Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Make it Stop!

Does anyone know if this is spam? I didn't click on their link to verify account. It was in my junk mail. the e-mail address is: xxxhuntxxx@hotmail.com, which looks suspicious.

Also, I have been getting junk mail using some of my e-mailing friends names and email address. The first time I got one I clicked on it and my computer warned me of a virus. Fortunately nothing happened. So ..if you ever send me an e-mail and I don't respond ...it is possible it ended up in junk and now I won't open with a suspicious return e-mail address. But my one friend's looked normal. ?

This is so frustrating!

Why do these people do this?

I could care less about them or what they are offering!

And have you ever gotten any of the ridiculous names that you just know you will not respond to?

What is the point, the purpose ..the gain for them to do this?

What a waste of time.

Anyway, here is the message.

Oh and how could they get my paypal info and how can they get names of people in my e-mail? It's IN my e-mail contact list that can only be accessed with my password?

I would close my junk mail, but sometimes people I do want to correspond with show up there and so I have to leave it open. What do you do with your spam? I just wish I could make it stop ..I tell you ..m-a-k-e it s-t-o-p!

Dear Hotmail Customer,

Your account has been Flagged for security Issues and access to yourCustomers account has been herewith suspended, We are sending you thisemail to Reactivate Your account with us as soon as possible.

Your account must follow a Verification process before it will be Verified.

Click here to verify your account

This Email is Subject to mandatory follow, Failure to comply would lead to Permanent closure of Account.

Technical support team


WarmSocks said...

Looks like they're fishing for your password.

Anything that asks for my password gets flagged, that sender gets blacklisted, and I delete the message. Fortunately, very few make it through my spam filter.

It's likely that one of your friends picked up a virus that is sending stuff out to everyone on their email list :(

Chrysalis Angel said...

Never click on a link you don't know. WarmSocks is right. If you get a mailing from a friend and there is just a link -don't click on it. Contact your friend and let them know what you received. Hopefully they can remove the virus on their end.

SeaSpray said...

Thanks WarmSocks and Angel - I should contact them and haven't. And then today ..I received and e-mail in my inbox from a friend's son. It said no subject.

It also had his Mom's address and someone I didn't recognize. So I clicked and it took me to what seemed to be a pharmaceutical site and my commuter warned me of a threat.

How do they get *in* to my in box? I can understand junk ..but this one is in box. :(