Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Tree Experience 2010 -There's ALWAYS a Tree Story :)

These pictures of our Christmas tree were taken this past week with my new camera that the kids gave me. (Thank you Jon, Peggy and Chris - I LOVE it! :) So since the tree has been up for over 3 weeks is drooping a bit and lights/ornaments are moved down. The upper right side of tree seems to be missing, but moved downward ..I guess with the weight of the ornaments and having been up for so long. Perhaps I can get a better pic from my old camera in which I have pre-Christmas pictures.

I love Christmas trees and the ornaments, beads, tinsel and lights. So many memories with the special Christmas ornaments. And I tell family and friends. It's a way of passing down some history with family and friends. Also, ornaments representing the birth of Christ are reminders of the real meaning of Christmas. So for me ...Christmas trees and the saved ornaments are symbolic of faith and the many wonderful memories from past Christmases and every year more memories are added. :)

And now the post:

I was remiss in blogging during this past Christmas season and have missed writing. There is always a Christmas tree story. Christmas 2010 was no different and so even though it is now January 2, 2011 ..I will share it anyway. :)

However ...this year is the Christmas tree ..and I use the term loosely ..the Christmas tree miracle of 2010. In previous years ...I've mentioned how grumbly Mr SeaSpray gets when it is time to go get the Christmas tree. It doesn't matter if I remind him for two weeks ...right up to the night before ..that we will be getting the tree when he gets home from work the next day. He will act shocked and get testy about having to go get it.

Then I figured out that if I cook a pot roast so tender and juicy, that the aroma wafting through the house conjunction with the visual of said roast when I lift the lid ...will placate him as only a carnivore's opiate can do. Then inform him that we are going out for the tree and will have the pot roast after we get the tree up and in the stand. I came up with this a few years ago and it works. (Although - it did not work when I brought our new dog home. I guess the carnivore's opiate can only placate so much ...but the prospect of having to care for a living breathing critter overrides the pot roast effect ;)

And maybe ...I have asked Mr SeaSpray to twirl one too many trees around in the lot ...only to go back to the first one we looked at after all. But we all know is the law of the universe ...Christmas tree protocoll ...that said Christmas trees must be pulled out... set upright and twirled around.

Actually, I ask him to "take it out and dance it around" and admittedly ...since I am a comparison shopper and a bit of a perfectionist to boot ...I like to look at a lot of them. And so after dancing with about 10 trees ..twirling this way and that and in various lights depending on the time of day ...Mr SeaSpray can get a bit testy.

It's a good year when he remembers to bring gloves. :)

I on the other hand am Mrs Christmas and so I think it is all just so much fun. :) Of course I'm not the one lifting and dancing around with the heavy trees ..or getting pricked by the needles. No ...I like to take pictures (which prolongs Mr SeaSpray's torture) to remember the fun. :)

Well ...for the first time ever ...I broke tradition.

I was on my way home when I saw that my favorite Christmas tree lot was setting up. It was a Friday afternoon ...December 3rd at just about 3:30 to be exact. These trees are fresh cut (that weekend) and all proceeds ..even tips are donated to the Immaculate Conception School. Which makes it even more special ...knowing your money is going to a good cause.

I knew those trees were just cut and brought over from Pennsylvania that day.

I love Frasier trees, but the big ones are always gone by the time we get there. So ...I decided to go and pick one out. The man was just unloading them off the truck. As I walked over to him I experienced the most amazing aroma therapy ... nature's aroma therapy ...the wonderfully, strong scent of pine ...everywhere.

The man was delightful ...OBVIOUSLY a Mr Christmas type. :)

I told him I was looking for a large Frasier tree and he immediately took me over to a beautiful 9 tree. Perfect shape. But ...I needed to know what else he had. And so he graciously danced a few more around. There was one that looked to be 12 feet tall. It was so perfect! I envisioned it sitting in a large room ...nestled in a corner by a beautiful staircase covered with fresh pine garland and children opening their presents in front of the tree ...a Hallmark vision. It was a magnificent tree!

Anyway ...sure enough the end ...I ended up taking the first one he showed me.

I was going to leave it there to pick up in a couple of days, but was afraid it could get stolen. He told me I could sit it outside in a bucket of water and even if it froze would still be fresh ...just do another fresh slice and gouge a cross into the bottom so it will drink again. He said the cold won't hurt it.

I went home and told Mr SeaSpray what I had done. We went back for it and it did sit in ice for the week, but has been very fresh and is only now beginning to dry a bit ...although still drinking a lot of water. Actually ...the tree is so thick with sturdy branches ...that I can hardly see underneath to water it and so I go by sound to know when to stop. It's a large stand and holds a lot of water and everyday it drinks about half of the water.

And here is the little miracle of or 2010 Christmas tree.

Every other year since 1975, after Mr SeaSpray wrestles it into the stand and then into the house ...Mr SeaSpray then has to get it all the way down in the stand and fuss with tightening and then more twirling it around until we (I) decide on the best sides of the tree. More testy vibes go out into the atmosphere then too ..okay words ..more testy words ...words and vibes. (Pot roast in the air definitely diffuses the negative energy though ;)

Well ...Mr SeaSpray and son had only had the tree upright for about 5 seconds when all of a sudden ...there was a loud THUMP! The tree had slammed down HARD into the stand.

It was funny ...because both Mr SeaSpray's and son's eyes got really wide with surprise. Not only did it slam down hard ...but it was perfectly upright. Trust me ...if there is a lean ...I will see it. I've been known to shine a light through the bottom back side of the tree because you could see the silhouette of the tree leaning ...even though not readily apparent to the guys.

Not only was it upright and firmly into the stand did not have to be twirled around at all. Perfect! I even joked that perhaps an angel assisted them. It was that unique of an experience as compared to working with all the other Christmas trees. No negative energy or words. It was done. i admit that later when Mr SeaSpray went to bed ...I did set up a light behind the tree and it was absolutely perfectly straight. It just does not ever happen that way ...and no twirling it around for the best position.

And so that was our mini Christmas tree miracle. And it's a good thing, because I did not make a pot roast that day. :)


rnraquel said...

Your husband sounds just like mine :) I have heard more swear words and combinations of swear words when he put of the annual Christmas tree than any other time in my life! And I love your description of pot roast, the carnivore's opiate. It works on him as well.

SeaSpray said...

Hi rnraquel - welcome! :)

It warms my heart to hear there is another testy husband when putting the Christmas tree up. :)

Carnivore's opiate ... probably universal effect... on most men. ;)

Actually ..last night I caught the tail end of everybody loves raymond and Marie fed her husband turkey tetrazinni distract him from the mail. And she advised debra to feed raymond a heavy meal. Ha ha! I wish I saw the earlier part of the show.