Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Every Funny Title I Put Up - I Felt I Had to Take Down, But They Were FUNNY! ;)


Actually ..over easy - sunny side up on whole grain toast with butter, salt and pepper is my favorite way to have eggs. I would never eat eggs and thought I hated them. Then one morning Mr SeaSpray made my eggs that way and I was hooked. I have loved eggs ever since. :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dalmations,Balloons, Licking a Present, Groucho and Lasagna

Since I wrote about balloons in my previous post reminds me of another birthday story. Younger son's 5th birthday.

The Disney Dalmatians were popular at the time and younger son liked them. he wanted a real Dalmatian, but we already had a dog. I much preferred that as opposed to the He Man monster action figures when older son was 5. :)

I missed a charity concert at the county auditorium, that my neighbor had put together to raise money for their babysitter who had cancer. He did two of them and so I did go to the first one. He brought in old bands like the Drifters and other 50s/60s bands and his group got back together to perform. I've always loved the oldies ..even though I was a kid when they were hits. Fun music. I was disappointed I was missing this one because he sang Cara Mia (Jay and the Americans) for me because I LOVE how the singer carries the extended tune/lyrics at the end. That's some kind of lung power. :) We had been talking about the song and I said I loved the way Jay song and particularly that part. It gives me goosebumps ..still. (playing it now) Well ..he didn't tell me he was singing it and I thought I was going. When he came to the party the next day, he told me he sang it and we were both disappointed. he wanted me to hear him sing and I would've loved hearing him sing it.

But, I couldn't because it turned out I had so much to do. Not only were the kids coming but so were the parents and I was making Lasagna and other food, decorating, setting up games and blowing up balloons with a hand pump. Over a hundred. I'm surprised I didn't count them! Red, white and black latex balloons. Disney Dalmatian colors. It's a good thing I'm not allergic to latex! Anyway should've seen the living room and family room filled up with balloons the night before. :)

All these balloons were then placed over our heads, in nets that were strung out across the carport we had at the time. At the end of the party we released them and the kids could all play with them or sit on them and pop them. :) And of course the ice cream cake had the Dalmatian theme/colors with a Dalmatian in the center. One game I had for them was they had to find their prize at the end of the yarn. Each child had their own colored yarn to follow from the starting point to the end where the prize was. Older son and the girl next door had fun setting that up ..winding it everywhere around the yard. :)

It was a beautiful, sunny October Sunday.

My m-i-l gave younger son something he really wanted. I don't recall the name, but it was a white micro machine van or truck (not sure) on wheels..that also opened with all 4 sides coming down and then there were roads and buildings inside. It was neat! Well soon as he tore the paper and saw the picture on the box ..he immediately LICKED the box! I never saw it before or since ..but I guess he gave that present his ultimate seal of approval! LOL! Everyone laughed and I have it on video. We gave him his first bike with training wheels. he didn't lick it though. :)

We also put a pinata up to be opened at the end of the party. I put a LOT of glitter inside that would fall out all over with the candy and I wanted to capture that on film too. Well I was filming the kids trying to break the pinata, but one of the fathers was standing next to me and he was raving about my lasagna and telling me that he kept going back for more. Needless to say he got my attention and wouldn't you know of the kids broke the pinata and I missed getting it on film. Oh well.

Then after that ..I handed out those plastic noses with mustache and glasses for the kids to put on ..the Groucho Marx type noses. They all happily put them on. Even my friend Pstamper's little 1 1/2 yr old baby girl wore them. they all wore them except for our younger son ..the birthday boy. Our older son wore it. All the kids wore it. We lined them all up for a picture. And there was younger son ..the only one NOT wearing the plastic nose and glasses. I don't know why he refused.

The picture turned out great ..very funny. And the kids all looked so different. It was hilarious.

I may've missed Cara Mia ..but that party is one of my favorite birthday memories with the boys. :) I also liked older son's 3'rd birthday Disney party and Older Son's 13th birthday overnight waffle party. That one is a post of it's own.

I'll put some of these birthday pics up when I come across them sometime.
I think I am going to set my music players up with oldies (Springsteen stays here though - sorry Jim :), for awhile because they are so fun and upbeat. Well not always, but I still like them. I am trying to lift my spirits by disengaging from politics... or at the very least provide balance. I felt consumed by them last week and that is not good for anyone. Ha! Although I admit that while blogging, playing Cara Mia repeatedly ... I am also listening to political news on talk radio.

