Saturday, October 9, 2010

C'est Moi Pissette! ;)

Boy sure feels like that on the phone sometimes ...doesn't it?! I happened to see this cartoon the night before my torture by phone debacle an omen or something.

I had to call the bank yesterday about something, but when I called the number it rang and then disconnected me when they picked up ...or whatever they did. This happened two more times.

Frustrated ...I then decided to get the phone book (so archaic) to look up the other branch we've dealt with. They weren't listed. I scanned the branches 2 more times to be sure. Nope. Not listed.

Then I looked at our savings account statement and saw that there was a number on that and so called it. I was practically giddy that a human being answered my phone call. I was friendly and upbeat ... just glad to talk with her so I could get my information. I wanted information about the amount in our savings account and also about the bi-weekly loan withdrawals.

She told me she couldn't give me that information over the phone. I countered with, "But someone ALWAYS gives me that information over the phone." (They do)

"I'm sorry, but I can't give you that information over the phone."

"Well I can give you my account number because I am looking right at it with the statement in my hand. ??"


Me not missing much of a beat ..feeling awkward with the silence .."But then I guess anyone could rummage through garbage and be holding my statement in their hand and so I know my telling you this does not prove I am me and this is my statement."

(And now is the post ...within the post: Actually they could not, because I never throw my statements out. I shred them after about ...34 years never. No ..I shred. Do you shred? Never mind. I should get back to being pissy. Ha! She was turning me into a pissette! I know ...I know. No one turns us into anything. No one makes us anything. We CHOOSE to become the pissette ...or what ever. Fine this point ...I had chosen to become the PISSETTE ...but she wasn't doing so badly herself ..with that attitude of hers. *Sometimes you hear more in the silence. I'm just saying. Okay psych lesson over. Back to the original rant - post. ;)


"But I can give you my social security number.? And my husbands?! And our date of births and anything else you need to know. ???" "Do you want my medical history?!" Nah ..I didn't say med history. ;)

"I'm sorry, but I really can't give you the information over the phone."

I was scrambling for some persuasive suggestion. "I am TELLING YOU ...they ALWAYS give me the information over the phone when I give my account information! Did they CHANGE the rules?!"

"No. It's always been this way." (NOT true!)

Me totally IRKED ..."Okay then ..can you please give me that number ..the toll free number to call MY account?!"

She gave me the number.

I called the number.

After pressing option #2, the automated voice wanted my account number followed by my password.

I entered my password.

It told me that was not my password.

God as my witness ...I could swear it WAS the right password and to this very second ...I believe it was EXACTLY ...the RIGHT password.

We all know though ...if the human was that tough ...I sure as heck was NOT going to win the argument with the automated voice. Might be funny to try ...but she'd just cut me off and then I'd have to try all over again. (Steve Martin in the airport in "Planes, Trains and Automobiles" anyone?)

Me now venting in frustration at automated voice (In my head), "Fine! It wants the right password?! Take this one!


Well yeahhhh ..I KNOWWW that is the wrong password cause that was the FIRST one when we opened the account. The second one was the right one!"

So ...when prompted the THIRD time for the right password ...I put the RIGHT password in which was really the second one I picked but what I used first today.


"Your password has expired. Please enter a new password."

Now audibly and with great frustration directed at the wall phone on speaker, "NEW?! Are you KIDDING me?!"

So guess what I did?

I entered the 2nd - first one I used in the first place! (The second prompted password since opening the account and was first I used today)

So ..I accessed my account. Finally! But it still did not answer my question fully.

I called the bank back and fortunately (See ...there Really is a God) did not get the unfeeling robotic woman whom I have a feeling was experiencing delight from my frustration with her. I WAS trying to contain it, although I am sure it was palpable ...even via phone lines by the time we disconnected.

But now I had a cheery person. I was trying to be nice ...but have a feeling I had an edge to my voice ...still trying to come down from the frustration of it all.

I explained about the other woman not giving me the information I requested even though they've always done so in the past and that I could've provided her with all kinds of identifying information. I told how I called the number she gave me to access my account information via the bank's automated info system. But it would not let me into my account until I gave it my NEW password.

I went on to say ..."Then technically ...anyone having my account number could've supplied a new password and then accessed my account. So might want to know that can happen."

She seemed surprised and said she would pass that on. She never did say they can or can't give the account information out over the phone. Actually ...I do understand the rules are there for our protection. But ..I have dealt with 3 branches over the phone ..with different people ...all willing to give me the info. So it was frustrating ...and then in the end to see anyone with my account number could create a new password to get in ...just seemed ridiculous if they are all that worried about security. I could have given her allll that info and more.

Anyway ...she was professional and courteous and a pleasure to speak with. Definitely NOT robo-bank rep. And so now I had questions regarding our loan and current interest rates, etc. She gave me another number to call and told me to ask for the loan department.

I called. I asked for the loan department. I got a lovely woman ..who said I had to call a certain loan officer. She gave me her name and number to call in the main branch.

So ...I called and spoke with the 2nd loan officer ...also courteous and helpful. (The loan officers didn't have any problem with discussing my information.) But while she gave me encouraging information, she couldn't give me specifics. (Loan officer?) Anyway ..she gave me the name and extension for the VP of the loan department, but then connected me. I appreciated that.

Ha ha! The phone rang to his extension and I was greeted by his voice mail, informing me that he was out of the office today (Friday) and would not be back in the office until Tuesday.

I don't know why I didn't revert back to Pissette mode after all this. ? Maybe because all the women after Robo patient rep were nice and tried to help ...or because I just resigned myself to the idea that it just wasn't happening today. I don't know.

I genuinely left an upbeat message requesting his assistance regarding information on x,y and z and that I'd be home all day on Tuesday and would appreciate his call his earliest convenience. :)

I remain optimistic. :)

P.S. I just have to say ...that pissette (a SeaSprayism) looked so French to me ...that I had to look it up to make sure I was not calling myself some totally absurd, ridiculous, obnoxious, perverted or profane word.

I'm in the clear. :)

P.P.S. I was reading over in WhiteCoat's blog and just have to link to this recent post ...complete with the actual voice mail of his wife's frustrated elderly patient not being able to reach BC/BS or the med company by phone ...thus not able to get or take the full dose of her prescribed medicine. That is just plain WRONG and potentially DANGEROUS!

Certainly more important than my little inconvenience by comparison.


Chrysalis Angel said...

I would have just gone to the bank.

SeaSpray said...

I shouldn't have to and didn't want to.Although, I could've gone and back in the time it took to get through the calls.