Thursday, October 21, 2010

Don't You Just LOVE a *GREAT* Idea?!! :),pink-db97e708a6d02abcc3cc8c10c9b6fa8c_m.jpg
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In recognition of October being breast cancer awareness month, I am putting up 2 "Pink Glove Dance" videos that support the cause of fighting and overcoming this disease. Hopefully a cure for all cancers will soon be discovered, rendering it a disease of the past. My heart goes out to all cancer patients and their loved ones. To all the medical workers and support people who's work puts them on the front lines of helping patients battling cancer them ...I say "Thank you."

The original video was shot at St. Vincent Medical Center in Portland, Oregon. And now there is a sequel to the original which hospital staff and breast cancer survivors in various medical facilities from all over the country are dancing in their Pink Glove attire. :)

The smiles and enthusiasm of the performing hospital staff and cancer survivors is contagious! You'll want to get right up and join them ..Pink Gloves and all. I do!

So here is the original Pink Glove Dance video:

And here is the sequel Pink Glove Dance:


Also is a link to "Pressing Breast Facts" in the Jill of All Trades, MD blog.

4 the point ..breast cancer facts.


Chrysalis Angel said...

Sea, where are all those other posts? I came on to say how neat it was to see you and Mr. Seaspray, and such and they were removed. :( They were very nice.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Angel - thank you.

No one commented and I thought maybe I gave too much info and possibly boring for people.

And ...I don't know why felt silly having it up. Who cares what kind of honeymoon or Halloween from the past? That kind of thing.

Maybe I will put back.

I admit that after a string of posts goes up an no one comments ..I begin to second guess my writing.