*I still need to find out how to silence the player in this blog without having to remove it. I do apologize for the annoyance. I did see it when I first set it up, but am missing it now. HELP!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

PO -D-i-a-t-ry

It was my mother-in-law's 80th birthday and we were all going out to dinner Saturday night and then coming back here for birthday cake and ice cream ..and presents. I decorated and 6'2" younger son hung the birthday banners for me. I decided that helium balloons would be festive. And I wanted a set of clustered balloons... 3 in each set.

There is a new store in town ..The Dollar Tree. I figured they would have balloons at a good price. (They do - the pretty foil ones for a dollar each - good price) I figured it would be a new listing and so I called information.

The phone call with the automated information went as follows:

City and State?

"A Town In, NJ."


"The Dollar Store."

PO - D-i-a-t-ry?

"No. The Dollar Tree."

PO - D-i-a-t-ry?


PO - D-i-a-t-ry?


I admit I did get impatient with the automated recording.

I was nice to the operator.

He gave me the number.

I ordered the balloons.

I tied one set to the wooden railing in the family room. It was tied about 30 seconds when I saw one balloon float up to the top of the cathedral ceiling. That's because Sneakers the cat ...has a thing for ribbon and immediately chewed through the ribbon ..setting the balloon free. Or he was on a mission to liberate the balloons ..I don't know. :)

It was so much fun getting out with all of our closest family. The food was delicious and I had one of my favorites ..chicken Marsala ..mmmm. :)

I like to drink wine, a glass or two once in a great while ...but I love wine cooking and prefer it in food any day. My d-i-l once said to me "Since you like wine in food so much ..why don't you just drink a glass of wine?" It's good ..but I prefer it in the cooking. I would put wine in everything if I could. My morning oatmeal or in my lunchtime soup du jour. ;) Actually, I love red wine in spaghetti sauce, but Mr SeaSpray doesn't like wine cooking and so once in a while I'll make a separate pot for me.

But I digress.

It was a nice surprise for Mom when the piano player played Happy Birthday for her. She enjoyed it. She also liked her gifts. D, our 8 yr old granddaughter is still the official birthday cake tester and never fails to fulfill her commitment to do a taste test of the icing before she will give her approval for us to eat the cake. She always approves. :) The baby, W 10 months now and pulling herself to standing position and crawling around. She is excited about everything and can't take in enough in the world around her. It is so much fun to see the world through a child's eyes. I think I appreciate that more each time there is a new child in the family. If only we could know exactly what their thought processes are. Pretty soon both girls will be having their birthdays ..2 days apart ...back to back birthday parties. YAY!!! :)

It was refreshing to get away from all the negative news, political unrest and angst I have been feeling over all these things. The real life moments and people right in front of us are what matters most of all and I am blessed with a wonderful and loving family.

I am very grateful for that.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Alternative to Stress Incontinence Surgery

Now This Is An Office Setup

Boy ... some people will do anything to avoid surgery! ;)

LOL! I've got uro on my brain and when I saw this pic ..I just had to use it.

Hmmm ...u-r-o ... on... the brain.

Bladder Brain.

Is there an ICD-9 code for that? ;)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Grocery Store Musical :)

This is a WELCOME Relief From Everything!

I LOVE it!

I highly recommend you watch this if you would appreciate something upbeat, funny, fun and entertaining. I smiled through the whole thing. I needed that and it felt good. :)

Wouldn't it be neat to walk into the fruit aisle and have people suddenly break out into song about fruit? Their spontaneity was obviously a pleasant surprise and a bit bewildering for some... but they enjoyed it ... as evidenced by their smiling faces. Some recorded it on their phones. I would too. :)

LOL! I'd also be tempted to grab a piece of fruit and do something ..although I don't know what. I sure wouldn't sing ..cause I can't carry a tune. Maybe just wave my fruit du jour to the rhythm of the music... or not.

I enjoyed the customer responses as much as the performers. I can imagine even more smiles being generated as the customers relay their fruit aisle experiences to other people.

The male customer after the musical was funny.

