Monday, October 25, 2010

35 Years Ago...

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Wow! Thirty Five years married ...35.

We were married on a rainy, Saturday afternoon. October 25th, 1975 at 2pm at the First Presbyterian Church of Franklin ..the church my husband grew up in be exact.

Well actually was supposed to be at 2pm and everyone was waiting ...and waiting ..and waiting. Mr SeaSpray and the ushers were up front at the alter. The guests were all seated. Everyone was waiting ...I am guessing ...wondering where I was....

I was disappointed it was so gloomy and rainy... but I was so excited and happy ...filled with expectant anticipation. Others were nervous and I was not. Not even an ounce of nervousness. Just looking forward to the great day ahead.

While I was getting my hair done, the beautician told me it was good luck if it rained on my wedding day. I still would've taken my chances with the sunshine though. Although I liked the thought. :)

And it was pouring when we had to leave and I had a satin dress and so spots showed. My Aunt Janet told me not to sit on my dress.

So we were all inside, before 2pm.

We were all there. My Aunt and Uncle and the bridesmaids.

My life long friend , since I was four and she was five ...Iris, was my matron of honor. I had been her maid of honor the previous year. My cousin Lee, and friend Joyce were my bridesmaids. My Uncle Hector was giving me away. He was Lee's father. He and Aunt Janet took me into their home to live when I was 14. They gave me a wonderful home life. They gave me our wedding.

So we were all standing there and I was as happy as could be and as cool as a cucumber. No nervousness whatsoever.

And then Aunt Janet yelled at me. "PATRICIA! I TOLD you NOT to sit on your wedding dress. It's all WRINKLED now!"

Then I cried. Fortunately, my tears were brief. I was just wanting to walk down the aisle ...but there we stood ... for what seemed an eternity. I think it was 10- 15 minutes past the hour and my aunt and uncle were getting annoyed. Then ...finally uncle opened the vestibule door to see what the hold up was. The little old man, that worked for the church ...forgot to open the vestibule doors. Or was it that my uncle ...or someone should've thought to open them just a crack let the little old man know we were all there ...ready and waiting? And we did have a wedding rehearsal the night before, but I don't recall that end of it. Evidently none of us did. :)

I felt exhilarated while walking down the aisle and I remember all the smiling faces ...but most of all ...I remember Mr SeaSpray. :) He later told me he thought I was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. I was only 20 and he was 24. We had dated 3 years to the month and then there we were ...sharing our wedding day. :)

They say something always goes wrong at a wedding ...even though you plan. My bridal bouquet was supposed to be trailing a bit more and was shorter than I had picked out. My cousin's basket was filled too high and when she shifted while standing ..the water leaked out onto the floor. An our neighbors had a car accident on the way to the reception. Thankfully they were alright, but never made it up to the reception.

I was so disappointed to learn that the free lance photographer only had 7 wedding pictures to present to us for our photo album. 7! It turned out that the synchronization of his flash was off and the pictures didn't turn out and the color was off in some of the pictures he did have.

Other people that took pictures gave us copies, but oddly many of them had problems with their cameras. Ha ha! I guess we broke the cameras!

I just found these very small, poor quality pictures in a drawer while organizing on Sunday and thought I'd share them. They blurred with enlargement.

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Mr SeaSpray's mother standing next to me and his grandmother next to him.

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Our first dance was to the song by Chicago, "Color My World" and the lyrics are as follows:

As time goes on
I realize
Just what you mean
To me
And now
Now that you're near
Promise your love
That I've waited to share
And dreams
Of our moments together
Color my world with hope of loving you

It wasn't my favorite song, but was popular at the time. The idea actually came from a coworker. I would've chosen something different for sure ... if I had known the band only played instrumental music.

