Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I Missed a Good One!

In my previous post, I commented that there weren't any outstanding Super Bowl commercials during the first quarter. I did forget that the pug chasing the Dorito commercial was cute ...although not outstanding. And the Pepsi Max commercial where the jerk guy gets two full Pepsi Max cans at him was funny ..still not outstanding in my book.

Oh and by the way ...I didn't really like that the woman on the park bench was hit with a pepsi max can in the head (even if it was empty), because it really took her down and then the woman who through it says she's sorry ...as the both run away without assisting her ..checking to see if she was alright. I know it's just a commercial, but I think in today's society where so many people seem to look the other way and not accept responsibility for their actions ...it was the wrong message to put out. Also ...even worse ...to see someone has been injured and leave the scene.

I love to laugh. Comedies are my favorite. But the way this was done ... I just felt it wasn't the most appropriate. Maybe everyone will disagree, but it was my immediate reaction.

However ...hat tip to le0pard13 for sharing the Volkswagen commercial that was aired later during the Super Bowl. I LOVE it! And have watched it about 10 times already. So CUTE! :)

But the amount of commercials ...interrupting the flow of the game ...wayyyy too many.

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