What a FABULOUS thing to do! :)

I'd like to have one of those candy apples right now!

But .. I'll be a good SeaSpray and will drink my herbal aloe juice and go to bed.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Comfort Food - Homemade Soup -Politics

soup2010 by you.

After today's vote *for* the HC bill .. I am in need of comfort food. This is a picture of my homemade turkey soup with dumplings that I made about a month ago. My dear d-i-l took this picture of her bowl of soup for me. :) I find dumplings to be especially comforting. :)

However, today ..Mr SeaSpray made some homemade chicken soup ..which was delicious. I tend to like thicker soups and he is more of a broth kind of guy and so no dumplings today ..but it was still very good. I also loved being treated to someone else's cooking. :)

Okay people ..I am not going to get all political here because I do not want to alienate anyone and that is not what this blog is about. That being said ..I am distressed about this health care bill being passed the way it is designed and sincerely hoped they would scrap this one and truly begin again in a bipartisan effort to rebuild it from the foundation up.

I do have specific concerns, but won't belabor them here.

I am wondering if there is a silver lining behind it being passed the way it is at this time? Is there something I am missing? If anyone cares to enlighten me about any silver lining in the HC bill I can't yet see ..I welcome your opinions.

Well .. Celebrity Apprentice will be on in a few minutes. Anyone out there like that show?

I thoroughly enjoy it! :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Weighed Less Despite the Salt-a-thon

I am currently participating in a 3 day Salt-a-thon that began yesterday and will end tomorrow night... with Reubin sandwiches.

Well ..that's how I see it anyway. :)

Gee ..just how much salt are we consuming?

I had corned beef last night and all the vegetables cooked with it. You just know the vegetables absorb all that salt. And .. I had potato chips. I don't usually eat potato chips ..but this particular brand sucks me in every time and I can't resist or stop at just 20. They are Lays 50% less salt. I love the way they are folded over or burned. I just can't resist the unusual potato chip with burned being my favorite.

I also recently announced that I want to lose 10lbs by April 2nd. Hmm ..could be a problem here.

I also decided I would not weigh myself until April 2nd ..but this morning, I just had to know the damage with the corned beef meal, chips and all the salt.

Oh and I should say that my ingesting that kind of salt results in added water weight the next morning much so that I swear the girls go up a cup size and rings feel tighter.

So ..why subject myself to the scale's message of doom? Everyone knows weight can fluctuate with salt. But like a lemming going over the cliff ..I was summoned by some unknown force ..more powerful than I a mere mortal could resist.

And much to my extreme delight .. I weighed less than last week ..which means that given the salty meal I had yesterday ..that I actually lost more weight than is showing and that is greatly encouraging. :)

Anyway ..the annual salt-a-thong only happens once a year with St Patrick's day and is the only time I cook corned beef ..although this year I do have one left over.

Reubins have sauerkraut which I love and I'm still having cabbage cravings. Cheese has salt. The sandwich has a lot of fat and salt. So ..this will be the last meal like this until after I weigh myself in 2 weeks. And yes ..I will put a pickle with it but no chips.

So ...let the salt-a-thon continue! We are looking forward to those Reubins tomorrow night. :)

I know I need to be stronger ..but I have again asked Mr SeaSpray to please stop buying that particular brand of chips. Besides ..if he brings them home's not like he's gonna get any. Funny thing is if they were ridged chips or too salty or plain flat chips ..I could care less. but darn ..the unusually shaped and or burned chip gets me every time and the bag is FILLED with them! Quirky ..I know. :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Venting a Bit

Feeling down.

Company coming for a nice corn beef with all the fixins dinner. About to put the Irish soda bread in the oven.

been listening to Celtic music all day.

Delightful ..but bittersweet. Almost lost it with Danny Boy. Then I remembered one of our Irish ED docs singing Danny Boy a capella at a good bye dinner for one of the staff and smiled at that memory. . He has an amazing voice and with the Irish accent ..perfect. have it on tape. :)

Listening to ..I created what I named Celtic music and so many wonderful selections are coming up.

Bittersweet because I am missing Mom. I am using a table cloth that had been her mother's from Scotland sort of have her present at the table. She always liked the traditional Corn beef dinner. :)

I feel like I can't post anything to save my life and you wouldn't believe how much I've written and pulled or not posted. I guess .. I just have to roll with it.

