Friday, December 17, 2010

*Gladly* a New Customer! :)

For at least a few years now ...I have been on a quest for a good pizza establishment.

I finally found one last night. A NEW one!

I had just dropped off what has now become the traditional Christmas basket of goodies I bake for my wonderful urodoc and partners and the lovely staff that work for them. They are just the best people and the best office to go to. They really are.

I even decided to wear a Santa hat this year. :) However ...I am disappointed with myself for not being able to get it there when I wanted to. I guess it is because I have so many things going on this year. And I probably should've waited until next week when my schedule cleared a bit. So ...I didn't get it to the office until right when they closed the doors to the waiting room and so most of the staff had left. They are always so enthusiastic and of course that is part of the fun. But ..I do smile thinking that they must've been surprised when they saw the baskets of goodies this morning and knowing they could be having them with their coffee break or lunch. Ha! I guess I was like Santa ...leaving the present while no one was around ..except the one receptionist. :)

But I digress.

I got out to the car and called a pizza place about 15-20 minutes away. But I didn't factor in Christmas traffic at Rush hour. because of the traffic ...I actually left the building ...turning in the opposite direction of where I wanted to go, so I could turn around ..come back up and just go straight through the busy intersection, instead of having to make a left turn. That meant I was sitting in traffic even longer! And I was imagining a mediocre ...maybe warm pie that would be cold once it hit the frigid outdoor air. I was thinking that I should've just ordered and waited for it there.

It goes to show you the importance of word of mouth (WOM), because a friend of mine recently RAVED about their basil tomato pizza. I remembered that and so I thought I would give them a try.

I had actually written that pizza place off a long time ago because another friend of mine used to work in a store near that pizza place and she said the owner would be working out back on his car and then without washing his hands was making the pizza dough. She witnessed it. YUK! Again WOM kept me from ever going back there. His pizza wasn't good anyway.

And ...for some reason me ..the pizza places in my immediate area are bland or lacking something. It can be very disappointing. I have found that sometimes it depends on who makes it. You'd think there would be a set recipe ..but they can be different even tho coming from the same place. There is a good one a couple of towns away ...but's a couple of towns away.

Then there is a Dominoes pizza ..but a frozen box of pizza is just as good and cheaper. That being said ...I love the domino's pizza when we are at the shore house. It tastes so much better! It must be because is vacation the shore. :)

I love the taste of boardwalk pizza. The thin crust and flavor ..awesome! And that one pizza place I like up here ..well they are from Bergen county ..which is close to NYC and so I think pizza down that way tastes better too.

Well it turns out that pizza place with the owner who didn't wash his hands is under new ownership now.

Walking in was nostalgic, because years ago was also the pizza place we HS kids would walk to during lunch and buy a slice of pizza. Memories. :)

So ...I walked in ..stated my name and what I had ordered. The girl promptly pulled the pies that had been warming on top of the oven. After exchanging a few pleasantries while paying for our greatly anticipated treat ...the owner said, "Thank you Pat."

I was immediately taken with his kindness and a warmth he had about him. I said "Your welcome but thank YOU!" and left.

The pizza was just warm ...but ...let me tell you ...upon tasting the basil tomato pizza ...I was exclaiming "Oh my God! This is so good!", with every bite. Even ..the CRUST! All of it!

Actually guys like meat on their pies and so I got half tomato basil, half meat (a lot of meat for you meat lovers :) and then a personal white pie (my favorite) with broccoli (although I prefer spinach ...but broccoli still good), tomato, ricotta and garlic - to die for IMO. :)

The guys loved the meat pie, and son also loved the other pies too. It was sooooooooo delicious that it was guilt free calories. Okay ..well not totally guilt free or I wouldn't be mentioning guilt. :) But if you're gonna cheat ...make sure it is worthwhile. Oh WAS! :)

I cannot wait to have another tomato basil pie! I think I like it as much as the white pie. Now that is saying something, because white pies are my absolute favorite!

Well ...I just had to call them to tell them how much we enjoyed it.

I told the girl,"The pizza was delicious, the best pizza we've had in a long time ..that my husband and son really liked it and that we will now be their customers." I asked her to please tell the owner and she said she would.

Then she said "Thank you Pat."

There it was again.

They used my name. And they used it in a warm, knowing way.

No one from any pizza place in my entire life has ever used my name. N-e-v-e-r.

Good salesmanship 101: Use the customer's name. It demonstrates they are important enough to care what their name is and it personalizes it and draws the person in ..because they no longer feel like just a number.

Now ...I have heard that over done sales people that are just oozing phony and want the sale. And the pizza people obviously didn't know me. But there was a sincerity that I picked up on. A warmth. Inviting ..causing me to want to come back. Are they consistently that way? I don't know. But personally ..I got a really good vibe and they are now our new go to pizza place and I will tell everyone to try them.

That is me. I like relationships ..with the pharmacist, the doctor, the grocery clerk ..whomever. People are special. I like the connection. I like the familiarity. I like the mutual respect. And I like the resulting trust that builds over time. I like the sense of community.

I know that is not for everyone ...but it is me.

The owner had me at "Thank you Pat." :) Truthfully ...even if the pies weren't all that good ...I would still go back there ...just because of the owner and the sweet girl.

I think the pies will be even more excellent if we bring them home when they're still hot.

For those of you living in the area ...the name of the place (located in the Shoprite Plaza) is called:

"The Pizza Shoppe" 973-209-2299

I'm telling you girlfriend was right ...the basil tomato pizza is soooooo GOOD! And even if you think you don't like basil and tomato pizza may really like it after trying the
Pizza Shoppe's basil/tomato pizza. I'm just saying. :)


P.S. Now I am heating up a leftover slice to eat ... MMMM ...while decorating the Christmas tree. Perfect tree this year - again I digress. :)


peggy said...

i think we're going to be ordering one of those pizzas tonight, mostly because it sounds really good, but also because basil's supposed to help induce labor (i'm sure this won't work but i'm willing to try)

SeaSpray said...

You'll LOVE it! Also for meat lovers ..they really fill it with meat.

Maybe with a change in weather pressure if get snow, the moon and basil ...

I know you're ready. :)

Dr. Deb said...

Wanted to wish you a wonderful holiday and New Year.

SeaSpray said...

Thank you Dr Deb. I wish the same for you too. :)