Monday, October 18, 2010

Word Search ..the Big ...

Some friends and I got together for lunch in a local restaurant.

One of them ..aside from being a teacher a Longaberger rep and has hosted many parties for this group of friends and myself. We have all been avid collectors of the Longaberger products ...baskets, pottery and wrought iron. And all the things that go with the baskets such as fabric liners, tie ons, wooden lids and so many other things. But it is expensive, especially when you add tax and S&H.

I love this product. I feel happy ... a pleased feeling when ever I use the baskets or the pottery, etc. It's aesthetically pleasing and reminds me of home and hearth. :)

If you have something you collect ...and you feel that satisfied or even excited feeling when you are near it ..handle it or are going to add to your collection understand my feelings.

I have so many baskets and most are functional and so I do get to use them. I have 2 regular dish sets ...traditional woven blue and paprika and then the Nature's Garland Christmas dishes and accompanying accessories( linens, glasses, candles, etc.). I'm crazy about the stuff I tell ya! :)

I love to use these baskets when I bring food to people.

They go up in value after the items are discontinued, although I would never part with mine and want to pass them down to my family. I hope that they will have some good memories when they see the baskets years from now.

However ..since I haven't been working ...buying it is a luxury that I have not indulged in for awhile now.

So... today, as we were about to leave friend gave me the current fall/winter catalogs along with holiday fliers. My favorite Longaberger time of year is for the Fall-Christmas items and so I always had a party in October. House all decorated for harvest, amber candle lights in windows , food, mulled cider and good company for a fun evening. Oh and fabulous hostess credit thanks to friends and family.

Anyway I said's been awhile.

I got so excited when she handed me the catalogs and fliers that I held them close to my chest and basically just hugged them like I'd never let go. :) And I got this rush ..tingly feeling from the center of my chest and shooting out my arms. I joked that I felt almost giddy (still holding the books close) and felt tingly and was groping for another word.

Without missing a beat of my other friends said ... "SeaSpray, I believe the word your looking for is ORGASM!" Ha ha! Too funny!

So I told them they'd know what I was doing tonight! I would be cuddling up on the sofa with a cup of tea and Longaberger ... fantasizing about my wish list! ;)

And I will be ..after Dancing With the Stars and a little blogging. :)

By the way ... if you watch Dancing With the Stars ...don't you just wish you were on that dance floor doing the tango? I DO!

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