Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Fourth Most EmbarASSing Moment!

*For anyone pressed for time ..the funny part (says me) is mostly in the middle of the post ..highlighted in pink. :)

As I was getting ready for my 7-3 shift at the hospital one morning ... a sunny Saturday morning in July to be exact, I could already tell it was going to be another extremely hot and humid day. We had been having a heat wave and that day wasn't going to be any different.

Even though the hospital was air conditioned, it was often still too warm when it got crazy busy with patients. This is because the busier it got- the more I ran around and also because the large ambulance bay doors would be opening up more often. And they were located right next to the Emergency reception area. Right there!

It's also because ..ever since I was 4 years old ..I seem to be affected by the heat more than others as evidenced by the little beads of water that always appear on my face during the dog days of summer. Ha! Or any time it is hotter than Hades ..even if it's in an overheated room in January. I do not tolerate the heat well at all. If you want to break me ..just crank up the heat.

At that time, the ambulatory patients and patients arriving via ambulance came in through the same large doors. Everyone ...patients, employees, visitors either rolled or walked in through that set of doors ..and back out again. And if it was busy, with a long wait time ..then said waiting people ..would continually walk in and out. In and out. ....out and back in through those doors, to go smoke outside or do whatever they do when waiting a long time. And every time those large doors opened ... the heat and humidity from outside would also rush inside... then competing with the already over worked air conditioner operating at full blast in the waiting room ..the emergency reception work area.

So, with all this in mind ..I had decided that a dress would be the coolest thing to wear. It was a light summer cotton material. The prettiest shade of pale pink with an additional white pattern running through it. The upper part of the dress was sleeveless, solid white and then it had a matching three quarter sleeve light jacket that went on over my head and crisscrossed in the that it formed a low V neck in the front. I wore a lace camisole underneath on top that the pretty lace showed across the top. And this jacket came just down over my hips.. where it then gathered inward ..landing just below my butt and at the very top of my thighs.

Because I knew it was going to be hot ..and that I could end up feeling quite warm ..I decided not to wear a half slip or any stockings. This was before it became mandatory for women to wear stockings at work. And with light soft pink heels and the dress breezily flared at the bottom... landing about mid shin really did look just fine. I loved that dress. It was light, summery and feminine.

I don't remember anything about that day while working ..other than when it was 3pm and time to punch out. I can still see how the mid afternoon sunlight was streaming through the surrounding windows into the reception area. I grabbed my purse and proceeded to walk across the hall to the ladies room. After tinkling ..I washed up, then freshened my makeup and combed my hair.

I was going to go out looking for a new mattress.

The emergency department had been slow that day. I knew it was quiet inside the ED and so I decided to go chat in the ED office area with the staff for a few minutes. It was just a little room ..right in the middle of the ED. It was literally in between the room with stretchers for patients with general concerns on one side and then on the other side ..was the cardiac room and then the trauma room.

There were three doors into the ED from the hall and a sliding pocket door accessing the ED from our area. The emergency room doc's desk was in the cardiac room and right by door number two ...the middle door. And there was a bathroom directly across from this little office room where the nurses did their charting, etc.

So ...I exited the bathroom and walked down and across the hall entering in through door number two. The doctor was sitting at his desk. I said "Hi.", as I walked past and around him.. making a left which brought me immediately into the to the office area.

A male nurse was sitting in the little room. I was always very fond of and enjoyed working with him. I considered it to be both a blessing and a privilege to work there and with them ..and many of my other co-workers as well. I shall always remember them fondly. :)

I decided to just stand in the door frame of the bathroom across from the male nurse. I noticed there was one patient immediately to my left, in bed 3 the upper ED area, right next to the little room the male nurse was in and that I was standing across from. The patient's curtain was drawn around their bed, but I know they could hear everything.

So ... I told the nurse about my plans to go out shopping for a mattress that afternoon. I wanted to get his opinion. In the mean time ...I looked to my right and noticed that the emergency room supervisor was standing while talking on the phone ...down a ways in the trauma room. She waved at me and so I smiled and waved back. (I always liked and greatly respected her.)

