Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bank Update - C'est Moi - la Pissette (continued)

This post is an update to the previous post, "C'est Moi ...la Pissette! ;) " The Loan Department VP returned my call this morning. It was kind of funny because he seemed surprised that I had called him. (If you read my previous post, you'll appreciate why this is amusing to me.) At first I was somewhat vague about it ...just brushing it off ...stating that someone in the branch had referred me to him and I thought that would be it.

But he really wanted to know why I was put through to him. "Okay ...he's asking.", I thought to myself. But, before I said anything, he continued "Because no one should have put you through to me. I can help you, but you should be talking with one of the other loan officers."

Audible chuckle on my end of the phone ...and then I told him that actually I had been speaking with a Mary ...and before I finished my sentence he asked, "Mary or Marion?"

"Oh ..no it was Mary and she was helpful, but not comfortable with the final breakdown on a bi-weekly account, and so suggested I speak with you."

He then said, "Anyone in the loan department should've been able to give you this information. And you should have been able to speak to someone in your branch."

That was it. I had just had to tell him. I said,"Since your asking (chuckling again), let me tell you just how hard it was to get to this point to get my information."

I told him about the 3 hangups each I got when my call was picked up at the branch. I told him how the other branch I use is not listed in the current 2010 phone book. (He laughed when I said I scanned it 3 times to be sure.) I went on to tell him about calling the number on my savings statement, spoke with the woman who refused to give me info and when calling the info-tel for my account was repeatedly told I had an incorrect password and had to give a new one and then I got in. I told him everything. I told him how I tried to tell the woman I was holding my statement in my hand, could give her my account number but then told her but I could be anyone reading this. But then told him I couldn't because it would be shredded. (He laughed again). And I told him about having to speak with 2 other people before I got to leave a message in his voice mail stating he would be back in the office on Tuesday. I said at that point I laughed and knew I wasn't getting anywhere that Friday.

He then laughed again and blurted out, "And I had a GREAT day too!"

We both laughed. :)

And then he helped me.

We discussed the modification and said he would get back to me in the afternoon. But he actually called late morning instead ...which worked out better since I was heading out to the bank right then. Instead ..I stopped to type up the letter he requested, confirming my request and dropped that off at my branch office. Done!

I did not know this was possible.

Friday ...I had only called to get some basic account info, but then decided to pursue information on current loan rates. We have a fixed rate, but I keep hearing about low rates and thought .. "What if we could save money with a lower rate?"

It turns out that a loan customer can request a modification in rates. FREE. No charge. Just a letter for the reduced rate and it will be lowered.

They don't advertise that though. So you may want to check with your bank to see if you qualify for a interest rate modification on your loan.

Mary had quoted a higher monthly savings. It turns out it was not that much. :(

I asked him if the first woman could've given me information over the phone and told him that people had always done so in the past. He said that she may not have been authorized to do so. (It would be a first) But ...the upside is that if she had given me the basic information I had wanted, I probably would not have thought to inquire about current rates or found out about the loan modifications.

Admittedly, I am both surprised and disappointed that reducing the interest rate 3/4 of a percent bi-weekly doesn't save all that much.

But money saved is still money saved. :)


Dr. Deb said...

So many people, nowadays, have a terrible work ethic. They don't listen, don't help the customer. Every now and then you get someone like your guy who truly listened and helped. And when that happens, my heart soars! Sounds like yours did too.

SeaSpray said...

So true Dr Deb.Yes ..he was great! Some customer service people definitely need some retraining. They should watch/hear themselves on video and maybe they'd be more thoughtful or concerned. And just plain good manners. Think of the other person.

Off topic a bit, but ..years ago ..when stores were staffed with plenty of employees ..I used to get annoyed when they'd practically follow and continually ask if I needed help. NOW ..i feel desperate sometimes for even a little assistance.

Things have certainly changed.