Friday, January 7, 2011

My Comment to Bongi's Post

Bongi is a surgeon in South Africa. His posts ...eloquently written, never fail to move me in some profound way. But this one just ripped me apart. It's a tough one to read. I've heard about these things. The horror of these crimes have been reported. But I never thought about it as seen through a surgeon's eyes, being in the trenches ...adrenalin racing, trying to save lives ...yet knowing they can't fix their patient's soul. And then being left to process the emotional fall out of it all ...and becoming jaded.

The link to Bongi's post "Smug".

"Oh Bongi!

This should be in the editorials of newspapers.
I didn't cry. I read through it.

And then I had to walkaway ..even tho I intended to blog.

You should mail this to your friend so he has it in writing perhaps refer to at sometime in the future.

Smug? has he ever personally witnessed the horror inflicted on innocent people that he seems to be in denial of. perhaps the horror is so great ...he has to only see the misunderstood criminals. I wonder what he would say if he witnessed the baby's injuries and horror.

that rips me apart. that the depth of pain and horror in an infant would be so great that only moans could release the level of pain. I think there is a level of pain that kills the soul ..that words can't touch.

My heard goes out to you and all the people that have to be on the front lines that face this horror.
As a Christian with great faith in a good God ...even tho I know there is evil in the world ..I ask why? How could you not be jaded? I hope you do things to counter it. I hope you talk about it with professionals or trusted friends. And writing is cathartic.

Criminals a scarred sick people that would do these things or maybe just pure evil... with no soul. I can appreciate that they need help. And yet I'd have no problem with castration. I wonder tho ..would someone like this just find another outlet for violence?

Did he go to jail?

I've also heard this is common in Africa in some areas. that men think if they have sex with a new baby they will either prevent or cure aids. is that true?

You are not smug Bongi. It is your friend that is smugly misguided.

I cried before I finished this comment.

All the crimes with their pain, loss, degradation and horror are awful ..but the sexual ones go beyond. And how is it even anatomically possible with a baby? Obviously you wrote ..they are torn up. And torn up beyond the physical.

How are they prosecuted for these crimes in Africa? Will the babies have normal lives again? What is their prognosis?

The only thing I will say about understanding criminals is that understanding them could lead to educating people before they turn into cruel monsters and alert innocent people to the dangers of such predators that they will be more guarded and protective.

I am linking this. maybe your post will be seen by someone who needs to read it. maybe your post will save a life somewhere."

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