I continued talking with the male nurse.

I had been contemplating getting a water bed and wanted to know if he knew anything about them. I was intrigued at the idea of sleeping on a mattress filled with water. One of my friends had one and I thought it was really neat. But I was concerned with how we would like it in the long term and wondered if it really was as good for your back as the claims that were made about them.

I happened to look down at the trauma room again and the ED supervisor was still standing there ...still talking on the phone. She gave me a big wave ...again ... and so I waved back at her ...again.

The male nurse and I continued talking.

The next thing I knew ...was that the ED supervisor came right up close to me and whispered something in my ear. Too my utter dismay ..she whispered, "Your dress is COMPLETELY up in the back and is CAUGHT underneath your jacket."

Now ...when these kinds of embarrassing moments happen ... you are not supposed to call attention to yourself any more than what has already happened to you. You are supposed to be calm, gracious, and act like nothing happened.

Did I do that?

Oh no ..I did not.

I shrieked in horror and total humiliation! "Oh NO! Aghh! Oh NO!" , while simultaneously backing further into the bathroom. But she stayed right with me and helped me pull it all the way down in the back. I could feel my face instantly turn to a hot flush .. all the more betraying my mortal embarrASSment. I was MORTIFIED!!

The male nurse ...who had been sitting across from me in the little office ...casually chatting about mattresses with me ...just collapsed onto the desk in total and all consuming laughter. His arm literally gave way under him as it slid outward ...totally flat on the desk ...his head collapsed onto his arm ...face down...with his shoulders heaving and body convulsing in debilitating, breath robbing laughter! He was leveled.

That's all I remember for what seemed like an eternity in time. I don't remember the patient in bed to my left and I don't remember what the supervisor did or said after helping me with my dress. And I forgot all about the doctor who had been sitting right there off to my right and just around the corner from us. I had walked past him with my dress all the way up in the back ..and as it turned out it was tucked into the back of my cotton panties.

I forgot all about him ...until I heard him say "I was wondering what that was."

And then another round of debilitating, breath robbing laughter for the male nurse as he again collapsed down onto the desk ...leveled ...just leveled by the hilarity of this.

The reality of what had just happened was playing back in my mind as if I was in a time warp or some other world. I think it's why I don't remember anything else. I was lost in the instant replay in my head, of of what I did and where I had been up to that exquisitely embarrASSing moment.

While still in the ladies room ... in the stall ...I apparently had caught my cotton dress into my cotton panties when I pulled them back up. I then stood at the sink to wash and dry my hands. After that, I freshened my makeup, applied lipstick and brushed my hair. And all the while dress was up in the back. You'd think I would've felt the air on my legs. But it was so warm.

Then ..I walked down and across the hall, into the ED ..right where the doctor was sitting, said "Hi." to him and walked past and *away* from him into the little bathroom. He got an excellent view ... the front and center seat ..the best seat in the house. And the ED supervisor ..of course could see, which explained why she seemed overly friendly ..waving exuberantly and all.

I am near sighted. I never wear my glasses. If I had been wearing my glasses ..I might have noticed the concern on her face. I can see and drive with out them.. but I don't see details. I don't see what's in the picture across the room, someones facial expressions at the end of the grocery aisle ...or the ED supervisor mouthing words to me from 2 rooms away.

I don't remember actually leaving. I know I would've said goodbye. I must've laughed ...eventually. I just remember I couldn't get out of there fast enough. I don't even remember what door I exited out of.

But then the next thing I do remember is that while driving home .. I heard the ED doc's words replay in my head.."I was wondering what that was?"

"That?!", I thought to myself.



I felt humiliated all over again!

Then know what happened?

I tinkled again at home, freshened up, got a drink of water at the sink and then realized ..I did it AGAIN! I got the stupid dress caught up in my panties AGAIN! I was going to the mall. Can you just imagine some 32 yr old woman walking around the mall with the back of her dress caught up into the back of her panties. Oh my GOSH!

I never ..ever made that mistake again.

