Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Uro Brain - Venting the Squirrelly

After pondering a new pre-op protocol I have to do tonight ...that I am evidently resistant toward ...but y-e-s ...of course I will be compliant ...although ...I think I figured out a way to satisfy both goals. That is what I was pondering when I first opened my eyes this morning the sqirrelly pre-op feelings began to kick in. But more on that when I have more time later ...hopefully tonight.

This is where blogging is cathartic for me ...I vent about the OR stuff, etc. I also had a funny (hit me after), uro appt Monday. So ...I will share that too.

Anyway ...after pondering the new pre-op protocol ...all these other ideas came into my head about uro/medical posts. Some kind of funny - says me.

Then it it me ...I have URO BRAIN again.

And THEN it it me ..that could be really serious.

Because if the ureteral stricture caused my urine to back up into my brain ...well that would be one heck of a stricture. I'm just saying.

A brain pickled in urine can't be good either. What would that do?


I guess I'd be seeing the world in glowing Pyridium orange! :)

Don't mind me. I'm just venting the squirrelly. :)


NP Odyssey said...

A brain pickled in urine, interesting.

However,thinking back to my young days and what many kids are doing to their brains these days.
We were, they are, using different and probably more dangerous substances to pickle our brains.

P.S. like the H2O background. Mine is the west coast though.

SeaSpray said...

Hi NP Odyssey - Welcome! :)

True and scary thought. Even alcohol in excess.

I like your sunset pic. I've never been out west. I'd love to see a sunset over the ocean!

My friend and my son and d-i-l have been near the ocean, LA and Sandiego ...but never got to see a sunset over the ocean. So close ...yet so far.

NP Odyssey said...

Funny because that sunset picture was on Clearwater Beach.
Every year for 3 years as a travel nurse I would head to FL. Sarasota, Clearwater, Orlando were good retreats from the northern snow.

I love the Bay Area, Pacific Ocean, being in school and the weather, but will see what employment is like after graduation.

SeaSpray said...

Hi NP Odyssey - I miss the ocean. I love living in the mountains tho. I would love it if there was also an ocean. How blessed to be in such wonderful places. I hope you end up in your dream place.

At least in your field their are options and need.