Anyway doesn't know I am feeling down and so it's our secret. Shhh ..just you and the world. Just needed to vent.

And ..I'll perk up with the baby and family here.

For those of you celebrating .. I hope you are enjoying your day..well I hope you all are. :)

May the road rise to meet you,
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
The rains fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of his hand.

May God be with you and bless you:
May you see your children's children.
May you be poor in misfortune,
Rich in blessings.
May you know nothing but happiness
From this day forward.

May the road rise up to meet you
May the wind be always at your back
May the warm rays of sun fall upon your home
And may the hand of a friend always be near.

May green be the grass you walk on,
May blue be the skies above you,
May pure be the joys that surround you,
May true be the hearts that love you.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Subconscious Atonement?

I wonder other people get these weird ..out of the blue crazy cravings that they just HAVE to have? I'm thinking yes. But it's just weird.

Saturday evening ..while dinner was already cooking ..I got this unbelievably strong ..relentless craving ..that I could not ignore a matter of fact .. I was powerless to ignore this craving and it was not included in my dinner menu... but I had to have it ..absolutely had to have it ...more than anything else on this planet ..and so I caved.

It was just the two of us, as younger son was out for the evening and so I kept it simple and decided to make hamburgers and steamed fresh cauliflower. I know hamburgers are easy to make ..but mine are really good and if you had them'd come back for more. :)

Then while blogging and even though dinner was cooking ...out of no where ...this unbelievable craving came over me. I saw it in my minds eye ..I fantasized about what I could do with it ..I mulled over my options and decided .. I was going for it ..but one way wasn't enough .. I had to have it both ways and so I went to the fridge ..pulled out the biggest one we had and placed it on the cutting board. Chopping, rinsing and draining. I was thrilled because there was so much! (Okay if I was thrilled by this ..I really do need to get a life ;) But, it really was a lot...and at that moment my world ..that is the only thing I wanted. True ..a cheap thrill ... but it was about to be mine. :) I began tossing it around in the frying pan with olive oil, a little smart butter and a little salt with a lot of pepper. MMMMM ..I could not wait to have it... but then I made the other recipe and I have to say ..this turned out really well because I changed my method with the honey.

I placed the remainder of this shredded delight in a large bowl and drizzled honey all over it with a little salt, pepper and tossed. Not at the wall or Mr SeaSpray ..but rather I tossed this mixture in the bowl. ;) Then I added the Hellman's mayo... not too much ..j-u-s-t- so. Perfect! I then added shredded carrots and tossed... again ..not at the wall or Mr SeaSpray ..but rather I tossed it in the bowl. :) Now maybe it's because I was really hungry or maybe because I had this incredibly strong craving ..but I think it is the best I ever made. I also think that drizzling the honey all over it and tossing before adding the mayo was the perfect way to distribute the honey throughout.


Does life get any better?

Oh yeah!

Then I got to enjoy what I fried up in the pan. Between the cold and then the hot version of this intensely CRAVED object of desire.... I was completely satisfied .. and at peace and went back to blogging. This was all before dinner was ready.

It's funny how the brain works. I was not thinking about this at all. Dinner was on and I was looking forward to it. There was a Noah's Ark proportion nor'easter rainstorm outside, whiel I was happily blogging in our warm and cozy home. Then BAM! Seemingly ..out of nowhere this intense craving hit and hit me hard! And I was compelled to act on it... and so I did.

The evidence was everywhere. Mr SeaSpray walked into the kitchen ..instantly amused. He knows that no matter what I do ..when ever I work with that food it's like a bomb went off ..a CABBAGE bomb ..pieces strewn everywhere and no ..I didn't toss them. It's a wild vegetable if you ask me ..not easily tamed ..jumps out everywhere in the shredding process. I guess I would too if I were being shredded.

So ..there you have it ..I had a cabbage craving. Who does that? For cabbage?

It was s-o-o-o-o GOOD too!

I am thinking that being overcome by the cabbage craving was a deeper level in my brain ..some kind of subconscious atonement for having that one night stand with the Chocolate Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies the other night.

