Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bottom Up!

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I baked a cake this afternoon.

No ..not the Carrot Cake I am still craving, but a birthday cake.

Younger son turned 22 today.

Anyway ...I let the 2 cakes cool in the pans 20 minutes on the racks. Then I picked one up, began to loosen it from the sides and as turned it to flip it onto the plate ... I DROPPED it. Face down on the floor!

It all happened so fast. I was powerless to stop it. So I just stared at it for a minute ...wondering if I could salvage the top ..which was really the bottom side up ...but it was also broken into pieces that crumbled even more when I picked it up. And so what could I possibly do with that ...crumbled pieces and all?

Disappointed, but not daunted ..I iced and decorated the remaining half.

Later when son came in ...I pointed his cake out to him and he smiled and thanked me for making it. I explained what had happened. He said "I thought it looked SHORT." Ha! ha! :)

But really ... it's just a matter of perspective. Sure if you look at the side view ..it's very short ...but if you look directly overhead ...not so bad ...just a little closer to the plate. :)

Fortunately, that wasn't the main birthday cake. We are celebrating his birthday with the rest of the family on another night (trying to coordinate everyone's schedules) and his grandmother will be baking the cake. It is tradition that she usually bakes the birthday cakes. A tradition we love.

Of course I think I get the best ones because with my June birthday ...I get the whip cream with fresh fruit birthday cakes. :)

Well, on the up side ... 1 cake - 1/2 cake = 1/2 the calories. :)

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