Anyone familiar with the song, knows how repetitive the music is ..over and over again...and dancing to that seemed so monotonous. It just was not the song to choose without the lyrics being sung. My Aunt and Uncle chose the band because one of the guy's parents was friends with the family. His parents and my mother and Aunt and Uncles all knew each other from childhood and so it was a given his band would be picked. And they were good ...except they didn't sing. Actually ..he paid his way through med school playing in that band and became an Obstetrician in a larger hospital not far from here. I didn't know him well, but had always liked him when we met at family barbecues. And they did a great job at our wedding. It was a fun night.

We had our reception in the Glen Brook Inn, up in Wantage. It was a rustic restaurant, lots of wood and cathedral ceilings and it was a popular place with weddings at the time, but not as expensive as Perona Farms and some other places. And I just LOVED that the bridal party table was located right in front of the large windows taking up almost the entire back wall, from which we could see the fall foliage, mixed with pine and cedar trees and especially the beautiful brook coursing through the rocks at the base of the mountain. It was beautiful ...creating the perfect setting for our fall wedding reception. And there were lights illuminating the brook at night.

The ambiance was warm and cozy for a chilly fall night. Good food, sharing our joy with family and friends and lots of dancing. And my Uncle Jim seemed to take special delight in clanking his utensil on the glasses ...just as we had a mouth full of food. He had that impish grin every time ...knowing we'd have to rush to finish the food so we could kiss while every one joined in and watched us. My mother always said I was a tease like my Uncle Jim. She was right. I definitely have some of his genes in me. :)

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Encouraged by our guests and Uncle Jim's genes, I intentionally shoved a big piece of cake in Mr SeaSpray's mouth. ;)
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Mr SeaSpray on the other hand was gentle about it. :)


Mr SeaSpray's aunt an uncle stopped at our houses so we could change out of our wedding attire, before heading to Newark to catch a plane. Just as we got into the car when leaving his house ...his little 7 year old cousin, Jackie ... no doubt prompted by his uncle ... hollered out, "Don't do anything I wouldn't do!" Funny! Obviously he didn't know what he was saying. :)

We honeymooned in Paradise Island, Bahamas.

We didn't stay in the fancy hotel on the Island, but in a small motel ..The Beach Inn. It was pretty. My favorite thing about the motel was that our room had large sliding doors that opened up to white sand, palm and casuarina trees, our own little beach hut away from the sun and a view of the ocean. It was amazing to step outside our door and have all of this as our back yard. We practically had the beach to ourselves all week. Most people were located closer to the outdoor bar and restaurant. I loved the French cuisine at night. :)

About mid week there was a hurricane in the area and so we did have a couple of days of winds, rain and rough water. But the rough water was more exciting and we could body surf better. The rain didn't bother us since we were already wet from swimming. :) Now ...I would never go in water like that because I know there could be strong currents caused by the storm system, that could drag a person out to sea. Ignorance is bliss.

The movie Jaws had just come out 2 months earlier and I admit that it did unnerve me a bit and I did think about it when I was in the water I am sure many ocean swimmers did at the time. :)

There was so much to do, including going into Nassau. We had so much fun. It was the perfect honeymoon location for a SeaSpray. :)

And I checked with Mr SeaSpray to see if I could say the following and he was alright with it.

Last ...but not least. Mr SeaSpray and I had some real rocky times in our marriage and it was hanging by a thread for many years. We are living proof that you can work through your problems and come out even better on the other side of the storm. Thank God we did. :)

We are still very opposite in personality. We will sometimes see things so differently's astounding. :) And we still have our same crazy making traits for each other. But I say that with love. He would agree. I think with maturity ...we've become more accepting and definitely more appreciative. And it sounds cliche to say ...but when you experience loss of loved ones, health and other challenges wakes you up to what is most important and you can come through stronger and appreciative of the good things. And maybe that is the key ...APPRECIATE the good things. And even though we have definite differences in personality ...we do share the same core values, i.e. family, faith in God and other things important to us as a couple. And ...we also have our separate times ...where we do our own thing. And we communicate better than when we were newly weds.

