Sunday, January 9, 2011



Does anyone else ever feel this way?

I really do not want to take the Christmas decorations down. Especially this year. For some reason is even more difficult this year. Just don't want to let it go. Or maybe I do ...or I wouldn't be thinking about it. :)

But, I hate goodbyes. What can I say ...I am sentimental.

Christmas and all the festivities and decorations are one of my favorite things in life. I Love the real tree and all the white lights everywhere. It is especially exciting before Christmas. Then during the afterglow of a wonderful Christmas day (it was), I begin to feel that let down ...knowing that it's over and the decorations (ideally) will only be up another couple of weeks. I really like Christmas week - what I refer to as the week between Christmas and New Year's day.

It was weird on January 7th, 2006 ...when I walked in our door and was immediately surprised by our Christmas tree. That is because I had just unexpectedly spent a week in the hospital, from New Years Day (night), up until my discharge from the hospital a week later. It was like I was instantly plucked away from Christmas and I guess because I was ill, I never gave it a thought. Seeing the Christmas tree later was surreal. Out of sight - out of mind ...I had detached and couldn't wait to get it all put away.

This Christmas week was especially fun because we had Devan and Wrenna here with us while our dear D-I-L was in the hospital having their first born son ..Myles. (Extremely cute - I'm just saying :) So it was a very busy week.

Oh and I just love that we will now have a birthday in the family during Christmas week and even one more special event to celebrate during this time of year. And all the new baby /family pictures taken with all the decorations up. :)

But, every year this time ... it becomes bittersweet because even though I enjoy it all ..I have to say goodbye to this year's Christmas. Then once I do and everything is put away's a RELIEF! It's a big job. And I know if we left it up all year would not be special or as exciting.

I just hate goodbyes.

But I should look at it as a new beginning ..just like the new year. New opportunities.

I always say my favorite quote is the one by Charles Dubois - "The important thing is this: That we should be willing at any moment to sacrifice what we are ...for what we could become."

So ...I will begin putting the real Christmassy things away. But, even tho the branches have dropped a bit ...the tree is still soft and so that will stay up a bit longer. We definitely get our money's worth. :) And because we use white lights I still turn outside lights on and candles in the window on snowy/rainy nights. I also leave the smaller pine trees/snowmen theme in the windows up as a winter theme until sometime in February/March if real snowy. But, then ... I am also a winter girl at heart. :)

Do other people feel this way?

Funny Observation: I notice Mr SeaSpray never has to be enticed with the carnivore's opiate to remove the Christmas tree. No whining, grumbling, swearing or shock that we are taking the tree down. Nope! When it comes to removing the Christmas tree ...he is a man on a mission.

Then I feel a twinge of sadness again when I see the tree that felt like a part of the family, out on the front lawn. This year's tree really was extra special because of the memories around it. I did take plenty of pictures though. :)

You know what just occurs to me?

Well ...just like I have discovered that cooking the carnivore's opiate for Mr SeaSpray facilitates his willingness in going for and smoother setting up of the Christmas tree .... perhaps I need to have something *S-P-E-C-I-A-L* to look forward to, that would make me willing to toss it out as fast as yesterday's news, without even a second longing look back.

I could do it! Anticipation ...t'is a GOOD thing! :)

But, for now ...I am going to curl up with a book in front of the Christmas Tree. :)

It's Monday night now and a good friend will be coming over to watch a movie ..a comedy. I'll take the decorations off tomorrow and Mr SeaSpray can put it out before the snowstorm arrives.

I actually got a little teary eyed when looking at the tree last night. It's just a tree. It's not a person. But represents a lot of things for me. This year was all just extra special. :)


StorytellERdoc said...

Hi SS!

Great post. We blare Christmas music and eat cookies and drink hot chocolate while we are putting up decorations, but the mood is much more subdued taking them down. Bah, humbug! LOL

Hope this finds you well.


Dr Synonymous said...

I share your sentiments of loving the tree and the beauty and the various levels of meaning. We let the tree tell us when it's finished with our celebration by releasing needles onto the apron in big piles. Then we honor it by removal and continue the Christmas feeling for a couple more weeks via the winter decorations in the window as you do. Life gets better all the time. God's gifts get a boost with His special one at Christmas.

WarmSocks said...

Both our trees are still up. Tonight dh & I said that it's probably time to take them down. It's so much work, though, and there are so many other things to do. I always get the tree down by the 15th, but one year forgot the Nativity scene. When visitors pointed out in August that one doesn't usually see a Nativity that time of year, I figured that given how long it had been on display, it was almost time to get it out again, so never did put it away :)

SeaSpray said...

Hi Jim - that sounds like a lot of fun. :)

Son and I just got all the ornaments off. Still have to give it once over for any hidden ones ..then lights and out.

Thank you and same to you. :)

SeaSpray said...

Hi Dr Synonomous - I am feeling all sentimental now as I recall how we got the various ornaments. I collected the dated glass Hallmark since 1975 and am happy to say we still have most. Then gifts from some people and of course things the kids or I have made. I hope some will get passed down to kids and grandchildren.

Tradition is important and so I use the ornaments to remind others of people no longer with us and lots of stories too.

I am excited about the snowstorm coming as the lights will still go on. :)

And most important ...the real meaning ...Gods most important gift to us. What a great holiday!

SeaSpray said...

Hi WarmSocks- I always have the 15th in my head too. I think because tree pickup is around that week. (this week)

That's funny about the nativity scene. I think I would've left it up at that point too. :)

I would like to get one sometime.

WarmSocks said...

If any stores still have leftover Christmas decorations, this would be a good time to buy a nativity scene, because they'd be on clearance. I usually look during the week between Christmas & New Years, because everyone wants to dump stock before they have to count inventory :) For instance, I picked up a bunch of lights this year for 60 cents - normally $3.50