Thursday, January 13, 2011

I'll Keep the Stent Please

Right now I feel like I have the world's largest ureteral stent in me. I'm pretty sure it's the size of a fire hose. It's a tough one. I think it is the size of the nozzle on the far left. Well ...okay can't be THAT big ...or voiding would be a lot more impressive. I always say there is no rhyme or reason to how a ureteral stent will feel, but this one has surprised me.

And believe me ...I am not complaining. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity to heal.

That being said ... last night SURPRISED me alright! With a big PINCH!! Let me just say that anatomically ...everything is very close to each other south of the border ...aka Bajingoland and that's all I'm gonna say about that.

I was bending over while gathering up the laundry, when I felt a significant pinch on the inside of my bladder. I immediately straightened up and exclaimed, "Are you KIDDING me?!" It was a knee jerk reaction. Well ...actually a what I assume to be a bladder PINCH reaction.

But then remembering something ...I chuckled to myself.

That PINCH reminded me of something else ...a humorous post that ED Doc WhiteCoat had first linked to. I can't link to his post because I think it was in his first med blog.

Anyway, that big, internal bladder/bajingo feeling PINCH I felt, reminded me of the very funny post WhiteCoat had linked to. It was written by ERP, an ED doc and blog author of ER Stories.

Okay a bladder/bajingo ...anywhere else but internal? Ha! The last I knew ...we don't wear our bladders or bajingoes externally ...thankfully. Although ...getting a foley placed would be a lot easier. Same for the gyne exam. No more assuming the BajingoLand position - in the stirrups. :)

But I digress.

Well raison d'etre for this post ...aside from venting (not complaining - just venting), is to point the way toward a typical medical humor post. Okay ...I never heard that story before ...but it is stories like these ..with their exquisite medical humor that drew me into the medical blogosphere.

So, if you want a good laugh ..check out this unusual patient experience in ERP's post, "A Mouse keeps Biting me" :)

Now, let me ponder this a moment ...biting mouse, needle, mother of all ureteral stents ...biting mouse, needle, mother of all ureteral stents ...biting mouse, needle, mother of all ureteral stents? Ummm ... I'll keep the stent please.

... my PINCH had nothing to do with a needle or a mouse ... anywhere near Bajingoland. :)

I still love the medical humor in the med blogosphere ...I really do. :)

*Okay ...I will just add the following brief explanation: Due to extreme blogger's remorse, I have since removed my "BagingoLand Brochure" post. (It was funny says me ;) Basically, it explained in detail, that Bajingoland covers the entire territory south of the border ...not just the bajingo (Scrubs euphemism), hence it is referred to as BajingoLAND ... an entire territory. And my focus turned to said BajingoLand because of all the urology procedures I had thus far experienced and writing with humor was my way of venting about it all. I'm just saying. :)

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