Thursday, December 2, 2010

The 11th Commandment - Pure Logic

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Turkey soup with dumplings (last winter - but will look like this in a little while :) Mr SeaSpray prefers his soup sans dumplings and I so I alternate, because we all like the dumplings. He likes a broth type of soup and we like it thicker. Unfortunately ... eating too many dumplings ...makes for walking dumplings. So it's good that I alternate.
I always say, "NEVER waste a good carcass!"

Chicken or turkey doesn't matter. In good conscience ...I just cannot toss a carcass out. Can't do it. I can't do it because I know how many more meals I can get out of said carcass. And the soup always tastes soooo good. :)

A while back, my sweet m-i-l mentioned she was going to get the rest of the meat off the turkey and then throw the rest out.

Me - "WHAT?! You're THROWING it OUT?! Mom! NEVER throw out a good carcass! You can always make a good soup out of it."

She laughed and gave me the carcass to take home.

And I made the turkey soup and then gave her some in return.

She gave us our Thanksgiving turkey and so tomorrow we will surprise her with some soup. :)

This past Saturday night, while out celebrating a friend's birthday ...I told her I was looking forward to making the turkey soup. She told me she was too, but that her husband threw the turkey out.

Me - "WHAT! He THREW the carcass OUT?! NEVER throw out a good carcass!" (Obviously he didn't know the 11th commandment! ;)

My friend sighed and agreed. It didn't occur to him. A couple of years ago, I shared how I make turkey soup and so she has been doing that. But ...I guess he isn't carcass oriented as yet.

As for me ...I just can't bear to throw a good carcass out and it almost hurt the few times that I had to. You'd think tossing out the carcass was an actual sin.

Well ...actually ... it is pure logic that even though the old testament was inspired by God ...the writers somehow dropped the ball ... um I mean dropped the carcass and omitted what I believe surely must've been God's intended 11th commandment, which reads as the following:

"Thou shalt not toss, throw, slide, punt, or endeavor through any other method to dispose of ...thus waste the chicken or turkey carcass, without first making soup out of said carcass to feed thy multitudes and/or thyself."

No wonder I feel like tossing the carcass is akin to a sin.

And now that you've been enlightened ..."NEVER waste a good carcass!"

I'm just saying. ;)


WarmSocks said...

I agree! Turkey for thanksgiving, then soup a few days later.

This year I bought extra turkeys,and we'll be able to eat turkey & soup a few extra times throughout the year :D

Never toss a carcass until it's made two pots of soup.

SeaSpray said...

Hi WarmSocks - If we had a freezer ..I would do that too. great idea! Turkey is my favorite and then chicken.

2 pots of soup?

I over boil mine and so don't know if I could get 2 pots.

I think soups are healthy too because all the vitamins are remain in the soup.

"Never toss a carcass until it's made two pots of soup."

That must be the 12th commandment! ;)

WarmSocks said...

Yep. A carcass will make two pots of soup. Drain off the liquid, cover the carcass with water a second time, and cook it again.
:D Yum

SeaSpray said...

Thanks for sharing that info Warm Socks. :)