Sunday, September 19, 2010

Iguana On My Head ..Fox Around Their Necks?

In the previous post I mentioned that we had 2 iguanas, T-rex and Godzilla. Actually they belonged to our older son when he was in middle school. As you can see in the photo above ...they were in constant need of being chaperoned. ;)

T-Rex was actually T-Rexella. ;) I'm kidding was T-rex ...although I don't know what gender they were.

Anyway previous post I mentioned that I liked to put them on my head and walk with them. We all put them on our head. Well ..not Mr SeaSpray.

I don't know exactly *why* we did. Maybe because we could? And it was funny how they would just stay there.

Evidently seems to be a popular past time of iguana owners because as I was perusing the Internet, I came across several pictures of people with guessed it .. an iguana on their head.

Well ... here is a SeaSpray proverb: A live iguana on your head is better than a dead fox around your neck. ;)

I tried to find a picture of a (hard to believe it was fashionable to wear), Fox shoulder wrap. I think it must've been back in the 30s or 40s not sure. I saw a picture with my grandmother wearing one. But was the entire fox! I mean the fluffy tail connecting closed to the mouth! Why the world did they think sporting a dead animal ..that LOOKS like a DEAD animal around their neck was fashionable? I will try to find that picture sometime.

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Dr. Deb said...

The local art store has a framer who "wears" his Iguana every day to work. At first, it surprised and stunned me. Now I am so used to seeing Charlie that I greet him too.

SeaSpray said...

Ha ha! That's funny Dr Deb!

Yeah,it must just be the thing to do if one owns an iguana. We didn't know that other people did this.

I do wonder though ..why people get the thought in the first place to put the iguana on their head? :)

Thanks for sharing that story. :)