And the saving grace ...if you can call it that, was the little jacket covered the top of my dress coming to just below my butt and to the very top of my thighs. However ...since the doctor was sitting and I am tall ..there is a good chance that he saw upwards from where the jacket landed on me. Thank God I've always listened to my mother about wearing clean underwear! Or more importantly ...that I wear it! Could you just imagine otherwise? Perish the thought!

The male nurse and I didn't notice because the front and sides of the dress fell perfectly normal around three quarters of me.

I'd like to think that the ED Doc knew "that" was my "THIGHS", and what he actually meant was that he wondered what I had done with the rest of my dress and why I was walking around with nothing covering me in the back.

I mean come on! My thighs were shapely. They looked like female thighs. Did he not have anatomy 101 in med school? He was a doctor! And he was a man! I'm just sayin.

(I am repeating the following for readers who may not have read about the tissue pieces.)

This was the same doc (one of my all time favorites), who while talking with me on break one afternoon, took a few minutes to tell me "You know have little pieces of tissue stuck all over your face.?" What in the world was he thinking as he spoke with me? This guy had been through the rigors of a surgical residency! He often held life and death in his hands ...yet he had to decide whether or not to tell me I had little pieces of tissue stuck to my face? (It had been another hot day and I had made the mistake of blotting my face with the cheap hospital supplied tissues. The 3 patients I registered didn't tell me either!)

Anyway ..thank God they did not have cameras monitoring in the hospital when the back of my dress was MIA, like they do now! They have the capability of zooming in real close and going to replay ..over and over again if they want to. Talk about entertainment for security or whomever! If that ever happened it would be merciful to let me just die of the humiliation. :)
I ended up buying a water bed. I really wanted to experience the sensation of the swishing free flowing water mattresses ..but I was concerned about leakage ..and possibly having a flood of water in the bedroom. Believe me ..if it would happen to anyone would happen to me.

So I compromised by getting a cylinder water bed. Individual cylinders filled with watter, contained in a hollowed out mattress and then covered with a traditional mattress that still allowed the feel of the water and still made splashy sounds. I liked the splashy sounds. And then I got pregnant with our second son 6 months later. Let me tell you is not easy getting out of a water bed when you are full term pregnant. I did have a technique that worked though. :)

So now you know the fourth most embarrassing incident in my life. The third most embarrassing moment in my life was when I lost my bathing suit top in the ocean.

I can't tell you the second and first most embarrassing moments in my life.

Well ..I could tell you the first half of the second most embarrassing moment ..but never the second part and never anything about the first embarrassing moment in my life. My blogometer stats would be gyrating around and around if I posted on that. :)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Coming Soon!


I will put up my 3rd most embarrassing moment in life post soon. I know it's usually kiss-of-death to any post I announce ahead of time ..but it's hot's going to be hotter tomorrow (I heard 100 hotter than Hades degrees degrees kind of hot) and it will be a Saturday in July ..just like that day... the embarrassing moment day in 1987. So tomorrow the latest.

In the meantime ..just a reminder that I also write in the Positive Medical Blog, along with Chrysalis Angel and Lockup Doc. Although last post is definitely not my best.

I responded in frustration to what I read..but just didn't get it pulled together and feels disjointed in how it comes across. Plus I was critical of NYU weight loss clinic because from a patient/support person perspective .. these kinds of things that get reported where med professionals intentionally violate regulations ... potentially compromising patient safety and quality of care undermines the trust patients should have in the providers they choose.

And since writing that ..I realize most people will never know about those things. But for those who do ... I think it seriously undermines a medical reputation. Especially since there's been more ongoing investigation.

I wish I could tell you about the 2nd and 1st most embarrassing moments of my life. :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

These Are Funny :)

I am going to put my 3rd most embarrASSing moment in my life in next post. Just busy lately. I will try to get it up tonight. But in meantime... I think you will enjoy this ..especially if a SCRUBS fan. But it's funny for all. :)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Update, Thoughts and Other Ramblings

Devan, Wrenna and Uncle Chris' finger :) Check out that water clarity. :)

I've been remiss in posting. But I am planning a post soon. I think it is going to be about the 3rd most embarrassing thing that happened to me in my entire life and it happened at work in the hospital. It happened in hot, sticky weather like this and it happened on a Saturday in July. So ..this weather very much reminds me of that day. It seems fitting that I should tell this story. :) Hopefully will be my next post in here.

