Thursday, November 18, 2010

Why It Would be Fun to Work in a Urology Office - Best Word Ever! :)

Ha ha! As I was reading through the material about the psoas hitch surgery, it occurred to me why it would be fun to work in a urology office.

Forget the fact that most people hope to work with great co-workers, docs and staff, that it could be in an aesthetically pleasing work environment, the work would be interesting, salary competitive and appreciated and I could be a support and encouragement to the patients, because I have been through a few things myself. Forget all that.

This SeaSpray has priorities.


Okay ...admittedly, I don't even know what a ureteroureterostomy is ...not exactly anyway. And I don't care. That was the skim through part. besides's not a prerequisite to know the meaning of the word in order to like it ...and like it.. I do. I was so taken with the word, that the meaning pales by comparison. :)

In reading the material hit me ... THE REAL reason I would enjoy working in a urology office is that I would get to say words like:


I saw a longer uro word once, but don't recall what it was.

But I especially love URETEROURETEROSTOMY. :)

Go ahead say it.

Say it out loud. Try whispering "ureterouretrostomy." Fun huh? It's fun supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. (sp?) Its fun like reading a Dr Seuss book out loud ..especially the ABC Dr Seuss book. You can read or sing or read AND sing that book. I do both. I do so love Dr Seuss ...I do ..I do ..I do Dr Seuss ...I DO! But not as much as saying ... ... ...


After first hearing the word, ureteroureterostomy ...I imagined naming a new dog URETEROURETEROSTOMY... just so I could say the word often. Ha!

"Good Ureteroureterostomy! Bad Ureteroureterostomy! Come Ureteroureterostomy! Her name is Ureterureterostomy. Oh spell Ureterureterostomy this way..."U-r-e-t-e-r-o-s-t-o-m-y - URETEROURETEROSTOMY!", Go get it Ureteroureterostomy! Bring it back Ureteroureterostomy!, Drop it Ureteroureterostomy!! I love you Ureteroureterostomy. Ureteroureterostomy is a GOOD girl! URETEROURETERO-S-T-O-M-Y-Y-Y-Y... come back here!"

Of course it might be hard to fit on her name tag, food dish or Christmas stocking.

It would be so much fun at work being able to say the uro words. So much fun that I would think I should pay THEM!

"I'm calling to precert for the upcoming ureteroureterostomy." "Mr Smith, here is the paperwork for your ureteroureterostomy." "Hey Mr Smith do you feel since the ureteroureterostomy?" "Do you need help spelling ureterureterostomy?" And for the big guns ..pluralizing the word .."Hey Doc did your ureteroureterostomies go?" "How many ureteroureterostomies are scheduled this week?"

"Oh ..I see, this patient is having a ureteroureterostomy."

"Code for ureteroureterostomy - 50760.

Even better, code for
ureteroenterostomy with ureteroureterostomy or ureteroneocystostomy - 50830."

"God forbid, the patient has complications s/p ureteroureterostomy."

I ask you ...could coding possibly be any more fun? Especially while perusing the uro codes? :)

Coding for the emergency department and outpatients wasn't THIS much fun!

And speaking of fun..."I'm thinking of a 19 letter urology word that begins with a "u" and ends with a "y". Any guesses? Good for you! URETEROURETEROSTOMY!

Also, it occurs to this SeaSpray ...that team players are considered to be valuable assets to the corporation. Well what better way to demonstrate being a team player then rallying the staff should things become a bit dull around the office ..perhaps for both employee and patient inspiration (participation encouraged :) :

"Give me a U, give me an R, give me an E, give me a T,E! Give me an R, give me an O, give me a U, give me an R,E! Give me T, give me an E, Give me an R, give me an O,S! Give me a T, Give me an O, give me an M-M-M, Y!"

To office staff: "What does that spell?!"


To waiting room patients: "What does that spell?! "


To staff and patients: "What does that spell?! "


"All together now!"


You know ... there really is nothing like a hearty cheer to encourage team spirit, get the blood going, which is particularly invigorating for that late afternoon slump time a-n-d with the added benefit of conveying to the patients that the medical staff is on their team ...cheering them on to victoriously overcoming their medical obstacles. Power of suggestion, can do spirit and all. I'm just saying. :)
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And as some of you already know ...I have been avoiding the reconstructive ureteral repair surgery. But ...if urodoc tells me that it includes the ureteroureterostomy ...well then I certainly will reconsider ..because ..well ..just imagine ...for the rest of my life ..I could say "And when they did the ureteroureterostomy... Back in the day when they did the ureteroureterostomy. Or I know how you feel about having the ureteroureterostomy ...but I have found that once you have the ureteroureterostomy, you will feel so much better and for the rest of your life ..if you want to will have a good reason to say ..ureteroureterostomy." Now ..THAT might tip the scales - pro surgery. :)

As you can see ...any excuse to say the word ...ureteroureterostomy, would suffice.

Conversely, I wouldn't want to work in a gastro office. I always meant to do a post on that. I have a partial anti-gastroenterology post sitting in drafts. And I really appreciate gastroenterologists everywhere - thank God for them!

***I have a really nice gastroenterologist I've used for the dreaded "C" ending in "PY" word ...but like I said ..that is another post. :)

However, for this post ..just saying the word "GASTROENTEROLOGY" ...well ..WHERE ...I ask you ...WHERE is the FUN in saying THAT?! "Gastroenterology." ?? Need I say more?

But ...URETEROURETEROSTOMY ...well ...that just FLOWS right out. (Pun intended. ;)

While looking for a photo, I found an interesting link regarding ureteral robotic surgery- NYU Langone Medical Ctr


QuietusLeo said...

You've got the text, now all you need are some illustrations of strange and wonderful ani-mules, and presto! A new Dr. Seuss book!

SeaSpray said...

Hi QuietusLeo - Text yes, ani-mules would be interesting ..cute critters ..urological critters ..I can see their faces. :)

A medical ..urological version of Dr Seuss.

If only I had the Seuss name. :)

John McElveen said...

UR INE trouble now!

The Medical Terminology Associates Society of Big Giant Medicasl Words Police.....or


John Chief "OPERATING" AR AR-- Occifer! You may have to do a STENT in the URTEROCELL, which we also call the HOLE!


Dr. Deb said...

That IS a great word!!

SeaSpray said...

HI Dr Deb - I'm glad you appreciate it. :)

Happy Thanksgiving! :)

SeaSpray said...

John! Ha ha! You're so funny!!!

Happy Thanksgiving! :)