor about it a month or two ago, and of course things were crystal clear at that time.

So I don't have an exact count or size, or even know for sure that's what I'm dealing with. I've already had appointments with three different doctors this month, so I'd prefer not to go in again unless it's truly necessary. You're right in saying that people don't truly appreciate good health until it's gone.

I've talked to a few people and it sounds like I could go have a bunch of expensive tests, and even if it turns out that I have kidney stones, all they'll really do is give pain meds and tell me to drink more water and wait for the stones to pass. Surgery would mean going off my RA meds, and I have this funny desire to continue walking and dressing myself, so I'm going to keep taking those pills and decline surgery unless things become unbearable.

If I start running a fever, then I'll go see my doctor again, but I'm really trying to avoid doing that.

Sorry so long :)
Sounds like my family just got home, so I'm headed to the kitchen to fix them lunch. Have a super weekend!

SeaSpray said...

I don't blame you Warm Socks for avoiding what you can. I totally understand.

I'm sorry you have RA. My neighbor has it but went into remission. I know she had some bad days though ..usually followed with excessive activity ..like a major chore ..cleaning the basement, etc.

You could never write anything too long in here. I usually write long comments. :)