It's so miserably hot here in the northeast that I can hardly stand to blog. (If only I could blog in the pool. I LOVE that thought. :) Well that is because I have been trying to conserve electricity and NOT use the a/c. But it is going on today. Plus ..I felt bad when Mr SeaSpray came home into a hot house after working all day. I did make him an especially tasty potato salad though ..but then it's not like he could dive into the bowl the middle of the potato salad to cool off. He could go in the pool, but just not usually his thing.

Last month we had an 87.00 dollar electric bill and I was thrilled because we usually go to 200.00 and up and even hit 300.00 during 2 mos in winter. Even in warm weather ..when not using electric heat in the family room, bills are around 150.00 a month, before air conditioning season. We don't have a hot water heater. I do use spotlights outside at night when in pool and other times. We always have 2 box fans running in winter when we sleep and an electric stove and dryer. And while the family room is electric heat ..the rest of the house is heated with oil. I use some energy saver bulbs, but hate them. I don't like the way the light looks that they put out. Really unflattering when doing makeup. But ..I don't like it in other rooms either.
If they are really going to do away with the incandescent bulbs ..I will hoard them. I'll be like in the Seinfeld episode when Elaine ran out and bought all the birth control sponges when she heard they were being discontinued and the guys had to be "sponge worthy" for her to use them.

I will buy as many light bulbs as I can and then people and moments will have to be
light bulb worthy. Well ..I'll have to do it if I want them to last the rest of my life. I'm just sayin. :)
I asked the electric co about changing the meter since it is probably the original with the house and woman at electric company said they would, but our bills might be higher because they are more efficient. But is that true? What if it's wrong because it is old? I decided not to get the new one though.

I've been hanging things out on the line to dry. I love the fresh air smell on sheets. :)

But it will go up this month because we have the a/c on in the bedroom every night, the pool filter running and I probably run it more than necessary. The water had been so crystal clear that I have not had to shock it even once yet. But I keep it chlorinated and am on top of the algeacide and other stuff when needed. And changing the sand really made a difference.

The pool store said it's better not to change sand for 4 or 5 years and will work more efficiently in filtering. No ..we have found that clean sand makes all the difference. This is the second summer using it ... but we will change it next year. I haven't even brought the water in for testing yet this season. Why would I? "It's perfect!", she says ever so proudly. :)
I've also been catching up with friends. I kind of dropped off the radar screen for a few years and am ready to go back out to play and so have been reconnecting. I feel like I owe apologies to some and have some explaining to do. I think the medical issues resolved/healed .. coupled with the loss of friends and loved ones just caused me to want to be off on my own for a bit.

Despite some setbacks these last few yrs ..I actually feel stronger and even more mature in some ways ..wiser. I suppose that's what the challenging times in our lives do for us. Cause us to grow ..even if we do it kicking and screaming as I did in spirit.

Anyway feels really good catching up with my friends.

I feel like I am coming out of an unusual and difficult season in my life. Maybe that sounds strange and I know I am not articulating it well. It's just that so many profound things happened and my life seemed to have been totally turned upside down and shaken around for good measure. I know it's just what happens in life sometimes. But I can't help feeling that it all has to mean something .. a definite change of direction in my life. But I don't know what it is yet. And since I know things usually get better .. I think it will be a new direction for a purpose that I don't yet understand ... but good ..good things.

Does anyone else out there ever think like this? I can't help but to look for the deeper meaning to things.

If we are the accumulation of all past experiences ..and our today ..prepares us for our future ..I can't help but wonder what it all means.

And even though this was a time of shaking my world as I've known it the midst of it ..we were already blessed with Devan 9 years old and now our newest addition to the family ..Wrenna. And we will have another precious little addition in December. :) And other good things have happened during this time as well.