We have two wonderful sons and a dear d-i-l. Older son and his wife have blessed our family with two beautiful girls and a baby boy on the way. The perfect Christmas present! :)

I have also been blessed to be a part of his family. They are my family too. I always joked that marrying into his family was like marrying in to the Waltons, so large and loving. :)

* I wish I had time to pull out some other pictures. Of course blogger's remorse may cause me to take all of them down. :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Don't You Just LOVE a *GREAT* Idea?!! :),pink-db97e708a6d02abcc3cc8c10c9b6fa8c_m.jpg
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In recognition of October being breast cancer awareness month, I am putting up 2 "Pink Glove Dance" videos that support the cause of fighting and overcoming this disease. Hopefully a cure for all cancers will soon be discovered, rendering it a disease of the past. My heart goes out to all cancer patients and their loved ones. To all the medical workers and support people who's work puts them on the front lines of helping patients battling cancer them ...I say "Thank you."

The original video was shot at St. Vincent Medical Center in Portland, Oregon. And now there is a sequel to the original which hospital staff and breast cancer survivors in various medical facilities from all over the country are dancing in their Pink Glove attire. :)

The smiles and enthusiasm of the performing hospital staff and cancer survivors is contagious! You'll want to get right up and join them ..Pink Gloves and all. I do!

So here is the original Pink Glove Dance video:

And here is the sequel Pink Glove Dance:


Also is a link to "Pressing Breast Facts" in the Jill of All Trades, MD blog.

4 the point ..breast cancer facts.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Word Search ..the Big ...

Some friends and I got together for lunch in a local restaurant.

One of them ..aside from being a teacher a Longaberger rep and has hosted many parties for this group of friends and myself. We have all been avid collectors of the Longaberger products ...baskets, pottery and wrought iron. And all the things that go with the baskets such as fabric liners, tie ons, wooden lids and so many other things. But it is expensive, especially when you add tax and S&H.

I love this product. I feel happy ... a pleased feeling when ever I use the baskets or the pottery, etc. It's aesthetically pleasing and reminds me of home and hearth. :)

If you have something you collect ...and you feel that satisfied or even excited feeling when you are near it ..handle it or are going to add to your collection understand my feelings.

I have so many baskets and most are functional and so I do get to use them. I have 2 regular dish sets ...traditional woven blue and paprika and then the Nature's Garland Christmas dishes and accompanying accessories( linens, glasses, candles, etc.). I'm crazy about the stuff I tell ya! :)

I love to use these baskets when I bring food to people.

They go up in value after the items are discontinued, although I would never part with mine and want to pass them down to my family. I hope that they will have some good memories when they see the baskets years from now.

However ..since I haven't been working ...buying it is a luxury that I have not indulged in for awhile now.

So... today, as we were about to leave friend gave me the current fall/winter catalogs along with holiday fliers. My favorite Longaberger time of year is for the Fall-Christmas items and so I always had a party in October. House all decorated for harvest, amber candle lights in windows , food, mulled cider and good company for a fun evening. Oh and fabulous hostess credit thanks to friends and family.

Anyway I said's been awhile.

I got so excited when she handed me the catalogs and fliers that I held them close to my chest and basically just hugged them like I'd never let go. :) And I got this rush ..tingly feeling from the center of my chest and shooting out my arms. I joked that I felt almost giddy (still holding the books close) and felt tingly and was groping for another word.

Without missing a beat of my other friends said ... "SeaSpray, I believe the word your looking for is ORGASM!" Ha ha! Too funny!

So I told them they'd know what I was doing tonight! I would be cuddling up on the sofa with a cup of tea and Longaberger ... fantasizing about my wish list! ;)

And I will be ..after Dancing With the Stars and a little blogging. :)

By the way ... if you watch Dancing With the Stars ...don't you just wish you were on that dance floor doing the tango? I DO!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bank Update - C'est Moi - la Pissette (continued)

This post is an update to the previous post, "C'est Moi Pissette! ;) " The Loan Department VP returned my call this morning. It was kind of funny because he seemed surprised that I had called him. (If you read my previous post, you'll appreciate why this is amusing to me.) At first I was somewhat vague about it ...just brushing it off ...stating that someone in the branch had referred me to him and I thought that would be it.

