Friday, September 17, 2010


Oh ...How I WISH We Could Adopt This Dog!!!

Her name is Amber, but since she is only 8 or so weeks old ..I would change her name.

She is perfect! EXACTLY the dog for me. I know the guys would love her too. I showed my guys and I saw their eyes soften. My heart cries out for her ...but it is not meant to be or we'd be able to get her.

I have been looking at dogs on, type in my zip code and voila ..all these beautiful animals ..but these are the two I am drawn to a magnet. Well first I saw her sister Gracie ..very similar in looks. She got adopted.

I e-mailed about this one yesterday and she is available. YAY! For 300.00! UGH! Forget that! Not possible at this time. 250.00 plus 50 for spaying.

We always spay or neuter our pets.

I think it would especially do me a world of good to be able to bond with a puppy or an adult dog in need of a home. I am home and have time to housebreak a puppy. I could cuddle her and have fun teaching her and playing with her. And puppies ..well their little round bellies and puppy breath .. ah...p-u-p-p-i-e-s. Just the thought of them gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. I want to feel warm and fuzzy and have another focus.

A puppy right now would truly be just the thing. :)

I know J would be resistant ..but I also know he misses Bob. And Chris who was wasn't ready for another dog right after Bob died seemed to like her. I saw their eyes soften and really look at her... like maybe they would be ready now too. Maybe.

I definitely am!

A dog is a welcome addition and completes a home in my opinion. They are wonderful companions. Four legged blessings filled with years of love and loyalty for their family. In our family ..our dogs are family to us. Just a little more hairy is all with the peculiar habit of walking on all fours. ;)

And when I am healing would be great to have a sweet dog in the house. It is a known fact that pets help lower blood pressure and are good for mental health in people and aid in promoting healing because of the good vibes they evoke in people.

I will just have to trust that when the time is right ..someone will pop up in our everyday life ..knowing of an animal in need of a good home ...or a stray will come by.

I just really hope it is soon.

I really liked these dogs because they are retriever/shepherd mixes and I love those breeds. I want a female if possible because I feel they are more manageable... earlier than a male is and a bit smaller. None of our females ever pulled on a leash. As a matter of fact ..we didn't even need leashes ..even when walking the girls on the road.

I love all kinds of dogs. But something about this puppy and her sister just drew me right in. And I am all for adopting adult dogs too. We took in two adult dogs in the past. Mollie ..a Border Collie and Sprocket ..a short Springer Spaniel. And a couple of puppies along the way. :)

These puppies look like they will be a good size. Sprocket looked like a springer spaniel with short legs and that is as small as I would want to go. Mid size to moderately large or large is what I'd like to get.

And Bob ...he was like our shadow off leash ..but because he had a strong prey instinct and came from a lineage with high marking Schutzund training ..we could not chance that he would not go after another animal or possibly a person if he perceived a threat of any kind.

I would take her in a HEARTBEAT!

They look like little bears and I think will be fluffy or could have the course shepherd hair. (a lot of vacuuming again - both breeds shed relentlessly)


StorytellERdoc said...

What a beautiful puppy, SS! Four years ago, when my mother passed, we got Ruby, our beautiful pure white lab, and she helped us all to get through some sad times. She is an awesome addition to our family and we don't know what we would do without her presence in our house.

Hope you are well.

Anonymous said...

That puppy is too cute. Having a puppy (or dog) is one of life's simple pleasures that brings a lot of joy (and my dog is bad!). Halfway through my chemo treatments, when I was getting so tired of it all, I found a puppy dumped by the train tracks. It was such a sweet, unexpected blessing. I didn't keep her (I have 2 dogs), but I fostered her until I found her a home a few days later.

Chrysalis Angel said...

I see a puppy in your future. Just's around the clock in the beginning of potty training...just like a baby.


rlbates said...

Adorable puppy!

SeaSpray said...

I am sorry about your Mom Jim. Ruby sounds beautiful. Labs are great dogs and the kids must have fun with her and she I am sure has fun with the kids.

Ruby was my mother's name and I was considering that depending on the dog and I know some people might think it was odd to name a dog after Mom, but I know for a fact she would LOVE it! She lived for animals. But could also be bittersweet for me and I guess I will know at the time ..if we ever find a dog.

A dog's presence in the house really adds to making a house a home. They are work sometimes ..but they have so much love to give and each family member has their own relationship with them.

Thanks for your well wishes. I wish the same for you too. :)

SeaSpray said...

High Stephanie - I 100% agree with you. I have to have surgery fairly soon and I think it would feel good to have a puppy or dog in our home to keep me company. I have family and friends, but dogs have such a presence and I love how they will just stay right near you. And holding or petting them ..and having a positive focus is therapeutic even.

It was kind of you to rescue and foster the puppy.

Thanks for stopping by. :)

SeaSpray said...

Ho Angel - I know. If it is going to be a puppy ..then we need to do it in fall so she is housebroken by the time surgery rolls around.

But since I am home and not working ..I can give her all the attention she needs.

Somewhere out there there has to be a puppy or dog for us.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Ramona ..she is. I went back into petfinder and no other dogs appeal to me as much as she or her sister Gracie do.

She has all the things I like about a dog. I love the shepherd/retriever mix. I do want a girl this time ..although we wanted a female shepherd and got Bob ...One of the best dogs ever. A handful when he was a teenager and then good ol' Bob as he matured. :)

Chrysalis Angel said...

That's what I did, Seaspray. I got the puppy before my one surgery and had him potty trained before I even went under.

If you don't get this little one, look in the paper for free ones. I have never had to buy a puppy. Good luck what ever you all decide.

SeaSpray said...

I did look in the paper. Nothing!

Bob was the only dog we ever had to pay for.

I guess when meant to be will be.

I appreciate your input. :)