Friday, January 7, 2011

On a Lighter Note ... The Anesthesia Effect and a Link

I just put up the following post in our Positive Medical Blog. I began that post because the squirrelly in me was getting inspired by the upcoming procedure and then having it yesterday ...I am having all these medical post ideas reactivated in my brain. I blogged a lot yesterday ..on and off through the afternoon evening ...while under the influence of anesthesia. You should see what didn't make it to posting. Or what did and I pulled almost as fast as I posted. :)

Suffice it to know really should not do certain things post-op when you get home, because the anesthesia STILL in your system really can cause you to make decisions you really would not normally choose to do. And you say things would not normally say. Oh may think it ..but censor yourself. Anesthesia makes me breezy. I know it. I've told you ...I always worry about breezy me in the OR. I just don't know it when it's in me. And I definitely don't know it when I am blogging.

Actually would be a good idea to never as in n-e-v-e-r be alone ...unless you are sleeping. Even then ...I recommend someone check on you ...just in case you did something wacky. Oh ...I was so hoping to have that dreamy sleep. But, I just could not sleep when I got home. I drifted a bit ..but woke up. That is the first time it ever happened after post-op. Usually ..I fall asleep deeply when I lie down after I get home. So I mostly blogged ..a lot of blogging. I am going to check out what I wrote later. :)

And I went in seriously sleep deprived with only three hours of sleep which I never hit REM sleep ...because I drifted in and out... hearing myself thinking at the same time and on top of that ...I had to get up to tinkle ...and so I went in with my eyes looking like two pee holes in the snow ...what ever that is. Aunt Janet used to say it to me when I was tired. Anyway ...the lack of sleep is due to the pre-op squirrelly effect. (Another post :)

I recently heard about a woman, who after 2 hours post op at home ordered shoes on line and for the next few weeks ...was having shoes delivered to her. Some of them were really cute or nice. I wonder what the others were? :)

Hey ...on the other hand ...there could be the anesthesia EXCUSE! "Oh honey ..I'm sorry ...the ANESTHESIA made me do it." ;)

Now, here is the link to my other post in the PMB. :)

Not in the Mood ...but I COULD Be Enticed! :)

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