Sunday, January 16, 2011

Water on the Floor! What If?

I was not a happy SeaSpray when I walked out to the laundry area after waking up this morning and saw a note over the washer that said, "Washing machine leaks!" I looked down and saw that Mr SeaSpray had placed some towels on the floor that were now soaked.

A new washing machine simply is not doable room in the budget at this time.

I love this washing machine. I am grateful for this machine.

It has been an AWESOME washing machine.

We purchased it back in 1991, which means it is 20 years old. That in itself is near miraculous.

Kudos to Sears! Does anything last 20 years anymore? Actually, 19 years?

It did break when it was a year old. It needed a new motor. Fortunately, it was still under the manufacturer's warranty and so the repair and new motor didn't cost us anything. That was the last time it was serviced.

Not only has it washed our clothes all this time ...but also helped other people out over the years when their machines broke. I'm always washing something. And I've been known to overload it sometimes.

So, this amazing Sears brand washing machine has gone above and beyond the call of duty. But I am hoping we can just get a little more time with it.

Does anyone have any idea why a washing machine would leak? And how to fix it?

It is nestled in a small area next to the dryer and when the guys can (later), they will pull the dryer out so we can get a better look. The SeaSpray men have visions of football playoffs before them and the cable would have to go out to get their attention. Heh ...THAT gives me an i-d-e-a... back later.

Okay ...I'm back!

There is still water in the machine ..that I had filled on medium - half way last night.

My first thought is that if it were the tub leaking ..all of that water would be out by now... although I do see that it is down a bit.

BUT ...that could also be because it is ready for spin cycle.

Through process of elimination ...I've determined it is not the hose or the tub.

It is coming from underneath. A lot of water leaked out and soaked the towels I also put down.

But ..Ive since pulled it out and let it run through it's cycle and water is not coming out in massive amounts (thankfully), and minimally as running through agitate and spin. It would seem more water came out over time when soaking over night, then when not using it today.

I really hope I don't have to set aside Tuesdays for all day wash day ...using a metal scrub board and hand wringer. And the brook is really too cold to be washing the clothes in while pounding them with rocks. Besides ...I am just not in the mood to be rock pounding, metal washboard scrubbing, hand wringing clothes.

Boy ...we really have it a lot easier today then the women that had to do all that back in the day.

Just the thought of not having a washing machine causes me to feel like I am missing a physical part of me. Creature of habit that I am and because old habits die hard ...I can just imagine me going out to the laundry area ...dropping the clothes in the washer ...I mean on the floor where the washer once was, then pouring the detergent over the clothes on the floor where the washer once was ...then walking away until the wash is done.

Well ...they say that when something is wrong ..that if you act as if ..that sometimes things will change for the better. If your spouse isn't treating you right ...act as if they are and you'll begin to feel it and they will pick up on it and it can help change things for the better. It could apply to other situations too. I realize that acting as if there is really a washing machine is a stretch ...but what if? What if my positive ..believing attitude causes a new machine to appear? What if?

Hey ..desperate times call for desperate measures and a girl can dream.

I'm just saying. ;)

Oh and since I believe that good can come out of bad ...if I become proficient at this rock pounding, metal washboard scrubbing, hand wringing clothes chore will lead to my joining a washboard band! ;)


Chrysalis Angel said...

How is the washer, Seaspray? Sometimes it is the position of the hoses if it just keeps filling and emptying out. I hope you guys were able to fix it.

Ellen Kimball said...

Off topic: Thanks for defending me against the dreaded FD stalker at Sid Schwab's site. I suspended random comments on my own blog because all I did was delete FD's obnoxious comments. I don't feel free to post on Sid's site much anymore. Does FD come here?

You might like to see how I vent about once a year since October 2008, when I discovered this fabulous link and had my last run-in with FD under his REAL name. I told FD I would not post anything he wrote on my blog and would not respond to his loathsome creature comments on Sid's blog.

However, it is good to rant once in a while. Here's how I do it: (Pls. cut and paste!)

Millions will see this; but you and I may be the only ones who understand it!


Cordially, Ellen

Ellen Kimball said...

Google problem: I was signed in with the wrong account with my last post. This is the correct link.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Angel - we did a load of wash with it. We used the shortest cycle and no soaking.

I don't know if taking a chance ..but will have to do that for a while.

Thanks for asking.

I hope you are alright too.

I have been worried about my friend with the ling ca. On pins and needles right now wondering how she made out at oncologist's office today. She has some things going on that concern me but she didn't see doc yet.

I desperately want to call her worried about bad news (I know ..where is my faith?), but think I should give her space for tonight and maybe she is just tired.

SeaSpray said...

Oh Ellen're so sweet how could I not? I feel bad that he's been so rough on you.

I think Frank likes it when people take him so seriously and he is busting on all of you. He thrives on the anger.

I think Dr S likes him. he has a link to his blog and he doesn't link to just anyone.

I read the article in your link. How do you know it is really the same Frank D? How did you find it? Interesting.

Happy New Year to you too. :)

I have a twitter account but hardly do anything with it.

Between blogging and other things ..I just don't have as much time for podcasts, twitter and facebook. I don't know how ya'll do it. :)

TWF said...

I came to your blog from Dr. Wes. WOW, do you know how to blog! Lots going on here, but it all seems to make sense. After stopping here, I can tell I still have a long way to go in my blogging profession. Guess I'll stick to respiratory therapy as my primary job.

Anyway, glad your addiction to med blogs gives us such entertainment.

BTW - have you read "Blue Like Jazz" by Donald Miller? It's a pretty good read.

Thanks again for the blogging. Hope your washer gets fixed.

Anonymous said...

I found your blog from the comment you left on mine. My husband is a man who can and does fix any and everything. I must have leaned through osmosis. We had the same problem with our washer at one point. I believe is was a water pump that was leaking. Somehow a toothpick got stuck in it. Would you believe 5 kids and not one confession?

I'd like to link to your blog if you don't mind

SeaSpray said...

Hi TWF - Thank you for your kind words. :)

I've had about 9 months of wrestling with blogging. For a good 3 - 3 1/2 years it almost always seemed to flow and this past year I second guess myself and wonder if people read ..but then I write because I like to. I wrote more freely when I didn't write for others or worry if something was too zany or edgy, etc.

I've concluded I should just write as I feel inspired and not over think it all. I appreciate that you used the word entertain in reference to my blog. :)

I linked your blog and hopefully some people will follow the link to find out how to quit smoking. Your blog is most informative.

Thanks for stopping by and input.

We're still using the washer with minimal leakage and just no soaking clothes.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Lindylu44 - Welcome!

Mr SeaSpray isn't a handyman and so we usually end up paying for repairs. But we are able to still use it with minimal leakage ..providing we don't soak the time for water to leak out.

A toothpick? maybe it was in someone's pocket. I washed with a red crayon in son's pocket. Ever since then ..I usually check. Sometimes tissues get by.

I was a nanny once for 2 girls. I was 20 and I had never done wash.

I came to work the next day and was informed I broke the machine because I didn't make sure the socks were all the way in and it got stuck between the outside wall and tub. he was real nice about it tho. Ever since then ..I've always been careful to push everything under. :)

Feel free to link if you want to,.

I linked you as well. I can see you've been through a lot and writing is cathartic... and also helps others going thru similar things..even if different dx. I still don't know how you did that at 79 miles and hr. :)