Sunday, October 3, 2010

SeaSpray Observation (revised)

Okay know your food craving has gotten a tad obsessive when you type "Carrot Cake" for your e-mail password ...and that is not even close to the password.

I have been wanting to bake a Carrot Cake for 4 days!

So today ...I baked wholewheat cinnamon walnut muffins. And I added a heaping Tbs of flax seed. I've been putting flax seed in and on everything lately. Well not everything. No flax seed on lasagna ... or steak for example. "Um .. I'll have a flax seed steak please." I wouldn't do that to Mr SeaSpray.

I don't put steak in our supermarket budget. ;)

Good stuff ...but still not ...Carrot Cake.

How do I make my desire for Carrot Cake go away?

Stop typing the words Carrot Cake in large, bold, orange font might be a start. :)


StorytellERdoc said...

LOL...sometimes, Ms. SeaSpray, your humor just cracks me up to the point where I can't stop chuckling. Carrot cake did just that...and is it me, or is it that awesome cream cheese frosting that makes the cake what it is??? LOL

Hope you are well.

SeaSpray said...

Sometimes? Just sometimes Jim? ;) Mission accomplished if you're chuckling! I think it is the combination of the spicy cake with the cream cheese frosting.

Thanks too. :)