Well ..that .. and I lOVE cabbage. :)

Also ..I'm not sure ..but if I am understanding the diagram correctly and if it represented my brain Saturday night ..I think we'd see a head of cabbage sitting in the core area. :)

* I much prefer honey in coleslaw then regular sugar. It's better for you and metabolizes better in your system and gives a nice taste to the salad. It did distribute better, tossing the coleslaw with the honey first and then add the mayo. Imo, the mayo should be Hellman's.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Part I - Morning Remorse ...

It is not my intent to offend anyone with this what I suppose is a somewhat provocative post ..but rather it is a true confession that I need to get off my chest... one that I believe is in my best interest to release ... if I truly want to be set free from the strongholds of this self imposed imprisonment I have allowed for myself. It is in the darkness that our deepest secrets and/or fears are magnified ..but when we allow the light to shine upon them .. if we embrace truth ...the secrets and fears ..they will dissipate ...thus no longer having the same power to cripple us they once had.
I caved.

I can't believe it (or can I?) ...given my mind set just a few hours earlier.. but I caved ..and almost without a thought naturally as taking my next breath. MMMMmm ... i-n-h-a-l-e ....

Not only did I cave ..but I have to say what they say is true .. "If you're going to cheat ..make sure it's worth it." Oh... it was! I had the best of lovers last night of my most coveted objects of desire.

I caved.

Forsaking my priorities, hopes and dreams ..yet more time .. with reckless abandon ..and it was s-o-o-o good. And in the middle of it ...I admit to having thoughts of .."I got what I wanted ..stop now." But I couldn't ..and honestly ..I didn't even try. They say the thrill is in the chase ..although it was I who had been pursued .. this time, but if I am honest ..deep down ..I wanted to be. "Just give me a reason to say "Yes.", whispered my subconscious. When the opportunity for consummation of unrequited love presented ...I could not turn away ...once the boundaries had been crossed ...once immersed in the throes of the forbidden passion ...I-could-not-turn-away.

No doubt why they say .. "You don't miss what you never had."

No doubt why they say .."Don't cross the line."

But I did.

Seduction disguised ...insidiously having her way with me that I was wooed by the familiar ... comforted by my multiple past transgressions ..that in a moment of weakness ...consumed by lust ..I surrendered myself ..wholly ..completely .. eagerly...


body ..

and spirit...

before I hardly knew what happened ..

and before I knew I was in the place of no return .. a place where guilt and voice of reason were faint cries ...deeply buried by the pleasures of the moment.

Reckless abandon.

Having abounded in the pleasures of the moment...

all was well in my world ..

despite my transgression.

E-x-h-a-l-e ...

And then this morning ..while lying on my back beneath the twisted sheets ... as I opened my blue eyes ... my dark brown hair tousled, settled across the pillows ...the previous night's memories barraging my waking mind lover no where to be found ...not a trace of what had transpired between the two of us... my thoughts lingered on our inevitable encounter... the feelings satisfied ever so fleetingly ...and my realization of what I had done ...instantly catapulting me into feelings of profound remorse.

How could I?

Certainly not the first time I asked that of myself on the morning after.

And so the clarity of my previous night's act of careless surrender took center stage in my mind's eye this morning ...I felt as though I would drown under the weight of the all consuming and profound remorse that was now holding me captive.

And then ...I had an epiphany moment.

To be continued...

Wait! I assume anyone that knows me would know that this is not as it possibly appears to some and so let me clarify this with 5 little words.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Standing, Talking, Cold, Wet and NEKKID!!

This post was inspired by StorytellERdoc's current post. I realized that my increasingly lengthy comment could be a post and so here it is. Thanks for the inspiration Jim! :)

When I was 25, I once had to talk with someone ...a doctor ...while standing nekkid and I was cold too. Not only was I cold ..but I was wet ..dripping wet. I also felt like a Sumo wrestler ..female version ..because I had recently given birth to our 1st son via c-section and it was the first time I was able to take a shower.

The nurse had covered my still swollen belly with plastic taped onto me because I had the vertical c-section incision (up toward my navel) that needed to be protected. That was the *only* covering I had, if you could call it that because even the plastic was transparent! My head! My head was covered by hair. That was my only covering because even Bajingoland had been shaved in the prep. I'm just sayin. I don't know how they prep women today ..but in 1980 they shaved me everywhere... well okay it was my stomach case I had a C-section.