So ...I don't mean to come across negatively. I actually don't feel that way at all. Just pondering some things.
Younger son has been busy spackling his room and will be paining it tonight/tomorrow. He is into photography and will be putting up b&w framed photos. I can't wait to see it when it's done. he's doing a good job. :)
I've been listening to all 80s music on tv. I really like 80s music ..not all but most of it.
Oh I am losing weight ..steadily down now. Yay! And I have to say a post from Ramona's blog "Suture for a Living" has inspired me to walk as much as I can. She shoots for at least 10,000 steps a day. Okay ..I am not there yet, but I walked 2048 steps in the pool the other night and over 2000 yesterday. I also swim and do other things in the pool.

I like it in the pool because it is low impact on my knees. I do have a difficult time with knee pain ..but it's healing. I am finding that I am feeling even better with increased exercise and am sleeping much better and no longer even need to take melatonin or anything to sleep at night.

I don't want to let go of the good feelings I am experiencing.

Thanks for the inspiration Ramona! :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010



Can anyone help me with the blogger followers at the bottom of this blog?

I don't know what happened, but when I click on a follower ..all I get is a white screen and do not see them and it does not take me to their blog. I don't want to cancel it because I don't want to lose the followers.

The only settings I see to change are for color (nothing seems to work) and my profile.

But I must've changed something somewhere.

I am open to suggestions and most appreciative of any gidance offered.

Thank you. :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Exhilaration!! :)


This picture of Wrenna was taken on Father's day. We were celebrating both my birthday and father's day over at my m-i-l's house. We were out in the back yard and she was sitting on the frass with my d-i-l.

All of a sudden this strong wind picked up. A rain storm was imminent as evidenced by the darkening clouds. Dorothy! Toto! I was actually getting nervous because the wind was so strong.

My m-i-l lives up on a hill and she almost always have breezes and stronger winds there. This was so warm and balmy and felt wonderful against our bodies as it pushed the hot muggy air away from us. It was akin to having flood waters race through a canyon ..but instead it was strong winds. My d-i-l even joked to hold on to the baby so she doesn't blow away and I actually felt like it could happen.

Well ..little Wrenna just loved it. She didn't quite know what to make of it as she watched others scurry around. D-I-L and I were laughing because it was such a steady stream of wind blowing through. And the baby was laughing and seemed to love the feeling of it against her little body and the way it was lifting her hair up.

You can see the look of exhilaration on her face. :)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cosmic Payback?


Ugh! First of all ..are gnats normally around in July?!

I just made a fresh pot of coffee, came over to the computer check up on our "Welcome Back" surprise joke for lockup Doc and so had a couple of sips. I brewed it with added cinnamon. Mmm good. :)

The next time I picked up the mug ..I noticed a little black gnat floating in it.


So ..I just continued with blogging.

But then I was giggling about some comments and the post and forgot about the little bug in my coffee ..and so I took a gulp ..and then ..of course instantly remembered about said little bug and IMMEDIATELY SPEWED it back out ..the coffee ..with gusto ...I spewed the coffee and the little bug back into the mug ..which then splashed back into my eye ... specifically my left eye. I blotted my left eye with the back side of my index finger. Now left eye still feels weird. So ..I have to go rinse it.

The thing is ..I don't see the little gnat floating in the coffee. No matter how much I shake the cup to move the coffee the little bug isn't floating in there. But WHERE is this little Gnat - bug? EWWW ..I hate swallowing bugs. Maybe little bug splashed back into my eye ..which I am going to rinse ..right now.

I hate ingesting bugs.

Ever have one fly down your throat? Talk about choking! Much better to drink it down.

Wait a minute... was this some kind of cosmic payback for changing the blog on Lockup? It was just too MUCH of a temptation! ;)

Also: A reminder - there are new posts up in The Positive Medical Blog. My post "The Little Things" was inspired by Dr Rob from "Musings of a Distractible Mind" blog. :)

Oh and since it is obviously not above me to shamelessly promote our new blog
"The Positive Medical Blog", the link ..aside from the THREE ..make that FOUR links in this post to the blog (like "Where's Waldo?" - can YOU find the links?), is always at the top of my sidebar... for the "The Positive Medical Blog". Hmmm ..I suppose I should add it to my blogroll list too.