But he really wanted to know why I was put through to him. "Okay ...he's asking.", I thought to myself. But, before I said anything, he continued "Because no one should have put you through to me. I can help you, but you should be talking with one of the other loan officers."

Audible chuckle on my end of the phone ...and then I told him that actually I had been speaking with a Mary ...and before I finished my sentence he asked, "Mary or Marion?"

"Oh it was Mary and she was helpful, but not comfortable with the final breakdown on a bi-weekly account, and so suggested I speak with you."

He then said, "Anyone in the loan department should've been able to give you this information. And you should have been able to speak to someone in your branch."

That was it. I had just had to tell him. I said,"Since your asking (chuckling again), let me tell you just how hard it was to get to this point to get my information."

I told him about the 3 hangups each I got when my call was picked up at the branch. I told him how the other branch I use is not listed in the current 2010 phone book. (He laughed when I said I scanned it 3 times to be sure.) I went on to tell him about calling the number on my savings statement, spoke with the woman who refused to give me info and when calling the info-tel for my account was repeatedly told I had an incorrect password and had to give a new one and then I got in. I told him everything. I told him how I tried to tell the woman I was holding my statement in my hand, could give her my account number but then told her but I could be anyone reading this. But then told him I couldn't because it would be shredded. (He laughed again). And I told him about having to speak with 2 other people before I got to leave a message in his voice mail stating he would be back in the office on Tuesday. I said at that point I laughed and knew I wasn't getting anywhere that Friday.

He then laughed again and blurted out, "And I had a GREAT day too!"

We both laughed. :)

And then he helped me.

We discussed the modification and said he would get back to me in the afternoon. But he actually called late morning instead ...which worked out better since I was heading out to the bank right then. Instead ..I stopped to type up the letter he requested, confirming my request and dropped that off at my branch office. Done!

I did not know this was possible.

Friday ...I had only called to get some basic account info, but then decided to pursue information on current loan rates. We have a fixed rate, but I keep hearing about low rates and thought .. "What if we could save money with a lower rate?"

It turns out that a loan customer can request a modification in rates. FREE. No charge. Just a letter for the reduced rate and it will be lowered.

They don't advertise that though. So you may want to check with your bank to see if you qualify for a interest rate modification on your loan.

Mary had quoted a higher monthly savings. It turns out it was not that much. :(

I asked him if the first woman could've given me information over the phone and told him that people had always done so in the past. He said that she may not have been authorized to do so. (It would be a first) But ...the upside is that if she had given me the basic information I had wanted, I probably would not have thought to inquire about current rates or found out about the loan modifications.

Admittedly, I am both surprised and disappointed that reducing the interest rate 3/4 of a percent bi-weekly doesn't save all that much.

But money saved is still money saved. :)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

C'est Moi Pissette! ;)

Boy sure feels like that on the phone sometimes ...doesn't it?! I happened to see this cartoon the night before my torture by phone debacle an omen or something.

I had to call the bank yesterday about something, but when I called the number it rang and then disconnected me when they picked up ...or whatever they did. This happened two more times.

Frustrated ...I then decided to get the phone book (so archaic) to look up the other branch we've dealt with. They weren't listed. I scanned the branches 2 more times to be sure. Nope. Not listed.

Then I looked at our savings account statement and saw that there was a number on that and so called it. I was practically giddy that a human being answered my phone call. I was friendly and upbeat ... just glad to talk with her so I could get my information. I wanted information about the amount in our savings account and also about the bi-weekly loan withdrawals.

She told me she couldn't give me that information over the phone. I countered with, "But someone ALWAYS gives me that information over the phone." (They do)

"I'm sorry, but I can't give you that information over the phone."

"Well I can give you my account number because I am looking right at it with the statement in my hand. ??"


Me not missing much of a beat ..feeling awkward with the silence .."But then I guess anyone could rummage through garbage and be holding my statement in their hand and so I know my telling you this does not prove I am me and this is my statement."