I was actually scared my little light soft feminine hair would come in all virile from shaving and I'd be hairy ..seriously SASQUATCH HAIRY when it grew back! Oh and what nurse with any common sense says to a very pregnant woman in labor ...with strong hormones coursing through her body .."You're a HAIRY lady!"? In retrospect ..maybe she had a secret death wish. ? And for the record ..I didn't turn into a HAIRY SASQUATCH. So loose that image please. Thank you very much! :)

It was on a Wednesday morning ...August 20th, 1980, to be exact... when I decided I was up to taking my first shower after the c-section. I went in right after breakfast. I had no sooner stepped out of the shower ...when the bathroom door opened and much to my surprise and dismay ...there was my son's pediatrician. He was on his morning rounds and his morning rounds brought him to me, standing in the doorway. He didn't say "Excuse me ..I''ll give you a minute." and back out closing the door for me. And I didn't even shriek or ask him to leave, asking him for a minute to get covered up. My robe was on the back of the door ..that he was now holding open!

This was the first time I met him. What a first impression ..nekkid ...specifically ... dripping wet ..cold ..nekkid, sporting only the see through plastic on my swollen sumo wrestler belly. I'm a friendly hand shake kind of girl ..always was ..but we didn't shake hands that morning. I assume it was because I was wet and/or nekkid. Given the circumstances ..while I listened attentively (new mom trying to soak everything up - no pun intended), I wasn't my usual congenial self. I did converse ..but I really was the proverbial deer in the headlights physically and emotionally had a dual dialog of mortification going on in my head. Funny how our brains can do that. You hear and converse with the other person ..but under stress, there is this whole other conversation with images going on in your head... at least it works that way for me anyway.

I didn't know what to do and so I stood there talking with him ..too shy ..okay definitely MORTIFIED ... and too deep into freeze mode (emotionally and physically/temperature wise) to even grab the towel.. or ask to get my robe behind the door.

I just stood there ... looking up at him while conversing with him about our new son. It was humiliating and awkward and I was wondering what he was thinking. Perhaps he was in a rush and just trying to get rounds finished. Or perhaps once he was already in ..he figured he should just commit to the conversation. Also ..maybe for him ..he was used to being around the nekkid new mothers and so for him it was just shop.

However ...he really should have been more sensitive to my feelings and right to privacy. I don't think back in 1980, medical people thought in terms of right to privacy anywhere near as much as they do today. But common sense should've kicked in. Maybe he thought that since I didn't say anything it was alright. It wasn't though.

I never imagined my son's pediatrician would see me nekkid ..that is for sure. And actually, he was very nice and turned out to be my favorite doctor in that group.

But let me tell you ..standing ..talking ...while cold, dripping wet and NEKKID with a post c-section swollen, Sumo wrestler, shaved, plastic covered taped belly opposite someone of the opposite sex ..that you are meeting for the first time ...even if he is a doctor not exactly the best way to start out your day. I'm just sayin. :)

(Not like the 2nd, 3rd or 10th time would be any better :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Post - Interview Thoughts

I enjoyed StorytellERdoc's interview with Dr Anonymous on Blogtalkradio last week and it was fun calling into the show. You can click on the interview link above or go to the blogtalkradio archives if you want to listen to it. I also enjoyed the chat that was going on during the show. It was neat hearing Bongi call in from South Africa. And it was also nice to connect with Dr A again during the show.

Jim (StorytellERdoc) did a great job with the interview. Funny guy! I admire his passion for writing. And I admire the compassion and respect he has for other people.

It was neat communicating with fellow bloggers via chat ..Ramona - I LOVE that blue jeans purse she made and would use it all the time! :) , Jabulani, MbA, Bongi and Rositta. I missed connecting with my friend Angel during the show. :)

I hope I didn't leave anyone out. What a nice group of people and fun hobby! :)

Oh ..and Jim ..just for you ..since during the interview let me know just how much you "appreciate" "the Boss" ...I dedicate the new song lineup on my music player to you. I know you're gonna just love songs 4 through 24! ;)

*** Help requested! I did go into the music player settings and cannot find how to mute the music so it doesn't play automatically when someone comes into the blog. I clicked on something that says mute/sound, but it doesn't turn the player off.

Does anyone know how to mute the sound in the music player?