Hey can't blame a SeaSpray for promoting a good thing .. she's just sayin! :)

What Happens When You Don't Use Sunscreen ;)

Suspicious looking mole

Friday, July 9, 2010

Blog Under Construction

I finally managed to get a header up, but now the colors and formatting are all messed up. I will try to get this fixed asap. :)

YAY for the header! I was feeling like the lights were out with nothing at the top of the blog. :)

Okay - 01:39 and I can't see the forest for the trees here with colors.

I really like a template that has a white background ..but then any posts I've written in the past in pale yellow or blue are unreadable. I do like the dark backgrounds too ..kind of cozy feeling ..but think I better stop with all the colors. I was used to it in the original blue which I liked very much.

But had to give that up if I wanted a header. very happy about having that again. :)

2:54 pm and I still don't know what I want for this blog design. Wish I could subdue the aqua just a bit. Wish I could have the water background but then have to have a white template.

01:06 Saturday morning: Is this too much blue? I can never have enough blue ..but may be hard to read ..not sure? I am not a reliable source to ever say ..too much blue.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Alarming That This Can Happen!

I had no idea this could happen! Alarming! Something needs to be done about it too.

Copiers have hard drives that can be removed. Every image ..every piece of information copied is stored in the hard drive of the copiers. After companies get rid of their copiers, they can be sold to other buyers, including buyers in other countries.

Think of all the information a copier could be storing from medical offices, hospitals, lawyers, the government, etc.

Having one's privacy violated and being compromised both in reputation and financially by identity theft is a major concern. I am still upset about my former physician's office losing my medical records and it deeply bothers me whenever I think about it. And I feel angry ..just remembering how the office manager thought I was being "silly" because I was so upset that they couldn't find them. A little over a year and a half later ...and I DO wonder *WHERE* they are. I will stop discussing my lost medical records now because I feel myself getting upset all over again. But ..I will just say is an incredibly vulnerable and powerless feeling to know your privacy is potentially violated and that you could be at risk for identity theft on many fronts. God forbid!

But now ..seeing this report? Oh my gosh! How many of us are at risk for privacy/identity violations?

Kudos to Sharp for implementing a device that automatically erases the information from the hard drive. Other companies state they offer security or encryption devices on their products. Many companies don't want to pay the additional expense (approximately $500.00) for such protection. Shame on those companies. If I knew you weren't willing to protect my information ..I would not do any business with you. Nor would I recommend you with a positive word of mouth. Actually, I would warn people to stay away, unless they wanted to risk their personal information being violated.

People make mistakes. We're all human. It can happen. We don't want it to ..but, unfortunately mistakes do happen. But to intentionally ignore warnings ..consequently putting thousands of your customers at risk? To save a ballpark 500.00? (I know - multiply the expense times many copiers in a corporation - but also a business expense/tax deduction) You do not deserve the privilege of having customers... not if you know this can happen, deal with sensitive information and choose the dollar over protecting your customers.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Theoretically Speaking ;)

Life is quite busy these days ..which means less blogging time. But if you don't see a current post in this blog may be that I have one up in the Positive Medical Blog right now ..I do have one up right now .. a post ..up the Positive medical Blog. ;) The link is also at the top of the side bar in this blog.

Anyway ..if you've ever lost a pair of panties may just want to check
over there. Um ..we don't have said lost panties ..not yours or anyone else's. Of course ..I can't 100% vouch for Lockup Doc since he's away at the moment. But I'm 99.9% sure he doesn't have em either. Actually ..I am 99.99% sure he did not abscond with the panties.