(And now is the post ...within the post: Actually they could not, because I never throw my statements out. I shred them after about ...34 years never. No ..I shred. Do you shred? Never mind. I should get back to being pissy. Ha! She was turning me into a pissette! I know ...I know. No one turns us into anything. No one makes us anything. We CHOOSE to become the pissette ...or what ever. Fine this point ...I had chosen to become the PISSETTE ...but she wasn't doing so badly herself ..with that attitude of hers. *Sometimes you hear more in the silence. I'm just saying. Okay psych lesson over. Back to the original rant - post. ;)


"But I can give you my social security number.? And my husbands?! And our date of births and anything else you need to know. ???" "Do you want my medical history?!" Nah ..I didn't say med history. ;)

"I'm sorry, but I really can't give you the information over the phone."

I was scrambling for some persuasive suggestion. "I am TELLING YOU ...they ALWAYS give me the information over the phone when I give my account information! Did they CHANGE the rules?!"

"No. It's always been this way." (NOT true!)

Me totally IRKED ..."Okay then ..can you please give me that number ..the toll free number to call MY account?!"

She gave me the number.

I called the number.

After pressing option #2, the automated voice wanted my account number followed by my password.

I entered my password.

It told me that was not my password.

God as my witness ...I could swear it WAS the right password and to this very second ...I believe it was EXACTLY ...the RIGHT password.

We all know though ...if the human was that tough ...I sure as heck was NOT going to win the argument with the automated voice. Might be funny to try ...but she'd just cut me off and then I'd have to try all over again. (Steve Martin in the airport in "Planes, Trains and Automobiles" anyone?)

Me now venting in frustration at automated voice (In my head), "Fine! It wants the right password?! Take this one!


Well yeahhhh ..I KNOWWW that is the wrong password cause that was the FIRST one when we opened the account. The second one was the right one!"

So ...when prompted the THIRD time for the right password ...I put the RIGHT password in which was really the second one I picked but what I used first today.


"Your password has expired. Please enter a new password."

Now audibly and with great frustration directed at the wall phone on speaker, "NEW?! Are you KIDDING me?!"

So guess what I did?

I entered the 2nd - first one I used in the first place! (The second prompted password since opening the account and was first I used today)

So ..I accessed my account. Finally! But it still did not answer my question fully.

I called the bank back and fortunately (See ...there Really is a God) did not get the unfeeling robotic woman whom I have a feeling was experiencing delight from my frustration with her. I WAS trying to contain it, although I am sure it was palpable ...even via phone lines by the time we disconnected.

But now I had a cheery person. I was trying to be nice ...but have a feeling I had an edge to my voice ...still trying to come down from the frustration of it all.

I explained about the other woman not giving me the information I requested even though they've always done so in the past and that I could've provided her with all kinds of identifying information. I told how I called the number she gave me to access my account information via the bank's automated info system. But it would not let me into my account until I gave it my NEW password.

I went on to say ..."Then technically ...anyone having my account number could've supplied a new password and then accessed my account. So might want to know that can happen."

She seemed surprised and said she would pass that on. She never did say they can or can't give the account information out over the phone. Actually ...I do understand the rules are there for our protection. But ..I have dealt with 3 branches over the phone ..with different people ...all willing to give me the info. So it was frustrating ...and then in the end to see anyone with my account number could create a new password to get in ...just seemed ridiculous if they are all that worried about security. I could have given her allll that info and more.

Anyway ...she was professional and courteous and a pleasure to speak with. Definitely NOT robo-bank rep. And so now I had questions regarding our loan and current interest rates, etc. She gave me another number to call and told me to ask for the loan department.

I called. I asked for the loan department. I got a lovely woman ..who said I had to call a certain loan officer. She gave me her name and number to call in the main branch.

So ...I called and spoke with the 2nd loan officer ...also courteous and helpful. (The loan officers didn't have any problem with discussing my information.) But while she gave me encouraging information, she couldn't give me specifics. (Loan officer?) Anyway ..she gave me the name and extension for the VP of the loan department, but then connected me. I appreciated that.

