Sunday, December 12, 2010

Is She KIDDING Me?!! *May She Have Many More

Obviously not.

She just needed to say that.

Because she (SeaSpray) is v-e-n-t-i-n-g... she says with an ever so disingenuously soft ...eerily sweet intonation in her voice.

Okay ..she knows ....usually when SeaSpray goes into 3rd person she is distancing from a post ..usually one that causes some kind of blogger's remorse ...but n-o-o-o ..not this time ...this time she is distancing herself from her too adorable puppy who is probably a tweenager in her young years ...may she have many more.

She is distancing and v-e-n-t-i-n-g through this post when she really had planned to be in bed ...right NOW and had just hung up the phone from a friend stating she was tired and wanted to be up early to get a good start on the day ...but now SeaSpray feels adrenalin coursing through her veins and so here she is blogging... and at risk of repetition is v-e-n-t-i-n-g about said tweenager puppy ...still in her young years ...may she have many more .

It was pretty bad when said tweenager puppy chewed SeaSpray's glasses she uses for distance to pieces last weekend rendering them virtually unrecognizable.

The very next night ...late Sunday night ..a week ago ...darling puppy decided to chase the elderly cat ...who decided to run through the almost empty paint tray filled with yellow paint ...who then left yellow paw prints on the kitchen tile to where he stationed himself for the ultimate defense under the table. Thank God for latex because SeaSpray was able to get all the yellow paw prints off the kitchen tile. SeaSpray also discovered that it was not fun to have to stop to clean paw prints off the tile when she was exhausted and still had to continue painting and then clean the paint tools.

But when she was ready at 1am to clean out the paint stick ..she regrettably had to awaken Mr SeaSpray so that he could assist her in emptying buckets of paint water rinse outside. But ..when they walked back out to the kitchen in ... oh she doesn't know ...maybe a minute or two ..they found a trail of diluted yellow paint. SeaSpray grabbed a big towel and began wiping up said diluted yellow paint as she followed along the yellow brick road yellow tiled path across the kitchen and then down to the tile in family room and then up onto the dark blue carpet ...really wondering if the sofa was next... and really wondering what she had done now and did she ingest any paint and where is the closest all night emergency vet on call at 01:01 in the morning that they could bring adorable tweenager puppy young in years to ...may she have many more.

And lo and behold there it was ...the object that had dripped all the watered down paint. She grabbed the paint cylinder that inserts into the roller ..that holds the paint ..that had been soaking in water in the paint tray ...that SeaSpray concedes she mistakenly left on the floor for what would be just a minute. (She was tired) She also thought she would only tinkle for a minute and is when she heard the cat vs puppy skirmish and the paint tray sliding on the floor.

Suffice it to know ...yellow paint on a Sapphire blue rug is quite the contrast ...glaringly so at 01:05 in the morning. And suffice it to know that it is not fun to clean up yellow paint ...even diluted on a Sapphire blue rug at 01:05 in the morning. SeaSpray is just saying. *sigh*

So ...after a week of SeaSpray yelling "Faith! NO!", more times then she can count ...tonight was the final straw ...when she heard what she knew was a now broken/shattered collectible Longaberger Christmas mug she loved so much. But then was driven to writing this post because she is v-e-n-t-i-n-g because after hanging up the phone, eagerly anticipating bed as she walked into the other room to shut the computer off ...she found her favorite, most comfortable, fairly new ...pretty pink slipper that were the last ones left in the store ...with the whole back half of the slipper sole chewed off ...gone. !! SeaSpray evidently thinks that maybe if she puts the chewed glasses on or maybe if she slides her foot into the chewed off slipper that maybe they will morph back to normal, but instead finds that she can't see out of or even wear the glasses, nor does it feel right when half her foot is on the floor and the other half of the foot is sitting in a saliva soaked slipper. SeaSpray hadn't even been talking with her friend that long!

"FAITH!!!", (who was nowhere in sight), exclaimed SeaSpray as she reluctantly removed the half eaten, saliva coated slipper from her foot and then looking for sympathy ...brought said half eaten slipper to son ..silently holding up the slipper which son flashed a big grine and says "You wanted a dog."

Yes ...yes SeaSpray did want a dog and she wanted this adorable tweenager puppy young in years ...may she have many more.


Anonymous said...

you need to get a crate or keep her on a leash next to you, for her safety more than for your sanity. puppies are like babies, and it's not safe for her to have run of the house if you're not watching her the whole time. you'd put a baby in a playpen or in the crib if you had to use the restroom. it's the same thing (if not more dangerous since they're more likely to chew) with puppies. they can chew through wires and electrocute themselves, ingest poison, glass, etc.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Anonymous and thank you.

All good points.

Actually ...we paid 900.00 for a personal dog trainer back in 2001 when our German Shepherd, Bob was about 17 mos old, because unlike all our other dogs ..he was very head strong and was ruling us.

Best thing we could've done.

And you know what little trick was the best of all ..and I have told so many people to do it?

he said you keep them on a leash with you in the house at all times for 3 weeks. And if you or another family member can't keep him on the leash then crate him until you can.

We did this and it worked wonderfully!

It taught him to look to us for every move. Also moved us back to the alpha dog position.

I started this with her. She began chewing her leash. But that is not why I stopped.

I stopped because Faith is actually very well behaved (except chewing), house broken, listens to commands and can even go off leash outside.

I also didn't realize how pervasive this was going to be. Honestly ...I have never seen this behavior to this extreme in any of our past dogs.

I do hope she will grow out of it and plan on asking the vet about it.

The pound thought she was maybe 9 mos old. I wonder if younger.

I've also provided ample chewing bones and filled sticks (she doesn't do much with them) and toys and old socks tied together that she loves.

Even tho I kvetch about her ...she has stolen all of our hearts and is loved very much.

I really hope she will grow out of this.

Even tho I get upset about the loss of objects ..the humor doesn't escape me. This dog is so endearing ..every one is instantly taken with her. She's so warm, friendly and a leaner/hugger and playful.

Thank you again. You are right and I will have to do it. We no longer have a crate, but I can block her off with baby gates although she whines big time.