But ...there is an explanation for where they may be. Well ..okay ..not yours or someone else's exact location ..but theoretically speaking. I'm just sayin. ;)

*Some of you may have read about my theory in here, but I there is more to the post over there.

photo credit - one of my favorite places to vacation in NJ. :)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Renal Scans, Ultrasounds and Code Yellow! ;) Revised

"Mambo #5" is playing in the background and that always evokes a smile because it reminds me of "Renal Scan # ?", which I just had the other day. It was a routine follow-up test ..just to be certain that everything is copacetic and I am sure it is.

I KNOW it is. :)

I 100% believe urodoc will give me good news and I have been feeling great. That being said usual ..I welcome any prayers offered or good wishes ...because I believe in the power of prayer and positive thoughts. :)

The staff at the hospital was pleasant as usual ..although the nurse came in with this little foley bag and was resistant to my telling her it needed to be the large one. She said they didn't have it. I had to keep explaining that I've done this before, they've always used a large foley bag and that if they don't use a large one ..they will be emptying the small one more often. I didn't say that I was also afraid that if they didn't change it fast enough, I would end up in pain with no outlet for the Lasix induced flood of urine that would hit my system like water rushing through a broken dam. Okay ..well it feels that way. Thus it would back up ..causing unnecessary additional pressure ..something I would not want after the lasix hits my system. YIKES about pressure!

You really need to advocate for your self as a patient sometimes or have someone advocating for you. And I know they don't want patients ..seemingly telling them what to do ..but if a patient is of reasonably sound mind ..(I am ..reasonably that is ;), and a frequent flier with a particular routine ..they may want to listen to them because if they do will save everyone involved some grief.

I know protocols/procedures can change and patients do not know all that goes on. Oh thing that changed was that I was not allowed to bring my bottle of water in the room with me. I've always been able to have my water in the room with me ..but now regulations by the NRC (Nuclear Radiation Committee) state that the patient can't have any beverage in the same room as the test. I couldn't help but wonder why? I asked the tech and he wasn't sure. So ..he had to bring it out to my friend.

Anyway ... in my case ..needing the large foley bag was pretty basic. I don't think she was understanding the volume I would put out. I hold water, I drank more than 32 oz in fluids up to that point of day and was getting IV fluids and then lasix. I know my body and what happens.

But ..she did get the bag and it all flowed nicely from that point on. Pun intended. :)

I have had this running joke with myself about going for the gold in urine volume. Last year I hit 2100 ccs.

Another year it was 2000 ccs.

Prior to that I didn't keep track. But it was still large foley bag worthy.

But this year ..was only 1800 ccs.

So I went from the silver, to the gold and then down to the Bronze medal of urine output. :)

I don't know how other patients do it without a foley bag ..a large one ..but especially without any bag. ???

Ha! Maybe those patients are the ones who deserve the medals!

I've been there with pelvic ultrasounds when pregnant. You have to drink all this water so that bladder is very full which enables the tech to get a clearer picture. But with the pressure of the baby ...AND ...the pressure of the ultrasound tech pushing on said full ..ready to explode bladder to say it is distressing an understatement.

And it would be cosmic justice if the bladder exploded and urine shot all over the place. I'm just sayin.

Okay ... ... ... ..I ...really ...don't mean that. They are trying to help you.

Holding urine ..unreasonable amounts of urine for extended amounts of time is painfully .....exquisitely uncomfortable.

And then ..the patient had better not have stress incontinence. YIKES! They would surely flood the room before they ever hit the bathroom. Torrents of urine rushing everywhere I tell you! Talk about splash back! Then again ..maybe nuclear medicine and ultrasound are prepared for one such patient. Maybe the first few seconds a large volume of urine hits the floors rafts drop down out from the ceiling ..every tech for themselves. "Man the life rafts!" ;)

A nuclear patient has small (very small amounts according to the techs), of radioactive material injected into them via IV and so the urine is contaminated and has to be contained in a bio hazard bag.

Ha ha! Can't you just see it though? Steel doors bang shut closing off radiology ..keeping the flood contained. Code Yellow (for uro patient disaster) is called and the hospital Hazmat code team is sent to Nuclear medicine for safe clean up. ;)