Ha ha! The phone rang to his extension and I was greeted by his voice mail, informing me that he was out of the office today (Friday) and would not be back in the office until Tuesday.

I don't know why I didn't revert back to Pissette mode after all this. ? Maybe because all the women after Robo patient rep were nice and tried to help ...or because I just resigned myself to the idea that it just wasn't happening today. I don't know.

I genuinely left an upbeat message requesting his assistance regarding information on x,y and z and that I'd be home all day on Tuesday and would appreciate his call his earliest convenience. :)

I remain optimistic. :)

P.S. I just have to say ...that pissette (a SeaSprayism) looked so French to me ...that I had to look it up to make sure I was not calling myself some totally absurd, ridiculous, obnoxious, perverted or profane word.

I'm in the clear. :)

P.P.S. I was reading over in WhiteCoat's blog and just have to link to this recent post ...complete with the actual voice mail of his wife's frustrated elderly patient not being able to reach BC/BS or the med company by phone ...thus not able to get or take the full dose of her prescribed medicine. That is just plain WRONG and potentially DANGEROUS!

Certainly more important than my little inconvenience by comparison.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Something About Bob

This is so funny! (BEAUTIFUL dogs)

Our German Shepherd, Bob ...was just like these dogs ...only with the garden hose. He froze in position ..fixated on the hose nozzle and went right after the stream of water like PacDog the water down as fast as he could, trying to get all of it. It was one of his games ...just like with these dogs in the video. If he saw us with the hose on ...he'd bark at us to play the hose game with him.

He would never stop if he had his way. It was a great hot weather game for us. Ha! And then he peed all afternoon. :)

I miss him.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bottom Up!
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I baked a cake this afternoon.

No ..not the Carrot Cake I am still craving, but a birthday cake.

Younger son turned 22 today.

Anyway ...I let the 2 cakes cool in the pans 20 minutes on the racks. Then I picked one up, began to loosen it from the sides and as turned it to flip it onto the plate ... I DROPPED it. Face down on the floor!

It all happened so fast. I was powerless to stop it. So I just stared at it for a minute ...wondering if I could salvage the top ..which was really the bottom side up ...but it was also broken into pieces that crumbled even more when I picked it up. And so what could I possibly do with that ...crumbled pieces and all?

Disappointed, but not daunted ..I iced and decorated the remaining half.

Later when son came in ...I pointed his cake out to him and he smiled and thanked me for making it. I explained what had happened. He said "I thought it looked SHORT." Ha! ha! :)

But really ... it's just a matter of perspective. Sure if you look at the side view's very short ...but if you look directly overhead ...not so bad ...just a little closer to the plate. :)

Fortunately, that wasn't the main birthday cake. We are celebrating his birthday with the rest of the family on another night (trying to coordinate everyone's schedules) and his grandmother will be baking the cake. It is tradition that she usually bakes the birthday cakes. A tradition we love.

Of course I think I get the best ones because with my June birthday ...I get the whip cream with fresh fruit birthday cakes. :)

Well, on the up side ... 1 cake - 1/2 cake = 1/2 the calories. :)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

SeaSpray Observation (revised)

Okay know your food craving has gotten a tad obsessive when you type "Carrot Cake" for your e-mail password ...and that is not even close to the password.

I have been wanting to bake a Carrot Cake for 4 days!

So today ...I baked wholewheat cinnamon walnut muffins. And I added a heaping Tbs of flax seed. I've been putting flax seed in and on everything lately. Well not everything. No flax seed on lasagna ... or steak for example. "Um .. I'll have a flax seed steak please." I wouldn't do that to Mr SeaSpray.

I don't put steak in our supermarket budget. ;)

Good stuff ...but still not ...Carrot Cake.

How do I make my desire for Carrot Cake go away?

Stop typing the words Carrot Cake in large, bold, orange font might be a start. :)